Slow Down the Signs of Aging With These Skincare Tips


The market for anti-aging products is immense, and it can be especially difficult to navigate the waters between necessary products and those that will provide little change. From prescription lotions to expensive products, figuring out how to slow the signs of aging could actually cause more stress wrinkles than prevent them. Although there are some genetic and hormonal factors at work in the aging process, there are many products and methods now available that can help.


1. Improve daily diet choices

As the body ages, diet choices become even more important. Increasing the amount of vitamin D, omega fatty acids from fish oil and cutting back on processed foods and sugars are all decisions that will improve the overall appearance of skin and help slow the effects of aging. When the body is healthy, the skin is healthy, and this translates to tighter and younger looking skin.



2. Drink more water

Staying well hydrated continues to be one of the best pieces of advice for anyone hoping to improve her skin. Caffeine from tea and coffee can be counterproductive, and alcohol often dilates blood vessels and leads to a redder complexion. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day helps remove toxins, tighten skin and improve coloration.




3. Limit sun exposure

Although avoiding sun exposure and burns is important for skin health throughout life, women hoping to avoid the effects of aging should be especially cautious. Sun damage is the leading cause of loose skin, wrinkles and the look of aging. A good sunscreen or UV cream with at least 30 SPF is the best way to protect the skin from the look of aging.

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4. Invest in a retinoid

Invest in a  best topical facial serum for combating aging is a nature plant oil. With vitamin A-type compounds that boost collagen production and stimulate blood vessels, nature plant oil can be over-the-counter or prescription strength.



5. Start a morning and night skincare routine.

Aging is a process, not an overnight phenomenon. By taking care of the skin properly in the morning and at night, it can be preserved more fully. Each day should begin with a quick cleansing and an application of sunscreen before any make up. Night time may be a little more complicated. A thorough cleansing should come first to wash away all the toxins collected throughout the day, followed by the retinoid and a good moisturizer before bed.



6. Sleep on silk or high thread count pillowcases.

The sleep lines that are imprinted on the face overnight can become more permanent from repeated sleep positions. While sleeping on the back is optimal, it is also a good idea to use silk sheets or those with high thread counts that will prevent fabric wrinkles.


While it is possible to buy an anti aging serum directly from the shelves of the nearest supermarket or drugstore, this is not always the best answer to beating the affects of aging. A thorough change to daily habits will do more good and produce better results in the long run.


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