DIY Repurposed Furniture Ideas

These days, apartment dwellers and homeowners alike are discovering the satisfaction of owning stunning one-of-a-kind furniture pieces by repurposing. For small change and a bit of imagination and elbow grease nearly anyone can transform the purpose of an old piece of furnishing into a completely new piece to serve a whole new function.



Rough or raw items such as old windows, bookcases, crates, plastic bins, or nearly anything that has been laying around the house, garage or storage unit, can find a functional and personalized new life. All that is required is to examine the items with a fresh eye and a use in mind that the item can fill once spruced up, covered up or with the addition of hinges or casters perhaps. Or take an item apart and reassemble it with a new purpose design in mind.



A twin or set of twin beds can become classic living room furniture by cutting or removing the head and footboards and the box springs. Replace the box springs with cut-to-fit plywood set down into the bedframe and place the mattress on top of the platform. Cover the mattress and extra large pillows with fabric in colors that compliment the living room décor. Use the pillows as couch backs and place the newly created couch against the wall or in a L-shape (for a set of twin beds) for a very inexpensive sectional.



Old windows can beautifully accent living room furniture when repurposed into an elegant coffee table. Depending upon the condition of the window frames, either leave as is for a shabby chic look or strip the existing finish, then paint or stain to compliment existing décor. Build a frame into which two windows will lie side by side. Two or three thick wooden discs or ‘buns’ can be stacked and affixed to each corner of the frame, or repurpose ornate table legs adjusted for height, to create the coffee table’s legs.


Dining room furniture can be accessorized with a bookcase turned wine rack (also see 4 Easy Budget Ideas For Dining Room Furniture). Inexpensive bottle or wine glass holders can be placed into a refinished bookcase to create the look of sophistication via repurposing. Likewise, an arrangement of wooden apple crates, sporting varying degrees of weathering, can create an attractive storage grouping for collections, craft material or whatever imagination determines. If a certain function needs to be fulfilled, think no further than repurposing what is already nearby.


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