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6 Types of Medication To Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain is something that can have a negative impact on a person’s life. In fact, many people who have joint pain have trouble completing their daily activities. Fortunately, there are a number of medications available that help reduce pain. Below are some of the medications that can be used to treat arthritis pain:



These types of medications help alleviate the pain. However, they do not help reduce inflammation. Tynelol, Ryzolt and Vicodin are examples of these medications.


Analgesics Cream



Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often recommended because they not only help reduce pain, but they also help reduce inflammation. Advil, Aleve and Motrin IB are examples of some of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are available over-the-counter. There are stronger medications available. However, you will have to get a prescription from bone doctors. Additionally, there are some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that available in the form of a gel or cream.

It is important to note that serious side effects can result from taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. That is why they are usually only used for short periods of time.


Advil For Joint Pain





Capsaicin is a chemical that is found in chili peppers. There are topical agents that contain this chemical. Capsaicin works by blocking substance P. Substance P transmits pain signals. Capsaicin also helps trigger the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.


Capsaicin Joint Pain



Muscle Relaxants

Even though muscle relaxants are primarily recommended to treat muscle spasms, they can also be used to treat joint pain. However, you can only get them with a written prescription from a doctor. In many cases, doctors recommend that you use them along with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in order to increase their effectiveness.



Antidepressants can be used to treat joint pain. Health care professionals are not exactly sure how antidepressants work. However, they do believe that antidepressants can affect the neurotransmitters that control pain signals. Because antidepressants have serious risks, they are usually only recommended if all other medications have failed. Furthermore, they are typically used for a short period of time.


Antidepressants for joint Pain




These medications help suppress the immune system, which helps reduce inflammation. These medications can either be injected directly into the joint or taken orally.

Joint pain does not have to ruin your life. Corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, analgesics and capsaicin are some of the medications that can treat pain. You should talk to your doctor about what the type of medication that is right for you.


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