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What to Do After LASIK Surgery

Like any other surgery, it is always important to follow the instructions of the doctor. After a lasik surgery, you need to follow the following directives carefully. Just after the LASIK, you need to rest a while before going to home and you need to rest for at least few hours. Though you can join office in the very next day, doctors usually suggest taking rest for couple of days. You never rub your eyes because it may displace the corneal flap. Sometimes patients may need to use glasses or contact lenses for some time after the LASIK. You need to take medications and use the eye-drops regularly as per direction of the doctor. You need to avoid dirty, dusty, and smoky places immediately after the surgery...

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Offshore Company Formation and Its Benefits

Have you heard of offshore company formation before? BizCorp is one of the leading companies today that offer services for online company registration and company information. Their targets are both foreign and local Singaporean companies. The good thing about BizCorp is that they also offer incorporation services for offshore countries such as Caymen Island, British Virgin Island, Bermuda, Labuan, Malaysia, China, and Hong Kong. They respond to clients quickly, and they offer affordable prices.

Aside from that, they also provide supporting services for newly incorporated companies. Moreover, they provide Offshore BVI Company benefits, which include exemption from any taxation...

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