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How to Operate a Forklift

Learning how to drive a forklift is a skill that can be very useful in a person’s employment. Forklifts are regularly used to lift and transport materials in warehouses, lumberyards and construction sites everywhere. In addition to forklifts, hand pallet trucks are used to lift and transport pallets of materials. Although hand pallet trucks are not powered they are very capable of lifting and transporting heavy weights.

Driving a forklift is very different from driving an automobile. In the front of the machine are two metal forks which are designed to fit into the openings on pallets. The forks can be adjusted for width to accommodate different-sized pallets. Most forklifts feature various levers and knobs that control fork functions and other capabilities.

As with any other skill, th...

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Singapore Property Finance: Reverse Mortgage Tips

For older homeowners, a reverse mortgage is a great way to use equity in their home as a means of additional income in their retirement years. A reverse mortgage (RM) is a mortgage loan in which the owner borrows against their home equity. The lender provides monthly payments to the borrower.

Unlike a traditional mortgage, the owner does not repay the loan as long as he or she uses it as a principal residence. After the owner dies or no longer resides in it, the loan, plus interest, is repaid out of the equity. It applies only to those 62 years of age or older. In Singapore, reverse mortgages are now available to senior citizens owning flats.

Regulations provide that only a portion of the available equity, no more than 80 percent is eligible as collateral...

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How to Make Safe and Simple Organic Skin Care Using Ingredients From Your Kitchen

Although there are probably many skin care products available at a local drug store, the reality is that many of these products will actually make skin issues worse. Most of the skin care products sold these days contain a large amount of dangerous chemicals as the main ingredients, so it is important to look for organic solutions if someone is going to be able to guard against wrinkles, dry skin and other skin problems. Organic skin car products can be hard to find if there are not any lifestyle shop establishments in the area, so sometimes a person will have to make their own skin care ointments and creams at home. The good news is that this is actually rather easy once the ingredients and recipes become second nature. Here are some of the easiest organic skin care products that can be...

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Tips for Renting Your House While Overseas

Many people buy property abroad as a form of investment for their vacations or with the plan of making the properties their future retirement homes. Some of these individuals buy homes in popular travel destinations overseas. However, before the retirement or vacation, the homeowners can make additional revenues from their properties abroad.

Foreign homeowners can rent their properties to tourists who prefer to stay in an apartment or home rather than a guesthouse or hotel. Foreign homeowners can find people planning to stay for a week or two or those who will stay longer. Homeowner Renting Tips: How to Screen For Suitable Tenants

• Find out the income tax obligations in the country where the property is located...

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DIY Repurposed Furniture Ideas

These days, apartment dwellers and homeowners alike are discovering the satisfaction of owning stunning one-of-a-kind furniture pieces by repurposing. For small change and a bit of imagination and elbow grease nearly anyone can transform the purpose of an old piece of furnishing into a completely new piece to serve a whole new function.

Rough or raw items such as old windows, bookcases, crates, plastic bins, or nearly anything that has been laying around the house, garage or storage unit, can find a functional and personalized new life. All that is required is to examine the items with a fresh eye and a use in mind that the item can fill once spruced up, covered up or with the addition of hinges or casters perhaps...

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