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What Do You Mean by Online Printing?

Do you know that the first time I heard the term online printing through my friend Chee Yew Wen? I thought that it means going to a site that already has downloadable templates for different printing jobs? After all, there are now plenty of websites offering templates for just about anything.

In a way, online printing (also sometimes known as Web-to-print) is like that, only a little complicated. Instead of going to a commercial printing company, all you have to do is go online and sign up with an online printing site.

A lot of people are already familiar with offline printing, and the process it undergoes. How are things different when you decide to turn to online printing companies?

First, you create the artwork, Valentine’s Day cards for example, on the online designing software on the ...

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4 Good Reasons to Buy Makeup Online

It’s possible you have not given much thought to buying cosmetics online, since many of us have long seen makeup as an item you purchase in person. But buying makeup at a store online is a great way to get a good deal, get high-quality makeup that is sometimes not available in stores, and even receive good beauty store advice at the same time.

Here are four good reasons why you should consider buying makeup online:

1. Price. Sometimes the best buy in cosmetics isn’t at the makeup counter in your local department store. Online retailers often have much lower overhead than stores and can offer you beauty store advice without the beauty store markup.

2. Selection. The selection is often very good with online retailers...

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