How To Get Top Dollar For Your Used Car in Singapore

Selling a car directly can be an exhausting process, much more if you’re selling a used one. Clients will want to inspect the vehicle more thoroughly and ask questions. More paperwork is necessary to finalize any sale. Still, there’s no reason to walk away with a good handful of cash for your used car.

Study the Market

Is your vehicle going to be an easy sell? Do people prize it for its make or model? Or will you have to venture out further and be flexible with your asking prices?

In general, family sedans and hatchbacks have a steady market despite their unexciting form. People need the space, practicality, and cheap private transport. On the other hand, sports cars have a seasonal market, with Winter and Fall seasons being considerably slower than Summer and Spring.

Commercial trucks and vans have a healthy market, but command competitive pricing. Since you will be dealing mostly with businessmen, a bargain sale is expected. Lastly, collector vehicles will take longer to sell and will require appraisal and extensive maintenance. It does pay off if you find the right buyer.

Make a Good First Impression

Most used car sales happen just a few seconds after the prospect sees it for the first time. Their decision is based on the first look at the vehicle. Thus, you want the first meet to be positive. Make sure your car is clean from the inside-out and is aesthetically pleasing with no dents or scratches.

Start by washing the car’s exterior including the hood, windshield, side and rear mirrors, blinkers, and any other accessory installed. Then, vacuum the upholstery of the car including the front and rear seats, dashboard, and side compartments.

Pay for any low-cost repairs or do it yourself rather than selling the car “as is”. Used cars in good condition rise in value considerably, making any front expenses worth it.

Where to Market Your Car

Now that your car is in tip top shape, it’s ready to be advertised for sale. Fortunately, modern day advertising techniques are cheaper and more dynamic compared to expensive newspaper classified ads that only reach a limited audience. Online car listing services like Singapore Car Mart offer not only convenience but also exposure to a broader range of prospecting car buyers.

Social media is another great channel to find a buyer. Let your circle of friends and their friends know about the car for sale. Make sure they spread the news. While you’re at it, join specific social media pages that bridge buyers and sellers in a particular area or community. If you are advertising, make sure you are easily reachable by home phone or mobile phone. Many potential buyers won’t be leaving a voicemail for a return call.

Bottom line: be patient when dealing with potential buyers and be flexible in negotiating prices. You may have a solid number of your car’s value at the back of your head, but if no one sees the same number, it’ll take you a long time to get the car out of your garage.

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