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5 At-Home Skin Whitening Treatments Made for Oily Skin


Oily skin can present many different challenges when maintaining the health and glow of your skin. In an effort to keep skin clean and naturally smooth, people with oily skin turn to expensive beauty products or invasive facial treatments. Many people will try almost anything to care for their oily skin without having to deal with consistent dullness in their complexion. Luckily, drastic measures can be avoided with some basic skin-care tips that can easily be carried out in the home. Skin whitening treatments for oily skin can be simple and effective when you have the right tools and techniques on your side.

A Homemade Mask

Apple and lemon juice combine perfectly to form a skin treatment that will whiten and cleanse the surface of dark, oily skin...

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4 Ideas for DIY Corrugated Box Crafts


Corrugated boxes are one of the most versatile materials in the crafting world. Nearly anything you can think of can be created using them. With a little imagination, and perhaps some tape and paints, you will turn an ordinary box into something wonderful. Here are four great DIY craft ideas using just boxes to help you get started on your creative journey:

1. DIY Rapunzel Tower

This project is very simple and requires little more than a few boxes, scissors, paint, tape and a whimsical imagination. This project can be completed on a rainy day or within an afternoon. First, you will need to cut off the top flaps to each box. This will allow you, or a child, to stand up inside of the tower once it is built. Then, stack the boxes on top of each other and tape them together...

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Vinod Sekhar – When Six Days Away Taught Me to Value My Family

When a very hectic project I was working on for the past eight months ended recently, I decided to go off on a backpacking trip to Indonesia. And it was all the wife’s idea.

Marsha and I had been married 12 years, and I must say she is probably the most supportive wife anyone could possibly ask for. I had been shirking my family responsibilities during the course of this project, and she made up for it time and again.

But the strain of missing my eight-year-old’s first school concert and 10-year-old’s birthday as I had to work late, and other important events, such as forgetting my wedding anniversary was a little too much, even for Marsha.

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Hence, here I was, out of my comfort zone as I prepared for this trip, which by no means was a reward of ...

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How to Buy Property in Singapore: A Complete Guide


If you want to move to Singapore, it may be in your best interest to purchase a home rather than rent one. But, if you are indeed curious about purchasing a home in Singapore, you need to keep a number of important things in mind. Here’s a closer look at how the buying process works and other significant details you need to know about.

The Legal Aspect

Before you do anything else, inquire if the property you’re interested in is available and get permission to actually buy it. In Singapore, there are key restrictions concerning foreigners purchasing properties.

In fact, the Residential Property Act of 1973 controls the foreign ownership of property as well as housing...

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3 At-Home Beauty Recipes Using Natural Ingredients for Hair, Face & Body


Beauty products should make you feel and look beautiful, without costing an arm, leg and first born child. Ideally, beauty products also should not cause harm to the environment – what is the point in being beautiful when living in a toxic wasteland? To do something good for yourself, your skin and the environment, try some of these home made beauty products suggest by Yun Nam Hair Care Malaysia:

No Poo Method of washing your hair without shampoo.

Natural Shampoo & Conditioner
This is often referred to as the “no-poo” method:
• Dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda into one cup of water.
• Apply the solution to your hair and gently massage into your scalp; rinse.
• Mix a half a cup of apple cider vinegar and a half a cup of water.
• Gently massage mixture into your scalp and rinse.

This natural method of washing your...

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