Art is Essential to Life

Art can transform lives. It gives us the power to question, to confront, to explore, and to challenge how we think about the world. Art is something essential in life, and it can bring wonders to a person.

That is why the best way to bring art to a person is to make them start at a very young age. I have been telling my wife, Marsha that we should get our daughters to start art classes. Why?

Art makes you feel something. It helps you to let go of your feelings. It is a way to release your stress. You can imagine the white canvas to be your diary where you just let go of all your feelings, but instead of putting it in words, you draw.

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Art makes you observe and analyze. When you look at a piece of art, you observe, and you analyze. Why would the artist paint such a masterpiece? What was he thinking when he was doing this up? It makes you think and imagine as to what could this person be trying to say.

Which leads to our next reason, it makes you give out a message. Doing art helps you give out a message, to someone, or maybe the world. You wouldn’t need language to understand it, which basically makes every single person in the world able to understand and interpret the message in the art.

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Lastly, art says things that words just can’t say. For example, how a sunset looked 300 years ago, how people dressed so many years ago. Until now, if we haven’t had any drawing or images, we wouldn’t know the history of our world.

You can show what pain looks like, what love looks like, what did the world look like and what it could look like in the future. Art does not reproduce what is visible, it makes things visible.

So if you start young, you never know, you might have a future famous artist in your family, because every child is an artist. You never know, my daughter might be. An artist.