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Living and Work Space at Soho Kuala Lumpur

soho klcc pool

The Soho KL is a practical building designed to meet the needs of today’s new live-work culture. It gives owners an opportunity to experience luxury living and a professional office space all in one location. Soho is situated between Menara Bank Islam and Wisma Hong Leong. It is also located near the well-known Petronas Twin Towers. Fraser Place, Etiqoa Twins, and Rohas Perkasa are also found within the same neighborhood.

Types of Suites

The main benefit of Soho is that residents can work and live at one location. This cuts back on commuting times, leaving owners with more time to devote to business or relaxation.

The Simplex unit is a single story design. The Service Residential Apartment is connected to an office on a different block...

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Real Estate and the Economy


Finding a decent property for sale is not a difficult objective, especially when the economy is soft. There are many property management companies to choose from, but the trick will be to find one that knows what the buyer is looking for and has a wide selection of options to choose from. Not every piece of property for sale should be considered as the ideal choice, because some of them may be financially above the buyers reach.

As the buyer hunts for a new house for sale, they should keep in mind that a management company will be willing to go “above and beyond” their expectations in order to find the property that is closest to their guidelines. The house hunter may not necessarily have to purchase, in fact a house for rent could be a great option...

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4 Best Vitamins To Supplement Your Anti-Aging Treatments


Did you know that taking vitamins along with getting anti-aging treatments can help maximize your results? You can look and feel younger by feeding your body the right nutrients. Below are some of the vitamins that will need to be a regular part of your diet:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been praised by the medical community because it has been shown to boost the immune system. It can also help stimulate collagen production. Approximately 75 percent of the skin is made up of collagen. As you begin to age, your skin loses collagen. This can lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. If you want to know how you can look younger, then you can start by adding more vitamin C to your regime.

Not only does vitamin C increase the production of collagen, but it can also shield your skin cells from sun damage...

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Misconceptions Concerning Private Equity and Venture Capital

VC Funding

Venture Capital is considered a part of private equity and wherever venture capital exists, but many misconceptions stem from the fact that private equity is not always considered venture capital. Both terms are used to identify a type of investment into companies that are privately held.

Venture capital is financial invested into new concepts whereas private equity is invested toward ideas that have already been developed and established. In venture capital, the outlook of the company’s growth is usually an optimistic one, and the expectancy for development is rapid. Private equity is different because it is based on investing in an idea that has already been around and proven successful. The rapid growth expectancy that comes with venture capital is a few years.

Venture Capital Explaine...

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