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Popular Chinese Restaurants in Singapore

A resident of Singapore can easily tell which Chinese restaurant serves the best food. These restaurants in Singapore became popular because of their one or two specialties. Tourists and travelers from across the globe are familiar with the contemporary Chinese cuisine. Like for instance, a simple but delicious bowl of soup, fried rice, dim-sum, dumplings and many others. Some of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Singapore with both the tourists and the locals are:

Royal China at Raffles

Royal China is a branch of a London superb restaurant. It serves the best of contemporary Chinese gourmet emphasizing the Cantonese cuisine. Dim-sum, dumpling, crispy duck, roasted pig and other delicious dishes are serve with freshness, good taste and perfect presentation...

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Serviced Offices in Singapore Ideal for Start-ups

As part of the company registration process, you know you must have a registered business address. As a start-up business located in Singapore, obtaining an office space is a crucial first step. Regardless of whether your business is locally owned or foreign owned, the choice of an office space is critical. You must have an office space that provides all of the necessary facilities as well as one that is large enough to accommodate your business activities. At the same time, budget is also likely a consideration. For many start-up businesses, it is important to ensure the cost of your office space does not strain your working capital. As many business owners have discovered, a serviced office in Singapore is the ideal solution.

Serviced offices in Singapore offer businesses of all sizes nu...

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The Downside of Sports Marketing

Sports in the United States and Europe is a multi-billion dollar industry. It seems that on every television ad, billboard, and bus stop is a picture of a sports celebrity pitching a product. School-age children, adults, and even the elderly tune in to watch their favorite teams compete week in and week out. With such a lucrative and popular business one would think that there is no downside to the idea of sports marketing. However, there is a downside and it is important to understand it before investing and getting into the sports marketing business.

One of the biggest downsides is trying to put together meetings and advertising campaigns. In sports marketing you are trying to sell a product with sponsorship, or you are trying to get sponsorship to sell a product...

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When Is Making Your Home Beautiful Too Much Work?

When purchasing a new home, one of the biggest concerns the owners have is the appearance of the house. Frequently a lot of money is spent on making the interior of the home attractive. The owners paint, wallpaper and decorate the walls. They purchase mirrors, picture frames and other items to make the home somewhere they are proud to live in. Many think about the landscaping for their home, but put that decision aside planning on waiting until they can afford it. Others develop grand plans for the landscaping and then eventually realize they can’t afford those plans or that they cannot maintain the landscaping of the yard.

One of the biggest considerations families fail to consider when choosing their landscape is functionality...

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The Growing Popularity of Designer Furniture in Singapore

There are furnitures and there are designer furnitures.

Designer furniture has evolved into a barrage of different styles over the past few years. Materials, textures and new designs using everything from antique to green creations are presenting some of the most unique and beautiful selections ever introduced. Whether you are shopping for office chairs for your home office or outdoor furniture to feature on your patio, style with distinction will make for a great home improvement.

According to Dr Chee Yew Wen, an avid collector of designer furniture, the market for this industry is growing quickly in Singapore especially with corporate clients – hotels, hospitals, offices, etc...

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