4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Cycling



One of man’s greatest inventions that has stood the test of time is indeed the bicycle. It offers an incredible amount of benefits from being a speedy way to get around town, gives off no pollution, and provides its rider valuable exercise and fresh air. The act of riding can even help relax us. So whether you ride to race BMX bikes, for your health, or to get enjoyment, here are four tips you can use to get the most from your bike.






1) Give your heart a good workout. Cycling is considered one of the best workouts for heart health. It has been shown that if you bike regularly for about half an hour each day, you can decrease your chance of getting heart disease by as much as 50 percent. Although, you need to give your workouts a little bit extra to achieve those results. If you’re new to cycling, you can definitely start slow to get your endurance built up. Once you feel confident and have more strength, add a few smaller hills to the routine. You don’t have to go over the top with it, but slowly add time and distance, making sure to break into a decent sweat each time. It will for sure do great things for your heart and even your lungs. Please be sure to check with your health professional before beginning any routine.



Make sure that your handlebars and seat is adjusted by a professional to suit your body while cycling.   


2) Make sure to have your handlebars and seat adjusted by a professional. In order to get the most from your bike, the idea is get the most out of it with as little impact to the body as possible. But just like with any exercise or sport, we can cause long-term issues if we are stuck in the same position each day. Take your bike to the nearest shop to see about your handle bars and seat. They can professionally adjust them that suits your body and height. This will give your back, shoulders, and neck better support. Also, if you stretch before and after riding, it will help make sure you stay comfortable when riding. Take breaks if riding for a long time.



Cycling with friends is much more fun!


3) Go riding with a friend. Just with any new routine or sport, learning to do it on a regular basis can be tough, especially at the start. It takes awhile for new habits to form and become a regular part of your everyday. So how do you start and keep a new activity? Finding a friend to ride with might just do the trick. Sharing a regular activity with someone you enjoy company with makes it that much easier to get up and do it every single day until it becomes a staple in your life. With any new venture, having that riding buddy can be beneficial to help reach goals together and keep each other accountable on those rough days that will inevitably pop up. If you do not have a friend to ride with, there may be cycling groups in your area you can join.


Bike Maintenance Tips


4) Be sure to take care of your bike. If you’re looking for a wonderful way to invest in cycling, then learning how to fix, maintain, and clean your bike on a regular basis. Doing so will help you learn just how your bike works and give you a greater sense of pride about your new venture. The more you learn and become interested in bikes, the work will come easy to you. A good way to start is by finding a decent repair book or by watching videos online.

Keeping your bike clean is a great start for learning the fundamentals of bike maintenance. Start with a few of the smaller details, like replacing a chain or tire and go from there. All you will need are a few basic tools, such as Allen keys, hand pumps, pliers, screw drivers, and tire levers. Making sure you get quality repairs done to your bike will make sure it lasts a long time. Finally, be sure to store it when you’re not using it.