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Slow Down the Signs of Aging With These Skincare Tips


The market for anti-aging products is immense, and it can be especially difficult to navigate the waters between necessary products and those that will provide little change. From prescription lotions to expensive products, figuring out how to slow the signs of aging could actually cause more stress wrinkles than prevent them. Although there are some genetic and hormonal factors at work in the aging process, there are many products and methods now available that can help.

1. Improve daily diet choices

As the body ages, diet choices become even more important. Increasing the amount of vitamin D, omega fatty acids from fish oil and cutting back on processed foods and sugars are all decisions that will improve the overall appearance of skin and help slow the effects of aging...

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Cycling for Beginners: How to Choose Your First Bike

first bike

So you like to cycle and you’ve decided to get a little more invested, right? Maybe you’re a hobbyist who just wants to take the next step. Either way, you’re going to need your very own roadbike. Now, you don’t necessarily have to have specialized bikes unless you want to be in an organized road race or competition, but it does hurt to go to the bike shop armed with a little knowledge about what you’re looking for. So we’ll break it down for you in order to do just that.

First things first: Budget. Cycling is like many hobbies, when it comes to your wallet the sky is the limit. You can go from buying low-end bike at your local market or specialized bikes at a bike shop...

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