Travelling in Kuala Lumpur Tips

Before planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur, you should do research in advance to avoid unwelcome complications that make traveling more difficult.

Also, understand that the KTM komuter schedule in Kuala Lumpur can sometimes be chaotic because all the trains are owned by different companies. As a result, predicting the trains from one KTM timetable to the next can be a challenge. To combat the problem of confusing scheduling, you can download a free app from They simplify the train schedules for you, and you can use the trains in a more predictable and dependable manner. A lot of locals ride in taxis simply because they know how unpredictable the train schedules can be.

Beware of the Traders Hotel Skybar

They really hype this place as the go-to location about one hour before sunset. You try to score with a window booth, but you will pay for overpriced drinks, and you will have to make it last because the beer costs so much. In general, alcohol throughout Malaysia will cost more because Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim nation where drinking alcohol against the religion. For that reason, there is often a high tax on alcohol. Instead of the Skybar in Kuala Lumpur, a great place to visit is the Troika Building. Because it’s less known, it is also less crowded, and you have an amazing Troika Sky Dining level that will amaze you during sunset.


Tips to Avoid Crime

In Malaysia, snatch thefts are the most common crimes you run across, and these crimes are especially common on the urban landscape. Many times, the thieves will ride on motorcycles for a fast getaway, so if you are walking in the city, try to follow the direction of oncoming traffic. Otherwise, avoid carrying expensive or large bags that hold your cash and valuables. Also, avoid displays of flashy wealth. For example, flashy jewellery will often be at risk of being snatched. This includes wedding rings. In the majority of cases, you are safer to lock them in the hotel safe. Whenever going into a more secluded area like a car park, always exercise caution.




On the whole, taxis are the most common form of transportation, but you have both above ground and underground trains in Kuala Lumpur. Taxis are great, but most of the signs in Kuala Lumpur will be in the Malaysian language. As a result, that can be confusing for a foreigner, but the majority of people in Malaysia can speak English well. Avoid the drivers that try to go off-meter with taxis so that they can charge you higher prices. A short cab ride will not set you back too much.


Using the ATMs in Kuala Lumpur to withdraw money should be done with caution. Avoid doing it at night, and you do not want to do it in busy places. The best option is to withdraw from inside a bank, and while it might feel annoying to always visit the nearest bank, it is worth it for the safety. Whenever leaving the bank, be aware of your surroundings so that no one sneaks up on you.

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