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Benefits Of Offshore Investing and Savings

Offshore banks have a reputation for great wealth building opportunities. An international bank offers financial services, lending opportunities and payment accounts for individuals or companies. International banks have their own rules and policies on how they do business. They also tend to offer their services to wealthy people.




International Banking Benefits

Most companies use international banking services to help facilitate their offshore markets. Individuals and companies also use international banks for tax reasons. Some individuals and companies want to invest in a domestic corporation or possibly a real estate venture. Some wealthy individuals keep their money offshore to protect it from lawsuits. If you are interested in setting up an international account, then go to




How to Manage Offshore Investments

There are software programs that offer help with cash management issues such as offshore investing. You can also find attorneys who specialize in offshore investments for individuals and businesses. The main benefit for offshore investments include tax planning and protecting assets. Spread out your investment portfolio for best results. You should be able to have access to your investments from a wide range of markets. All investments require a certain amount of risk. Seek professional advice if you are confused or unsure where to invest.


Software programs help with cash management


Money Management Tips

A budget is a financial tool that keeps you aware of your spending and saving habits. You should establish a budget that is realistic for you and your family. If you have poor credit, you can recover by following a few guidelines. The first step is to take control of your spending habits. Manage your credit card debt until all balances are paid off each month. Credit cards offer a wide variety of benefits that can save you money. Set a goal to pay your credit card balance off each month. Pay all of your bills on time to improve your credit score.


Avoid common budgeting mistakes by not accounting for every small expense. These expenses build up and make you wonder where spent your money. It is also easy to underestimate the amount of money you need for home repairs and maintenance. Savings should be a high priority in any budget. A good budget will help you avoid wasting money on common expense categories such as household items, entertainment and food.


If you are beginner to setting up a budget, start by listing all of your expenses. These include fixed expenses such as mortgage payments, student homes and car insurance. Monitor your budget on a daily basis to ensure you meet your financial goals. It is easy to forget about your budget and spend a lot of money.

images (1)

Set aside only 30 percent of your finances for housing. Another 30 percent should be allocated for transportation and food. The rest of the money should go towards savings and discretionary spending. It takes a little time to get used to living on a budget, but the results are worth it. Do not forget to allocate some of your savings for investing purposes.

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Top Cleaning Tips To Help Keep Your Carpets in Good Condition

The carpets in your home contribute to the comfort, appearance and air quality in each room. You need to pay special attention to your carpets to prevent damage and other problems that could destroy them fast. Several cleaning tips will help to keep your carpets in good condition for a long time.

Deal With Stains Immediately

The first tip is to deal with any stains or spills immediately. If someone spills a drink, drops food or tracks mud across the carpet, then you need to handle that problem immediately. This is true even if just water is spilled since any moisture could cause mold and mildew to grow. Have a kit in a central location that you can quickly grab that contains all the cleaning supplies you need to quickly handle stains.


Don do this

Never Scrub A Carpet To Clean Up A Stain, This Will Only Make It Worse!


Never Try To Scrub Out Stains

The next tip is to never try to scrub out stains with aggressive rubbing or hard brushes. Hard scrubbing will actually cause any stains to become worse. It will make the stain spread and could set it in the carpet so that it cannot be removed later. You want to dab stains with an absorbent cloth and some cleaning liquid until everything has been removed. This will keep your carpet bright and clean for a long time.


mats and rugs

Place mat and rug in key areas to added level of protection against excessive wear and staining.


Put Down Mats and Rugs in Key Areas

You should use floor mats and rugs in key areas that are very busy or that are more prone to accidents. These areas should include commonly used hallways, the space around entryways and under furniture like tables. The mats and rugs can add to the decor of the entire room. They also provide an added level of protection against excessive wear and staining.


robotic vacuum cleaner

Use robot vacuum cleaner to help you clean your carpets while saving your time.


Use an Automated Cleaning Robot

You want to minimize the amount of dirt and dust that settles in your carpet. It is impractical to constantly vacuum several times a day just to pick up the dirt that collects naturally. A simple solution is to use a cleaning robot. Something like a Neato robot vacuum can be programmed to automatically go around your home cleaning the carpets even when you are away. This will greatly extend the life of your carpets while also keeping them looking attractive.


Always Test New Cleaning Products

A mistake some people make is to assume that any cleaning product designed for carpets is safe to use. This is not true because carpets are made from all types of materials and with various treatments or coatings. You must always test new cleaning products before using them on your entire carpet. Apply a small amount of the cleaning product to an area of the carpet that cannot usually be seen. Follow the instructions and check that the cleaner did not stain or damage the carpet in any way.


steam your carpets

Steam your carpet once every season because it kills bacteria that could contribute to staining or foul odors.


Steam Your Carpets Once Every Season

You want to steam clean your carpets at least once every season. You can do this yourself by renting the equipment or you can hire professionals to do the job. Steam cleaning is important because it kills bacteria that could contribute to staining or foul odors. It also removes dirt and debris from deep within your carpet so that it stays clean.


leave shoes in front door

Leave shoes in front door to prevent people stepping on the carpets to avoid being dirty.


Leave Shoes at the Front Door

One final step to take is to leave shoes at the front door. Do not let people in the household walk around on carpets with dirty shoes. The dirt in the treads can be smashed down into the carpet creating terrible stains that are hard to remove. It is better for everyone to just take off any shoes at the front door when coming in.

You need to actively protect your carpets from harm every day. Stains and wear can lead to carpets that look and smell terrible after just a few months. These tips will make it very simple to keep your carpets in the best possible condition for years to come.


Tips to Keep your Carpet Looking Great

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Vinod Sekhar – Rebuilding after Asian Financial Crisis

Life is full of its ups and downs. Just like the rest of us, Vinod Sekhar too had to go through unfortunate circumstances and hardships that life threw at him. So, where did it go wrong for him?

It was 1997, and Vinod had already started the Petra Group with his partner, Tunku Imran. As he reflected, part of the problem was being what he calls, the God complex. It was a time when, in his words, “everyone was telling me I was the best thing since sliced bread … and that everything I touched turned to gold”.

It is important to remember that he was just a young man at the time when recognition kept pouring in. It was definitely an overwhelming experience — being praised and being put on a pedestal like that at such a young age was just too much.

Vinod admits that the lack of experience caused him to start believing the hype. And because of that, he started doing things that “common sense says you don’t … business experience says you don’t”. One miscalculated business venture in particular was East Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable farm, which did not flourish due to a lack of government support.

The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis came as quite a shock that shook the core of the East Asian Boom. Vinod Sekhar had a setback during that time and was hospitalised overseas for health problems too.

“It was a situation where the ceiling had collapsed and I was not there to help salvage matters. I had not created the strong foundation and management systems to sustain business but relied on partners whom Tunku Imran and I trusted, and who had talked us into investing.”

Vinod is a man who always had control over matters. But unfortunately, during the Asian Financial Crisis, he was handicapped by his illness and his inability to be in the country took a toll on his business. Also Read: Vinod Sekhar – Most Prominent Businessman, Philanthropist Out of Malaysia.

By the time he returned to Malaysia, the bomb had already been dropped and it was just a matter of waiting to face the aftermath of the explosion. It short, “I was looking at a disaster”.

Another cause of the problems at that time, as he identified, was that they had too many businesses which caused them to be financially spread wide and thin.

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How to Track Employee Attendance

If you work in human resources or a related industry, logistical headaches and somewhat unfair burdens are far from alien to you. Not only do you have to contend with that misplaced fear and even malign which the staff feels toward your position, but you have the incredible logistical headache of dealing with employee attendance tracking.

The importance of attendance tracking of course goes without saying. Nonetheless, just imagine a world where all the staff’s presence for work days, meetings and training was simply taken at their word. Imagine the small but problematic handful of lazier people every company has, able to get away with not showing up half the time, and never staying for the full day.

This was actually how it often went before the advent of attendance tracking software. Even with the advent of time clocks, CCTV cameras and other measures, people have always found ways to trick such systems. It really is amazing how much effort the lazy are willing to put into being so.

So, what is it that employee attendance tracking software has going for it which makes these problems as nonexistent as is possible in an imperfect world? There are a number of factors that contribute to this. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

One of the biggest advantages to systems like this, in truth, is their very nature as digital information. Unlike mechanical systems (time clocks etc.), there’s really not much room for vague errors and other ways to trick them. But, that’s just most basic advantage that all digital systems have.

The way these achieve secure attendance tracking is pretty straight forward, in actuality. These systems wrap around a database, which contains times signed in and out, as well as calendar-based information for sick days, planned vacations and so on. Automatic calculations can then run through these to track when hours are short or too long, when employees are late and the like. This makes payroll a more streamlined process, and it makes it much easier to spot the “weakest links” who just aren’t pulling their weight as well.

As far as security in the sense of making employees honest, these systems can also tie in with all other electronics in the workplace, to be sure that employees are automatically signed in whenever they touch something. It can be their work station, magnetic card sliders at gates, logging onto the wifi via their mobile, tablet or laptop and anything else imaginable.

This successfully thwarts instances where employees have, in the past, gotten away with claiming to have been there all day, but did not have a chance to sign in/out and the like. It also can guarantee protection of employees in a similar manner, making sure that such an incident can’t actually happen to an honest employee as well.
There are, of course, caveats with this kind of system, as nothing can ever truly be perfect. Databases can be subject to failures and errors, for one thing. For another, if the network goes down, or the computers do, it’s right back to using emergency sign in/out procedures with all their potential inaccuracies until the systems are fixed.

Also, the implementation of some of these systems makes work for the IT department, as does maintenance.

Nonetheless, if those minor disadvantages are far outweighed by the advantages, there are many types of attendance tracking system to choose from. In closing, let’s look at just a couple examples of the more popular ones.

The most popular one currently is HRdirect’s TrackSmart. It’s a web-based system meaning little to no installation and guaranteed compatibility with all devices used by your staff. Not only is it capable of splendidly accurate tracking of hours worked, but it manages vacation time and other artifacts with such natural finesse that you don’t even have to second guess a single statistic.

There’s also the fact that it provides a free trial whence it can truly show what it’s made of.

Another popular choice is Replicon TimeAttend, which is also web-based (guaranteeing the same cross platform stability and reliability). On top of that, it comes with training in the form of fleshed out documentation, webinars, live online lectures and in person hands-on training.

With one of these systems, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the worst logistical nightmare of your HR profession has been tamed at long last. Not only that, but you can master these systems without issue thanks to great training programs provided with most tracking suites.

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The Importance of Good Financial Planning

Good fiscal planning should not simply be restricted to a monthly budget, or how frugal you are at saving money. The fact of the matter is that proper financial planning should be included in everything you do from the time you leave the house to begin your day. Having access to the right amount of funds to purchase your cappuccino or meeting someone for lunch are all important factors that should be considered as good planning.

Most people who travel often already know that if they do not pack for the occasion, there is a good chance that they will have to shop while they are there. It is especially important that you get your house in financial order before leaving on a trip. Here are a few basic suggestions before you head off into the sunset.

Because fraud is catching up with technology, before you pack your bags, you should get in contact with your financial institution. Advise your bank manager that you will be out of the country for a week or two on holiday. This will avoid a few raised eyebrows and the possibility of a stop order being placed on your bank card when you are in a foreign country.

Many people consider themselves as invincible, and that they can’t be touched, so when the question of travel insurance comes up, they usually decline. Consider the consequences of losing your wallet while traveling thousands of miles away, what would you do? This may seem like an unlikely possibility, but it happens more often than you might think, which is why travel insurance is great for peace of mind.

One of the easiest things to do is to forget to make a car payment or your utility bill. During all the excitement in preparing for that long-awaited trip to Hawaii, remember to submit your credit card payment. A missed payment may not necessarily affect your ability to use your card, but it certainly won’t do much to help your credit rating when you get back home.

Finally, if you plan on carrying cash with you, use travelers checks for that purpose. Make copies of those checks and file it away at your home. If you should lose those funds, at the very least, you will have proof that they were yours. Most banks offer online banking that can be accessed from your smart phone. If you plan on using this technology, make sure that it works before leaving.

Source: China Sonangol International

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3 More Cost Effective Solutions to Video Conferencing

There are several reasons why you should consider using video conferencing for your business; a key one is because of how much money it could save your company. Video conferencing works great for businesses since it enables people to meet and view one another without the typical costs related to transportation, meeting rooms, etc. Be aware that video conferencing can also get pricey due to certain services that charge by the meeting and that utilize a phone connection rather than VolP in order to facilitate communication. In order to cut the costs on video conferencing, take a look at a few available options that are more cost effective for your business.


• Free Video Conferencing Tools

Although free tools generally don’t have several of the more advanced facilities that subscription tools have, they still work well. If you don’t require collaboration capabilities or need to brand one of the meeting rooms in Kuala Lumpur, free tools could save a great deal of money when it comes to online meetings.


• Consider Using VolP

By using VolP to communicate, there are no extra phone expenses for the meeting since all of the voice is transmitted via the Internet. This allows to you to talk to literally anyone, from anywhere worldwide for a single flat fee that’s charged by your provider, with no added bills at all.





• Choose a the Right Web Meeting Tool

If you plan to meet frequently, your best option is to use a tool that will allow you to hold as many conference meetings you desire for just one flat fee a year, or month. Paying a fee per hour or per meeting can really add up in a short amount of time, especially since conferences tend to go on longer than expected. An ideal video conferencing tool is one that will allow you to meet unlimited for a flat fee. Also, there are several free web tools for conferencing to choose from.

Explore all the major video conferencing tools that are available today and compare all their features and prices. In the end, it’s worth your time and effort to shop around if you do a great deal of video conferencing. Before you choose one, don’t be afraid to test it out first. Keep in mind that the majority of tools offer a free trial period so you can test them without any obligation prior to making a commitment.


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Comparing Personal Loans in Malaysia: Some Tips

Not all personal loans are created equal. There are many aspects of personal loans that you can compare in order to get the best overall terms. Interest rates are not the only aspect of personal loans to consider.

Take a Bank Rakyat personal loan as opposed to a CIMB personal loan: Both of them may have similar interest rates; however, one of them may have more flexible repayment standards or a longer-term period in which to pay back the loan. There may also be better personal service at one bank over another. All of these things must be considered.

Repayment option$

One of the most important aspects of a personal loan is the terms of repayment. Because personal loans are usually taken in an emergency situation, there is no telling how the finances will play out after the loan is taken. You need the flexibility that only certain banks are able to provide in order to protect your long-term financial interests.

Compare and apply personal loan in Malaysia

Personal $ervice

There is always something to be said for the bank that provides personal service. You can reach someone that will help you throughout the entire loan process, this is worth a couple of tenths of a point on the interest rate.


Future relationship$

You want to deal with a personal loan service that will give you the opportunity to build on your present relationship these types of banks will give you new option and reward prompt payback. Building these types of relationships will allow you to leverage your present financial structure to create more financial leverage for yourself in the future. It is these types of relationships that will allow you to come back from a credit mistake in the past. Be sure that you do business with personal loans company that will provide you this opportunity.


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Online Store Tips: Increase Sales With Amazing Product Photos

The product photos that are used in your online store can either make or break your overall business. In order to increase your sales with ease, simply upgrading your product photos can make a huge difference. Upon visiting an online store, potential customers should be drawn to the products through visible images. With lots of individuals opting to shop online today for the simple convenience that it offers, many are still skeptical about making a purchase when they are unable to try on the product or get a real feel for it. This is where product photos play a huge part in making sales and can impact the decisions that are made by customers. These tips are designed to help you increase your sales with amazing product photos that customers will love.


High-Quality Zoomed Photographs

In order to give your customers a real feel for your products in your online store, it is important to provide them with high-quality photographs that truly show them exactly how the product looks. You may opt to include zoomed in photos that are available to view at a wide variety of different angles. Depending on the product that you are selling, your product photos should feature the item in action. This means that if you are selling a shirt, it should be displayed at all angles on a model rather than a simple stock photo of the shirt itself. This allows customers to see how it may fit on their body shape.


Fashion shot



Showing Your Products True Fit

There’s nothing worse than online stores deceiving their customers into making a product look different in a photograph than it does in real life. For example, when searching for top ways to sell online, your photographs should show the true fit or style of your product rather than a tailored or edited version of what you are selling. The amazing pictures of your stores products should set expectations for your customers that must always be met to ensure highly-satisfied customers.


fitting fashion



Natural Lighting Make Amazing Product Photos

To increase your sales with amazing product photos, your product photos should be taken in an area where there is good natural lighting. You will not want to use the camera’s flash option as this can make the product look very flat and boring to viewers. The flash can also make colors of the product appear different than they actually are.



Natural Lighting Shot


Different Color Options

If you are selling an item in your online store that is available in several different colors, you will want to include photos of the product in each color that is available. This enables customers to make a well-informed decision based on the photos that are provided to them in all color options that are available. Visit for more tips on learning how to increase your online store sales with ease.


Color options


The photos that you display in your store can easily increase your sales if displayed correctly. With these tips, it is simple to build your business from the ground up.


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How to Set Up A Business in Kuala Lumpur

More people are considering setting up a business in Kuala Lumpur. The benefits of doing business in this region of the world are tremendous because of the real estate values and the opportunities. If you’re considering starting a business, you should ensure that you meet all the requirements on the checklist.





1. Register the Business

Every business in Malaysia must be registered with the necessary licenses and permits. Even all foreign companies must register within the country and follow the rules and regulations governing the businesses.


2. Find an Office

Kuala Lumpur has numerous real estate offices for businesses of all types and sizes. The real estate prices are favorable. Thus, it’s probable that companies will get a good deal. Virtual offices and physical offices are available to help business owners in Kuala Lumpur who need meeting spaces for important clients or foreign delegates. Office space may be offered on a daily, weekly, or monthly pay schedule.

A real estate agent or office space provider can information on office space and meeting rooms in Kuala Lumpur. Servcorp is one organization that can help you find office and meeting space. Register @ for more information.


Kuala Lumpur Infographic




3. Know the Key Elements of Forming a Private Limited Company in Malaysia

To form a private limited company in Malaysia, you must secure a minimum of two directors, a company secretary, and a minimum of two subscribers. If you don’t have these things in place when you start a business, you may not be able to operate within the confines of the legal system in Malaysia. When you know these what you need to know, you’ll be in a better position to make the choices that you need to make to improve your business life.


4. Check the Malaysian Government Website for Help

The Malaysian Government website will provide foreign entrepreneurs information on starting a business. The information on the website is comprehensive and is useful for business owners that need e-services or governments-to-business contents.


5. Be Aware of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)

The CCM or the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) will regulate all the business activities and can advise prospective applicants about what they’ll need to complete their business activities. These application forms are available on the SSM website for business owners who want to apply.


Companies Commission of Malaysia Website

Companies Commission of Malaysia Website



How to Set Up a Business in Kuala Lumpur

If you want to set up a business in Kuala Lumpur, you should read over these instructions and try to adhere to them as much as possible. Starting a business can be easy with the proper tools. Review the tips and be on your way to a successful business in Kuala Lumpur.

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Setting up a Malaysian Company: Documents You Must Present During the Process

Setting up a company in Malaysia can be a difficult and confusing process, especially for individuals who live outside of the country and want to form an offshore corporation.

Once your company has been registered with the Malaysian government, the phrase “Sdn Bhd” will be attached to the name. This abbreviation has a similar meaning to the “limited liability” classification of companies in other countries.

Like any other country, a number of documents must be filed with the appropriate government agencies before you can open your business.

As part of the company incorporation in Malaysia process, the following documents must be submitted to the Companies Commission of Malaysia:

  • Form 6 – Also known as the compliance statutory declaration, this form must be filled out by your company’s secretary and filed as soon possible. It will be used to ensure that your business stays in compliance with all pertinent government rules and local business ordinances.
  • Articles of association – The articles of association and and memorandum must be completed by a lawyer and filed with the Commission. Form 48A must also be attached to the articles of association during submission.
  • Company shareholders – Biographical and background data on two shareholders that each carry a minimum of MYR 1 share of the company. Aside from these shareholders, two directors must also present their background information as part of the process. These directors should hold permanent residences in Malaysia.
  • Location – The business owner must provide information regarding the specific location of the physical address of the company.
  • CCM Letter and Form 13A – A copy of the original letter from the CCM and Form 13A must be included with the packet submitted to the government. Form 13A authorizes the company to do business under a particular name.

Documents Needed for Foreign Owned Corporations

Companies that are foreign owned must have at least two directors that maintain permanent residences in Malaysia and a company secretary that is a Malaysian resident.

Foreign nationals who are part of the company must provide their passports with correct visas and any other pertinent government identification.

Many third party companies, such as the one found at offer assistance to foreign companies that need to form offshore businesses in Malaysia.


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