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Get Assistance for Your Singapore Company Registration

Company incorporation and company formation services are available. These business services are offered for both foreign and domestic Singapore companies. There are several steps that may be required for a company registration in Singapore. These requirements may include the company name registration and the specific registration of the company in Singapore. These procedures may be completed online in a brief amount of time, you may learn more at this website.

Services available for registered companies

Services that can be provided for a newly registered company in Singapore may include the following:

1. Accounting and bookkeeping services are necessary for a new company. These services may include auditing and assurance reports for the compliance requests of the business. Consulting and advisory services may provide compliance audits or other business services necessary.

2. A compilation report may be provided that includes the required financial statements. This report is prepared with the director’s report and the statement by the company directors. This report states the condition of the company and includes the financial reports that are a critical statement of the company’s financial status.

3. A company secretary and corporate secretarial services are necessary in order to be in compliance with the business rules of Singapore. Each private limited company is required to have a company secretary. This role is essential for meeting all of the statutory filing compliance rules for a company.

4. A nominee director is a requirement for a new company in Singapore. A director can be provided for the new company upon request. This service can be provided for a fee and security deposit. The nominee director should be a resident of Singapore or an employment/dependent pass holder.

5. An employment pass or work pass is necessary to work in Singapore. Other types of passes available include the entrepreneurs pass, social visit pass, permanent residence application, and professional employment pass. There is a business pass available and a dependent’s pass.

A new business in Singapore may be developed online. The company will need a registered name, a nominee director, and a company secretary. Other services that may be needed include accounting and auditing services, financial statements, income tax services, and various work and residency passes. A virtual office registered address can be provided for a foreign or domestic business. This type of office may include telephone and mail services. There may be conference rooms needed, and these can be provided with a virtual office.

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Private Equity for Small Start-Ups

Though investors have been buying and selling businesses since the industrial revolution began, private equity capital investment is a relatively new area in business investment and funding. The first true private equity firms started in the U.S. at the end of World War II to help military service members returning from the war secure investment funding for small business startups. Today, private equity companies fill an important roll in the small-business startup world that would otherwise be a gap in funding opportunities for the entrepreneur.

Commercial lending institutions provide funding to many of the largest corporations in the world and are accustomed to a level of investment risk, but they are not a viable option for start-up businesses seeking investment capital. Commercial lenders are understandably put off by the risk an entrepreneurial operation poses for an investor. After all, the commercial lender is only receiving interest on their principal loan amount. The small business start-up generally has little if any history in the marketplace and few if any assets to secure funding; they are by definition high risk ventures. They obviously cannot issue debt to raise money and they usually have no other access to the capital market, so what other options are available? This is where private equity investment institutions have come into play.

Private equity firms do not loan capital to small business startups with the expectation of receiving interest in return. Instead, private equity firms invest funds in the business itself. This type of investment normally comes in the form of venture capital, sometimes referred to as “risk money.” Because of the risk involved, venture capital comes with a much higher cost to the business owner. Not only will the lender be providing the capital, they will own a portion of the business in which they are investing. Further, with this kind of funding, the private equity firm will usually have a vote in company decisions, often times providing business expertise, pronounced personnel, to help make business decisions that will affect the potential success of the company.

Contrary to appearances, this is a symbiotic relationship; both the investor and the business owner benefit in these transactions. The startup company receives the capital they need to get off the ground and a vote of confidence that their plan, model or idea has merit and a chance to succeed. From the owner’s perspective, the equity firm has as much or more motivation to see the business succeed and is there to provide help through every step of the process. Providing the business expertise can be seen as freeing the entrepreneur to focus on building his product brand and getting the product to market. Lest anyone think that this is a small time operation, 11% of the jobs and 21% of the U.S. GDP come from venture capital startups. (National Venture Capital Association) Much of this funding is provided by private equity sources.

How Do Start-Up Companies Raise So Much Money?

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Opportunities to Study Medicine in Russia

There are a number of factors that commonly affect an individual’s decision to study medicine; the main areas of consideration are the cost and quality of study in the chosen area of medicine. Finding a medical degree at an affordable price from a recognized university is possible when Russia is chosen as the location of study.

Before getting into the specifics of the expense of studying medicine most students and potential students look at a large number of higher education institutions to look for the best available school to study in. Most people wishing to study medicine look for an academic institution with a good reputation, high rankings and recognition from globally recognized bodies, such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO. The top ranked medical school in Russia, Moscow State University is open to foreign students attending the institution to be taught by some of the best qualified medical professionals in the country. Moscow State University and many other academic institutions offering medical degrees in Russia feature in high places each year on the list of top 100 medical universities in the world.

Not only do Russian medical universities offer a high level of academic instruction the cost of attending a school and living nearby is much cheaper than colleges and universities in other countries. After choosing an area of study from medicine, dentistry and pharmacy a student can often live in university accommodation or close to the school in a private residence for a fraction of the cost of living in a different country. Prospective students are not limited to studying in Moscow; over 50 universities spread throughout Russia offer medical training for students reaching academic standards set out for acceptance. The commonly required areas of study include physics, chemistry, biology and English. Courses are taught over a period of five to seven years depending on whether the course is taught in Russian or English.

Websites and companies offering advice and assistance in applying and attending medical school in Russia are available in many countries. One of the most respected companies for assisting students is who have been assisting Malaysian students in gaining entry to Russian medical schools for more than ten years.

Why Many Students Choose to Study Medicine in Russia? Discover here.

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Sports Marketing and Sports Sponsorship

Sports marketing and sports sponsorship is used in a variety of ways to popularize sports at a grassroots level, promote products through their links with sports figures or teams and the advertising of sports events and leagues. Sports marketing is a big business that at the top level of professional sports can cover campaigns and policies using millions of dollars to advertise products and sports in general.

Sports marketing agencies often broker sponsorship deals between companies that are not necessarily linked to a sport and a team or association. A good example of sponsorship deals between European soccer teams and companies wanting the teams to carry their name and logo on their shirts, shorts and socks. Companies from alcoholic drinks producers to insurance companies, airlines and banks pay for the right to have their names emblazoned on the official and replica uniforms of soccer teams around the world.

The names and recognition levels of highly paid sports stars is often used by sports marketing firms in order to increase brand recognition. Individual athletes and sports stars are used to advertise products from soft drinks to personal hygiene products in television, print and online advertisements. Companies hope to cash in on the popularity of the sports stars across the media and through the fans of the teams they play for play for; these sports marketing deals are usually separate from any deal the individual sports person has with a team or association.

One of the most important parts of the business conducted by sports marketing companies includes the publicizing of a sport at grassroots level. This means that as part of a campaign usually organized by the governing body of a sport participation at youth and amateur level is encouraged for fun, recreation and fitness. These campaigns are often operated as charitable programs that do not make a profit for the sports association or team involved; the common aim of this form of marketing campaign is to encourage participation that can later equate to an increased number of elite sports people in a particular sport. A good example of this are the campaigns undertaken by the British Cycling governing body to increase participation and increase the number of cyclists available at elite level. During the 2008 and 2009 Olympic Games the Team GB cycling team have dominated the medals tables at both Games.

Show me How Relying On Sports For Brand Awareness Is The Smartest Ad Technique Out There Today.

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Virtual Offices are Essential for Small Businesses

Many small business owners and sole operators do not have the money to hire an employee. Every dollar is put back into growing the business, but there comes a point when there is no more growth in the company without hiring an employee. This might come a few months or a few years down the road, but eventually the business will need to expand. At this crossroad, it is imperative that the owner realize the stalemate and take steps to rectify the situation. This can mean a creative approach to expanding the business.


The virtual office are the solution that most small businesses need but do not often realize. A new business requires sales. It might be hard to generate sales when the small business owner is the sole worker in the company. Phone inquiries, new customers and sales calls mean the business owner has to wear many hats, but he or she is still only one person. Sending calls to voice mail is never good for business. Most customers will just hang up rather than leaving a lengthy message on a machine. Nevertheless, the best serviced office solutions is just the help the business owner needs.


Having a good business virtual office and a virtual employee means no taxes, no hourly wages and no physical space needed for the employee. Serviced offices does not require any of those things. The virtual worker has his or her own space, and they work only when there is work to be done. The business owner is not paying the worker to sit and wait for business that may or may not come. The virtual worker has other clients to fill the gaps but will be completely focused when needed.


The virtual office is a solution for most small businesses, especially, those that are in a transitional place between not having enough work for an employee and needing a full-time employee for the everyday running of the small business. The serviced offices Kuala Lumpur helps bridge the gap when every dollar needs to be invested back in the company to grow and expand into the next phase.


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Virtual Office – Video About Phone Answering, Reception & Professional Staffing Service

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