3 Simple Tips to Conserve Toilet Paper

When it comes to saving money on the grocery bill and conserving paper to help save the environment, the old adage rings true more often than not– Every bit helps. One household item that many families do not consider when it comes to paper conservation and saving money is toilet paper. Most households waste a decent amount of toilet paper without even thinking twice about it. Because of this fact, it’s often difficult to know how to begin conserving toilet paper. Here are three tips to help you and your family get started:


1. Fold instead of wad.

This may sound a little silly, but when you wad up toilet paper as opposed to folding it into a stacked pile, you generally end up using more. A folded stack of 3-5 sheets of paper is generally plenty. A folded stack also covers a larger area of your hand than a wad. Encourage your household to fold instead of wad, and see if that makes any difference in the amount of toilet paper everyone uses.






2. When in doubt, count sheets.

If folding instead of wadding doesn’t seem to be having much of an effect, you can try encouraging your family to simply limit the amount of toilet paper sheets they use. It’s often such a habit to grab a whole bunch that many people don’t stop and think about how many sheets they’re actually going through. By encouraging your household to start counting, you’ll quickly help them change their habits. Along the same lines, if your toilet paper roll holder is the type that spins extremely quickly, you may find it helpful to adjust it so it spins slower.



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3. Cheaper isn’t always better.

When trying to save money on groceries, it can be tempting to buy the cheapest toilet paper available in order to save every penny. Unfortunately, the cheapest types of toilet paper are not usually the best. Cheap toilet paper is often so thin that you end up using way more sheets than you would of the more expensive, better quality toilet paper. Cheap toilet paper is also often the type that can clog toilets the easiest.

Pay attention to both the ply count and the sheet count on various brands the next time you buy toilet paper. 200 sheets of 2-ply paper gives you the equivalent of 400 sheets of toilet paper while 300 sheets of 1-ply paper only gives you 300 sheets. The first type of paper is the better buy in this case if both types are the same price.

Even small bits of conservation can make a large difference on both the environment and our pocketbooks. Conserving toilet paper is one great way to begin making small differences that can add up to a whole lot in the end. With these simple tips, you and your family or household can learn habits to help conserve toilet paper, save the environment and save a little cash all at the same time.