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Types of Acne and How to Treat Them Naturally


Acne vulgaris or common acne is often thought of as a teenage problem, but it is also prevalent in many adults. There are three basic types of acne, including comedonal acne, inflammatory acne and cystic acne. The acne treatment a person selects will depend on the category of acne they have.

The most common areas of the body where there are acne breakouts are the face, shoulders, back and chest. A basic acne lesion is a hair follicle that is clogged with dead skin cells and oil. This can produce bumps that are blackheads because the oil turns black when it interacts with air. Whiteheads do not interact with the air and form under the surface of the pore. The most common causes for mild acne are hormonal changes from puberty, pregnancy, menopause and menstruation.

• Comedonal acne is consid...

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5 Benefits of Getting Email Hosting from Exabytes

For many businesses and organizations, communication is vital to ensuring that everyone is on board with the latest decisions, updates and changes. While hosting email on your own server is always an option, it may be better to opt for third party email hosting services. But why should you pay for a third party service from Exabytes at when you can set up email accounts on your own server?

1. Better Security

At Exabytes, our priority is to ensure that you can access your email through a secure connection. This ensures that unauthorized users cannot get into the system and that viruses in emails do not spread throughout your own dedicated server.

2. More Storage

Trying to provide adequate storage space for all your users may not be viable with the server you’re current...

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Keep Your Skin Glowing This Winter: What to Look for in Your Skin Care Products

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It’s also a barrier between you and the environment. That’s why its crucial that you implement excellent skin care regimens all year round, to protect and support your vital barrier, as well as keep your skin looking radiant and beautiful. While the heat and long days of summer are but a memory, winter can be quite harsh on your skin. Special attention should be paid to keeping your hands and face moisturized and protected.

However, don’t skimp on the rest of you, simply because it’s bundled beneath layers of clothing. Here are a few tips on what types of products and techniques will keep your skin happy during chilly weather. Especially if you’re shopping for skin care online ( and aren’t able to sample products before purcha...

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4 Ways to Explore the Real Malaysia

1. Homestays

Homestays are the best way to get immersed in Malaysian culture and experience rural family life. There are a variety of options, and travellers can jump from village to village throughout the country. Homestay travellers stay in a Ministry of Tourism approved residence and cook, clean, work, and play with the families in a traditional village, kampung (see how fun staying at homestay Ranau). The adventure also includes recreational activities such as trekking, biking, or white water rafting. Whether tourists choose to do a one night stay or several lengthier stays throughout their travels, no other experience will get them as close to the real Malaysia.

2. City Style

The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur are perhaps the most iconic image of Malaysia...

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How Cathodic Protection Systems Work and Why They’re Necessary

Much of our steel’s infrastructure today is in danger from a highly destructive and rather persistent agent called – corrosion. You already know the effects that corrosion can cause if you’re the owner of a marine facility. In fact, if your facility isn’t properly protected it’s decaying right now. The actual rate of corrosion regarding clean, bare steel is at least 5 mils per year. This significant loss in overall thickness can also potentially be enhanced by a variety of elements including water composition, water velocity, and oxygenated cells generally associated with marine growth and development.

Many marine owners have a common misconception that steel-coated mechanisms that are submerged in water don’t require cathodic protection...

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