THE TRUTH ABOUT PLASTICS – 3 Things Banks Won’t Tell You About Credit Card Promotions

Convenience and practicality are the main advantages of the credit card. A few years back, owning plastic was a status symbol. In this day and age, that is no longer the case. It won’t be surprising if you are one of the people who use credit cards as your primary means of payment. And perhaps you are also a seasoned shopper, regularly in search of the best credit card promotion in Malaysia.

Loyal credit card patrons deserve the finest rewards. Why not? You use your beloved credit card in just about all of your daily purchases: food, petrol, retail shopping, utilities and other extras without having to carry cash in your pockets. Credit cards are notoriously known to be the cause of debt problems. However, responsible cardholders dominate the delinquent ones...

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3 Key Managerial Strategies That Encourage Employees to Reach Their Highest Potential

Once people land a job, they will soon find their salary go down to second place on their list of priorities. Often, an aggressive ambition for career growth and development takes the front seat in terms of the key motivators that keep employees striving for success. If you’re wondering how to engage employees, leveraging this common desire for career opportunities will help you keep them satisfied and dedicated to your company for the benefit of all. But as all employers know, it’s not always that easy to encourage employees to reach their highest potential. Still confused how to get it done? These 3 keys should open the right doors for you and your workers.

  1. Set Easily Attainable Goals – Setting goals that seem too big or too distant can cause employees to think they won’t be able to...
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How to Throw a BBQ Party in Singapore Without Leaving Your House

So you’d like to throw a BBQ party. But maybe you don’t want to leave your house and the thought of finding a suitable place tires you. Or it’s the monsoon season and it’s raining buckets outside, but you still want to have a party.

Whatever the reason, we’ll help you plan your BBQ party and bring the outdoors indoors.

Plan Ahead

Just like a normal BBQ, you want to prepare the marinade the night before. Then all you have to do is cut up your meat and soak it in your preferred spices inside a bowl. After that, transfer it into a Ziploc bag or just cover the bowl, then put it inside your fridge.

Regardless of your preference, the most important part is keeping the marinade overnight. Letting your meat soak in the spices will really help the flavours to seep inside...

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Travelling in Kuala Lumpur Tips

Before planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur, you should do research in advance to avoid unwelcome complications that make traveling more difficult.

Also, understand that the KTM komuter schedule in Kuala Lumpur can sometimes be chaotic because all the trains are owned by different companies. As a result, predicting the trains from one KTM timetable to the next can be a challenge. To combat the problem of confusing scheduling, you can download a free app from They simplify the train schedules for you, and you can use the trains in a more predictable and dependable manner. A lot of locals ride in taxis simply because they know how unpredictable the train schedules can be.

Beware of the Traders Hotel Skybar

They really hype this place as the go-to location about one hour before...

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Web Hosting Tips/Guides


If you own a website of any kind, you are also going to have to go out and get a web host to get the site up and running. However, not ever web host is created equal and the reality is the web hosting service that you end up choosing can end up being a very big deal, either for good reasons or for bad reasons. When it comes to selecting a web host, there are a handful of things that you are going to want to look for, which will put your website in the best position to be successful.
One of the biggest problems with web hosting services in the past was the fact that most of them operated without much customer support, meaning when you would encounter a problem with the hosting services, there was little resources to get the issues resolved...

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