WOUFT Executive Council

Are you interested in serving in a position on the Executive Council?  Many positions will be open this coming Spring, please feel free to contact any current member of the Executive Council to ask questions and to let us know your interest. 





Office #

President Scott Beaver beavers@wou.edu 838-8205 MNB 120
VP, Political Action Chloë Hughes hughesc@wou.edu 838-8781 RWEC 128
VP, Membership & Organization Karla Hale halek@wou.edu 838-8521 RWEC 151
Secretary Melanie Landon-Hays haysm@wou.edu 838-9223 RWEC 123
Treasurer Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon kincanj@wou.edu 838-9493 HL 117C
Bargaining Chair Emily Plec plece@wou.edu 838-8819 HSS 114