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Preparing for ISAT Tests: A Few Strategies for Your Exam


The International Student Admissions Test (ISAT) is an exam that is three hours in length. It is made up of multiple choice questions and taken on a computer. The purpose of ISAT exams is to determine a person’s various intellectual abilities and skills. These need to be assessed because they serve as a foundation for a person’s success academically. Prometric Inc. centres that are located throughout the world administer this test on computers.


The reason that a person takes the ISAT is so that their abilities in various cross-curricular skills can be determined. ISAT is able to calculate the skills that a person has gained over time. Some of the skills that will be tested are the ability to form judgments, make logical deductions and ability to reason...

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3 Tips to Prepare for Your GMAT Test Date


Many aspiring business students enroll in preparation classes for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT®). A combination of individual and group study is a popular choice. Take advantage of free introductory classes whenever possible.

Ideally, you will find a program that offers highly qualified trainers, small group sizes, unlimited classes and admissions consulting. Review preparation materials and take practice exams. Make sure you use online tools to practice outside of class. Visit GMAT Zone India for more information.

Practice is the best way to do well on the exam. Learn about the structure of the test, the types of questions asked, and answering strategies. Subjects covered include critical, integrated reasoning; quantitative thinking; verbal and reading comprehension.

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A Cursory Look at A Song of Ice and Fire

Fantasy book

Fantasy books have been very popular for a very long time and continue to be to this day. The genre has different things for different people. Some people seek spell and sorcery from fantasy books. Others love the mythical creatures and the bizarre tales that they tell. There’s something in one of fantay’s subgenres for almost everyone.

One fantasy series that’s popular today and written in recent history are the A Song of Ice and Fire books written by George R. R. Martin.


A Song of Ice and Fire Series At a Glance

In all of the books there is a 3rd person limited perspective from the point of view of a character. The character varies every chapter...

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