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Dedicated Server Hosting: Between Windows and Linux

There are basically two major operating systems in the world of dedicated web servers, Windows and Linux. The more popular of the two is Linux while Windows is more of specific need software. Both platforms can serve a very valuable purpose; therefore, choosing one will depend solely upon ones needs. Here are a few points that can assist in differentiating between dedicated servers.

Linux is more of an open source operating system and the majority of the applications which run Linux are exactly that (open source). Linux is cost efficient, therefore it becomes quite beneficial for clients and hosting providers. Compared to Windows it is a much faster platform with a higher scalability rate...

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What Could Cause Hand Pain?

The hands are one of the most actively used parts of the human body. It comes as no surprise that problems may develop from all of the continued use.
If regular over the counter pain relievers are not enough to make the pain go away, more professional treatment may be required. The most effective way to find treatment for hand pain is to know what it causing it in the first place. There are several conditions that are known to cause hand pain. Here are a few:

Arthritis is a condition that causes the joints to become inflamed and sore. Joint pain is commonly attributed to arthritis. There are many different kinds of arthritis and it is important to know exactly which type you have before you attempt to treat it. Joint pain from arthritis typically gets more with age.

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GPS Tracker for Kids – The Facts

Today the world is full of unpredictable situations, and we’re not sure what will happen the next moment. With abductions, terrorism and crime rate scaling new heights, no parents can sit peacefully when their kids are not at home. This is the reason why many companies have come out with GPS tracker for kids that can help you in knowing the exact position of your kids at any point of time. With this GPS device, parents won’t have worry when their kids are late in reaching home.

The GPS tracker for kids uses a sophisticated GPS system, also referred to as Global Positioning System. This system helps in providing reliable positioning, timing and navigation services at any time and any place in the world using 4 dedicated satellites in the world...

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Installing Ballast Water Management in Sea Vessels

Ballast water management is designed to minimize the risks associated with discharging aquatic invasive species that are harmful to the coastal areas and are the result of ballast water transfers. The ballast water management system has to be effective across a broad range of vessel operating conditions and not have any negative impact on the safety of the vessel, shipboard personnel, or the environment.

These systems have to meet the standards of international protocols. They must be scrutinized under various flow rates, aquatic organisms, environmental conditions, retention times, and volume.

Because of such a broad range of factors being associated with the process of ballast water treatment there have been various treatment methods developed, and are continually being developed, fo...

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