3 More Cost Effective Solutions to Video Conferencing

There are several reasons why you should consider using video conferencing for your business; a key one is because of how much money it could save your company. Video conferencing works great for businesses since it enables people to meet and view one another without the typical costs related to transportation, meeting rooms, etc. Be aware that video conferencing can also get pricey due to certain services that charge by the meeting and that utilize a phone connection rather than VolP in order to facilitate communication. In order to cut the costs on video conferencing, take a look at a few available options that are more cost effective for your business.


• Free Video Conferencing Tools

Although free tools generally don’t have several of the more advanced facilities that subscription tools have, they still work well. If you don’t require collaboration capabilities or need to brand one of the meeting rooms in Kuala Lumpur, free tools could save a great deal of money when it comes to online meetings.


• Consider Using VolP

By using VolP to communicate, there are no extra phone expenses for the meeting since all of the voice is transmitted via the Internet. This allows to you to talk to literally anyone, from anywhere worldwide for a single flat fee that’s charged by your provider, with no added bills at all.





• Choose a the Right Web Meeting Tool

If you plan to meet frequently, your best option is to use a tool that will allow you to hold as many conference meetings you desire for just one flat fee a year, or month. Paying a fee per hour or per meeting can really add up in a short amount of time, especially since conferences tend to go on longer than expected. An ideal video conferencing tool is one that will allow you to meet unlimited for a flat fee. Also, there are several free web tools for conferencing to choose from.

Explore all the major video conferencing tools that are available today and compare all their features and prices. In the end, it’s worth your time and effort to shop around if you do a great deal of video conferencing. Before you choose one, don’t be afraid to test it out first. Keep in mind that the majority of tools offer a free trial period so you can test them without any obligation prior to making a commitment.