4 Steps to Create an Instant Facebook Store With Instapps

If you plan on selling goods on Facebook, you need to create a Facebook store in which users can check out your inventory. This is a process that many sellers are daunted by because it can be quite difficult, and a lot depends on your layout. Instapps.com makes it quite simple, so let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of creating your own Facebook store using this website.

Step 1: Sign Up 
Like with most online services, you need to start out by signing up. This account will be used to manage your store, so make sure that you write down the username and password. It will also be used to make payments, which go from nine dollars a month to twenty-nine dollars, depending on your store.


Step 2: Choose a Layout 
There are dozens of layout designs that you can use with your store. Most people tend to pick a theme that resembles the items that they are selling in their store or their business. However, you can choose whatever you like best. Keep in mind that your layout is going to be the way that you attract your potential customer’s eyes. They want to see something professional yet entertaining. After all, you are selling on a social media website, so keep it simple.

Step 3: Inventory Management 
The next step is to manage the items that you will be selling in your store. You will be able to upload pictures of your items, write detailed descriptions, and set prices. The monthly payment of your instapp.com store will depend on how many items you sell in your store, so choose a plan that matches the amount of products you want to market.

Step 4: Sales Reporting 
One of the best features available is the ability to watch your sales. You can see the upward or downward trend of your product sales. You will also be able to view which items are hot sellers and which ones aren’t making the cut. This can allow you to decide what your new products are going to be, and what items to cut from your store to make room. It will also give you a detailed report of the amount of gross income you are receiving so that you can figure out how much profit you’re earning. This system will both improve sales and allow you to help reach out to more customers.



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