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What SEO Services Can Offer You

In a nutshell, SEO services are here to provide Internet entrepereneurs like you a means to succeed in your chosen field and that is to engage in e-commerce. They provide a host of services that are meant to assist you in your goal of growing your online business by helping you to generate traffic. This is in turn done through manipulating or taking advantage of the algorithms employed by search engines with which they rank websites for results pages.

Here are some of the common services that Malaysia SEO companies can offer you as a businessman:

  • Article writing

Writing articles allows SEO services to bring your company to the attention of your target audience by using free article directories. They publish these articles – they should be informative and is related to the keywords or keyword group that define your niche – in these directories, and include a call-to-action at the end of every article that invites readers to visit your website for more information. It’s a sort of direct marketing, and is also a good way to build links since article directories have high ranking.

  • Link building

Link building is another service that you can get from SEO companies. There are many ways that people can build backlinks, so many that you might end up getting confused if you do it yourself. With the help of SEO services, however, you don’t have to think about anything because they’ll do everything for you like doing forum posts and other activities that help build links for a website.

  • Blog writing

Maintaining a blog is also a good way of generating traffic for your website, as well as building its rank. You can think of this as a means of link building as well, because you’d have to include a couple of links in every blog post that points to your website. The goals of blog posting are two-fold, just like article writing. You make a post that will attract the attention of your target audience. If you don’t get them to visit your website at first try, at least they already know where to go for more info as long as you keep updating your blogs since Google will automatically index and rank websites that are active.

  • Web designing

Last but not the least, companies that offer SEO services in Malaysia are also certain to be offering web design services. You can actually save money on an SEO package that include web design, because you don’t have to tap another designer to do your website design for you.

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Ease the Process of Your Singapore Company Registration

The process of business registration can be done much faster and easier when handled through a third party corporation. It provides incorporation services for both domestic and foreign Singaporean companies through a very simple process that can take only a few hours to complete. In addition to company registration, Bizcorp conveniently provides newly incorporated companies with all other necessary requirements related to business registration in Singapore according to the Companies Act under Section 171 under one package.

Nominee Director Services
In order to setup a private limited company in Singapore, a company needs to nominate at least one local director who is:

•A Singapore citizen, permanent resident or dependent/employment pass holder.
If a business owner has difficulty appointing a suitable nominee director, Bizcorp will act on the company’s behalf in this capacity. The total fee for nominee director services is $4800.00. This includes a refundable $2400.00 security deposit upon termination of services.

Comprehensive Corporate Secretarial Services
In order for companies to meet filing compliance, Bizcorp can also act as a company’s corporate secretary. Corporate secretarial services include general corporate advising to business clients on Singapore Company Act requirements, and also involves:

•Minute book and registers updates
•Annual returns submission
•Secretarial filing; monitoring filing deadlines
•Liquidation and striking off company

Corporate secretarial services fees are per annum and depend on the size of the corporation, transaction volume, the complexity of its structure and whether or not it is a foreign or domestic entity. The following price tier reflects these factors:

•$ 480 – For small, simple structured or newly incorporated companies.
•$ 600 – For companies with a higher transaction and activity volume.
•$ 720 – For large corporations, complex or foreign owned companies.

The Benefits of Company Incorporation in Singapore
The benefits of company incorporation in Singapore allows businesses to reduce personal and company liabilities while protecting personal assets. There is also an exemption of audit requirement for companies with a turnover of less than $5 million or for those who are privately exempt. Other benefits include:

•Less than 9% effective tax rate.
•New companies can receive partial tax exemption up to first $300,000 of taxable profit or full tax exemption for first $100K taxable profit.
•Have easier access to assets through the bank loans and the sale of shares to investors.

Incorporation time ranges varies depending on approval. Further details about company registration in Singapore can be found at

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Sports Marketing Companies

Consumers must face the truth. Sports sponsorship is everywhere. It is difficult to pick up a magazine and not see a sports figure marketing a watch or a pair of shoes. This is the world that consumers live it. The sports marketing agencies have picked up on the athletes that can move products and make money. The union between these athletes and the companies that sell products is an amazing display of branding in the marketing world.

The sports marketing firms are responsible for bringing athletes and products together all over the world. It is not just for a market in the United States. It is not made to appeal only to citizens in the United Kingdom or Asia. To the contrary, this marketing concept of building a brand with athletes is a worldwide phenomenon.

People see the value in this because these players are idolized. Many of these star athletes have contracts for millions in endorsement deals. Their input on the products they like is valuable. In many cases this is a genuine display of affection for a certain product. The athletes don’t have to lie about the products that they stand behind. In most cases these athletes are offered millions of dollars by a variety of different companies. In other words, the athlete has the ability to pick and choose according to what they like and what suites their image.

What the sport marketing companies do is help companies put together campaigns that feature these athletes. This is how they grab the attention of consumers. Sometimes companies may get many faces to advertise the same product. This is a stronger way to keep more focus on the brand and the company. Consumers will not directly associate the brand with one particular athlete if the company uses multiple celebrities to get the job done. At the other end of the spectrum there are companies that rely heavy on a single athlete to push a product forward. This can be dangerous at times because the promotion stalls if the athletes get into trouble with the law.

 Luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer is ending its contract with Tiger Wood due to his scandal, thought to be worth £6million.

It is the job of sports marketing companies to do damage control in situations like this. The consultants for these agencies have the ability to make changes to campaigns and seek other athlete endorsements if their current promotional efforts fail. This is all part of the ups and downs of endorsements through sports.

Case Study: Sports Marketing and the Olympic Games

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Putting your company in a more competitive environment

It is not all about making as much money as possible at home when it comes to business. Rather, everyone wants to make as much money as possible no matter where it is that they go. Therefore, if it is necessary to move offices to far away locations in order to attract the most business, then this is what the savvy businessman will do.

For instance, Servcorp’s virtual offices is one thing that has helped many businesses find some ability to bring their business offshore. This is true even if the business is rather small in size at the moment. Many find that they want to start expanding internationally as soon as possible, even if their reasons are only because of the cheap labor.



A Virtual Office allows you to leverage the full Servcorp network of services and solutions without having to take a physical office. It provides everything you need to run your business professionally, effectively and without the costly overheads.



Whenever one is setting up an office in another country, it is nice to have that office already be fully furnished. When this is the case, the individuals who move into this office are not going to have to worry about the added expense that comes with purchasing office furniture for the place. They can instead focus on buckling down and getting things done for your company. That should be the top thing that you are worried about when you really think about it.


A serviced office space in Malaysia is an option for those who would like to expand into this region of the world. It is something that makes a lot of sense. You do not want your Malaysian expansion to slow down the overall rate of the business that you have been doing. Considering this, you will find that having a serviced office is the best option to maintain full speed ahead.


Morale is something else to consider when it comes to the type of office that you will design. Most of the time the serviced office is one that is very well designed and has real benefits to the morale of those who are going to work there. Therefore, it is important that you realize that this could be a great investment for your international expansions.


Just taking the stress of designing the office for yourself is huge. People often do not realize just how much time and preparation has to go into this kind of thing. With this in mind, you want to consider the possibility of letting someone else take the hit for you on this one and just sit back and enjoy the benefits that come with your new international offices.

Discover More Benefits of a Virtual Office for Home Businesses


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