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Top Cleaning Tips To Help Keep Your Carpets in Good Condition

The carpets in your home contribute to the comfort, appearance and air quality in each room. You need to pay special attention to your carpets to prevent damage and other problems that could destroy them fast. Several cleaning tips will help to keep your carpets in good condition for a long time.

Deal With Stains Immediately

The first tip is to deal with any stains or spills immediately. If someone spills a drink, drops food or tracks mud across the carpet, then you need to handle that problem immediately. This is true even if just water is spilled since any moisture could cause mold and mildew to grow. Have a kit in a central location that you can quickly grab that contains all the cleaning supplies you need to quickly handle stains.


Don do this

Never Scrub A Carpet To Clean Up A Stain, This Will Only Make It Worse!


Never Try To Scrub Out Stains

The next tip is to never try to scrub out stains with aggressive rubbing or hard brushes. Hard scrubbing will actually cause any stains to become worse. It will make the stain spread and could set it in the carpet so that it cannot be removed later. You want to dab stains with an absorbent cloth and some cleaning liquid until everything has been removed. This will keep your carpet bright and clean for a long time.


mats and rugs

Place mat and rug in key areas to added level of protection against excessive wear and staining.


Put Down Mats and Rugs in Key Areas

You should use floor mats and rugs in key areas that are very busy or that are more prone to accidents. These areas should include commonly used hallways, the space around entryways and under furniture like tables. The mats and rugs can add to the decor of the entire room. They also provide an added level of protection against excessive wear and staining.


robotic vacuum cleaner

Use robot vacuum cleaner to help you clean your carpets while saving your time.


Use an Automated Cleaning Robot

You want to minimize the amount of dirt and dust that settles in your carpet. It is impractical to constantly vacuum several times a day just to pick up the dirt that collects naturally. A simple solution is to use a cleaning robot. Something like a Neato robot vacuum can be programmed to automatically go around your home cleaning the carpets even when you are away. This will greatly extend the life of your carpets while also keeping them looking attractive.


Always Test New Cleaning Products

A mistake some people make is to assume that any cleaning product designed for carpets is safe to use. This is not true because carpets are made from all types of materials and with various treatments or coatings. You must always test new cleaning products before using them on your entire carpet. Apply a small amount of the cleaning product to an area of the carpet that cannot usually be seen. Follow the instructions and check that the cleaner did not stain or damage the carpet in any way.


steam your carpets

Steam your carpet once every season because it kills bacteria that could contribute to staining or foul odors.


Steam Your Carpets Once Every Season

You want to steam clean your carpets at least once every season. You can do this yourself by renting the equipment or you can hire professionals to do the job. Steam cleaning is important because it kills bacteria that could contribute to staining or foul odors. It also removes dirt and debris from deep within your carpet so that it stays clean.


leave shoes in front door

Leave shoes in front door to prevent people stepping on the carpets to avoid being dirty.


Leave Shoes at the Front Door

One final step to take is to leave shoes at the front door. Do not let people in the household walk around on carpets with dirty shoes. The dirt in the treads can be smashed down into the carpet creating terrible stains that are hard to remove. It is better for everyone to just take off any shoes at the front door when coming in.

You need to actively protect your carpets from harm every day. Stains and wear can lead to carpets that look and smell terrible after just a few months. These tips will make it very simple to keep your carpets in the best possible condition for years to come.


Tips to Keep your Carpet Looking Great

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How to Set Up A Business in Kuala Lumpur

More people are considering setting up a business in Kuala Lumpur. The benefits of doing business in this region of the world are tremendous because of the real estate values and the opportunities. If you’re considering starting a business, you should ensure that you meet all the requirements on the checklist.





1. Register the Business

Every business in Malaysia must be registered with the necessary licenses and permits. Even all foreign companies must register within the country and follow the rules and regulations governing the businesses.


2. Find an Office

Kuala Lumpur has numerous real estate offices for businesses of all types and sizes. The real estate prices are favorable. Thus, it’s probable that companies will get a good deal. Virtual offices and physical offices are available to help business owners in Kuala Lumpur who need meeting spaces for important clients or foreign delegates. Office space may be offered on a daily, weekly, or monthly pay schedule.

A real estate agent or office space provider can information on office space and meeting rooms in Kuala Lumpur. Servcorp is one organization that can help you find office and meeting space. Register @ for more information.


Kuala Lumpur Infographic




3. Know the Key Elements of Forming a Private Limited Company in Malaysia

To form a private limited company in Malaysia, you must secure a minimum of two directors, a company secretary, and a minimum of two subscribers. If you don’t have these things in place when you start a business, you may not be able to operate within the confines of the legal system in Malaysia. When you know these what you need to know, you’ll be in a better position to make the choices that you need to make to improve your business life.


4. Check the Malaysian Government Website for Help

The Malaysian Government website will provide foreign entrepreneurs information on starting a business. The information on the website is comprehensive and is useful for business owners that need e-services or governments-to-business contents.


5. Be Aware of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)

The CCM or the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) will regulate all the business activities and can advise prospective applicants about what they’ll need to complete their business activities. These application forms are available on the SSM website for business owners who want to apply.


Companies Commission of Malaysia Website

Companies Commission of Malaysia Website



How to Set Up a Business in Kuala Lumpur

If you want to set up a business in Kuala Lumpur, you should read over these instructions and try to adhere to them as much as possible. Starting a business can be easy with the proper tools. Review the tips and be on your way to a successful business in Kuala Lumpur.

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Setting up a Malaysian Company: Documents You Must Present During the Process

Setting up a company in Malaysia can be a difficult and confusing process, especially for individuals who live outside of the country and want to form an offshore corporation.

Once your company has been registered with the Malaysian government, the phrase “Sdn Bhd” will be attached to the name. This abbreviation has a similar meaning to the “limited liability” classification of companies in other countries.

Like any other country, a number of documents must be filed with the appropriate government agencies before you can open your business.

As part of the company incorporation in Malaysia process, the following documents must be submitted to the Companies Commission of Malaysia:

  • Form 6 – Also known as the compliance statutory declaration, this form must be filled out by your company’s secretary and filed as soon possible. It will be used to ensure that your business stays in compliance with all pertinent government rules and local business ordinances.
  • Articles of association – The articles of association and and memorandum must be completed by a lawyer and filed with the Commission. Form 48A must also be attached to the articles of association during submission.
  • Company shareholders – Biographical and background data on two shareholders that each carry a minimum of MYR 1 share of the company. Aside from these shareholders, two directors must also present their background information as part of the process. These directors should hold permanent residences in Malaysia.
  • Location – The business owner must provide information regarding the specific location of the physical address of the company.
  • CCM Letter and Form 13A – A copy of the original letter from the CCM and Form 13A must be included with the packet submitted to the government. Form 13A authorizes the company to do business under a particular name.

Documents Needed for Foreign Owned Corporations

Companies that are foreign owned must have at least two directors that maintain permanent residences in Malaysia and a company secretary that is a Malaysian resident.

Foreign nationals who are part of the company must provide their passports with correct visas and any other pertinent government identification.

Many third party companies, such as the one found at offer assistance to foreign companies that need to form offshore businesses in Malaysia.


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Ease the Process of Your Singapore Company Registration

The process of business registration can be done much faster and easier when handled through a third party corporation. It provides incorporation services for both domestic and foreign Singaporean companies through a very simple process that can take only a few hours to complete. In addition to company registration, Bizcorp conveniently provides newly incorporated companies with all other necessary requirements related to business registration in Singapore according to the Companies Act under Section 171 under one package.

Nominee Director Services
In order to setup a private limited company in Singapore, a company needs to nominate at least one local director who is:

•A Singapore citizen, permanent resident or dependent/employment pass holder.
If a business owner has difficulty appointing a suitable nominee director, Bizcorp will act on the company’s behalf in this capacity. The total fee for nominee director services is $4800.00. This includes a refundable $2400.00 security deposit upon termination of services.

Comprehensive Corporate Secretarial Services
In order for companies to meet filing compliance, Bizcorp can also act as a company’s corporate secretary. Corporate secretarial services include general corporate advising to business clients on Singapore Company Act requirements, and also involves:

•Minute book and registers updates
•Annual returns submission
•Secretarial filing; monitoring filing deadlines
•Liquidation and striking off company

Corporate secretarial services fees are per annum and depend on the size of the corporation, transaction volume, the complexity of its structure and whether or not it is a foreign or domestic entity. The following price tier reflects these factors:

•$ 480 – For small, simple structured or newly incorporated companies.
•$ 600 – For companies with a higher transaction and activity volume.
•$ 720 – For large corporations, complex or foreign owned companies.

The Benefits of Company Incorporation in Singapore
The benefits of company incorporation in Singapore allows businesses to reduce personal and company liabilities while protecting personal assets. There is also an exemption of audit requirement for companies with a turnover of less than $5 million or for those who are privately exempt. Other benefits include:

•Less than 9% effective tax rate.
•New companies can receive partial tax exemption up to first $300,000 of taxable profit or full tax exemption for first $100K taxable profit.
•Have easier access to assets through the bank loans and the sale of shares to investors.

Incorporation time ranges varies depending on approval. Further details about company registration in Singapore can be found at

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Get Assistance for Your Singapore Company Registration

Company incorporation and company formation services are available. These business services are offered for both foreign and domestic Singapore companies. There are several steps that may be required for a company registration in Singapore. These requirements may include the company name registration and the specific registration of the company in Singapore. These procedures may be completed online in a brief amount of time, you may learn more at this website.

Services available for registered companies

Services that can be provided for a newly registered company in Singapore may include the following:

1. Accounting and bookkeeping services are necessary for a new company. These services may include auditing and assurance reports for the compliance requests of the business. Consulting and advisory services may provide compliance audits or other business services necessary.

2. A compilation report may be provided that includes the required financial statements. This report is prepared with the director’s report and the statement by the company directors. This report states the condition of the company and includes the financial reports that are a critical statement of the company’s financial status.

3. A company secretary and corporate secretarial services are necessary in order to be in compliance with the business rules of Singapore. Each private limited company is required to have a company secretary. This role is essential for meeting all of the statutory filing compliance rules for a company.

4. A nominee director is a requirement for a new company in Singapore. A director can be provided for the new company upon request. This service can be provided for a fee and security deposit. The nominee director should be a resident of Singapore or an employment/dependent pass holder.

5. An employment pass or work pass is necessary to work in Singapore. Other types of passes available include the entrepreneurs pass, social visit pass, permanent residence application, and professional employment pass. There is a business pass available and a dependent’s pass.

A new business in Singapore may be developed online. The company will need a registered name, a nominee director, and a company secretary. Other services that may be needed include accounting and auditing services, financial statements, income tax services, and various work and residency passes. A virtual office registered address can be provided for a foreign or domestic business. This type of office may include telephone and mail services. There may be conference rooms needed, and these can be provided with a virtual office.

What Singapore Can Teach Us About Business Development? Click here to explore.

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Private Equity for Small Start-Ups

Though investors have been buying and selling businesses since the industrial revolution began, private equity capital investment is a relatively new area in business investment and funding. The first true private equity firms started in the U.S. at the end of World War II to help military service members returning from the war secure investment funding for small business startups. Today, private equity companies fill an important roll in the small-business startup world that would otherwise be a gap in funding opportunities for the entrepreneur.

Commercial lending institutions provide funding to many of the largest corporations in the world and are accustomed to a level of investment risk, but they are not a viable option for start-up businesses seeking investment capital. Commercial lenders are understandably put off by the risk an entrepreneurial operation poses for an investor. After all, the commercial lender is only receiving interest on their principal loan amount. The small business start-up generally has little if any history in the marketplace and few if any assets to secure funding; they are by definition high risk ventures. They obviously cannot issue debt to raise money and they usually have no other access to the capital market, so what other options are available? This is where private equity investment institutions have come into play.

Private equity firms do not loan capital to small business startups with the expectation of receiving interest in return. Instead, private equity firms invest funds in the business itself. This type of investment normally comes in the form of venture capital, sometimes referred to as “risk money.” Because of the risk involved, venture capital comes with a much higher cost to the business owner. Not only will the lender be providing the capital, they will own a portion of the business in which they are investing. Further, with this kind of funding, the private equity firm will usually have a vote in company decisions, often times providing business expertise, pronounced personnel, to help make business decisions that will affect the potential success of the company.

Contrary to appearances, this is a symbiotic relationship; both the investor and the business owner benefit in these transactions. The startup company receives the capital they need to get off the ground and a vote of confidence that their plan, model or idea has merit and a chance to succeed. From the owner’s perspective, the equity firm has as much or more motivation to see the business succeed and is there to provide help through every step of the process. Providing the business expertise can be seen as freeing the entrepreneur to focus on building his product brand and getting the product to market. Lest anyone think that this is a small time operation, 11% of the jobs and 21% of the U.S. GDP come from venture capital startups. (National Venture Capital Association) Much of this funding is provided by private equity sources.

How Do Start-Up Companies Raise So Much Money?

Obtain further investment insights from David Hand Crescent Point Asia and Crescent Point Private Equity, the leading emerging markets investment management and financial advisory firm primarily focused on the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.

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Tax Exemptions for New Company Registration Singapore

Singapore is a very central business place where they employ their efforts to enhance the growth of a new business. Company registration singapore newbie’s enjoy tax free profits up to $100.00 for the first 3 years of registration. While this is done you have then to meet the qualifications as the law demands. Such includes company incorporated in Singapore and have been a tax resident in Singapore for over 1 year. You should have less than 20 shareholders during the basic year and must have all shareholders being individuals during the first basic year. This is a business government scheme which only works for foreigners but not citizens who own companies. For the citizens they do pay much reduced and reasonable taxes which help boost the countries income. Singapore a city situated in the East Asia is truly a place to register your company and wait to see it boom in a short period.


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