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How to Track Employee Attendance

If you work in human resources or a related industry, logistical headaches and somewhat unfair burdens are far from alien to you. Not only do you have to contend with that misplaced fear and even malign which the staff feels toward your position, but you have the incredible logistical headache of dealing with employee attendance tracking.

The importance of attendance tracking of course goes without saying. Nonetheless, just imagine a world where all the staff’s presence for work days, meetings and training was simply taken at their word. Imagine the small but problematic handful of lazier people every company has, able to get away with not showing up half the time, and never staying for the full day.

This was actually how it often went before the advent of attendance tracking software. Even with the advent of time clocks, CCTV cameras and other measures, people have always found ways to trick such systems. It really is amazing how much effort the lazy are willing to put into being so.

So, what is it that employee attendance tracking software has going for it which makes these problems as nonexistent as is possible in an imperfect world? There are a number of factors that contribute to this. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

One of the biggest advantages to systems like this, in truth, is their very nature as digital information. Unlike mechanical systems (time clocks etc.), there’s really not much room for vague errors and other ways to trick them. But, that’s just most basic advantage that all digital systems have.

The way these achieve secure attendance tracking is pretty straight forward, in actuality. These systems wrap around a database, which contains times signed in and out, as well as calendar-based information for sick days, planned vacations and so on. Automatic calculations can then run through these to track when hours are short or too long, when employees are late and the like. This makes payroll a more streamlined process, and it makes it much easier to spot the “weakest links” who just aren’t pulling their weight as well.

As far as security in the sense of making employees honest, these systems can also tie in with all other electronics in the workplace, to be sure that employees are automatically signed in whenever they touch something. It can be their work station, magnetic card sliders at gates, logging onto the wifi via their mobile, tablet or laptop and anything else imaginable.

This successfully thwarts instances where employees have, in the past, gotten away with claiming to have been there all day, but did not have a chance to sign in/out and the like. It also can guarantee protection of employees in a similar manner, making sure that such an incident can’t actually happen to an honest employee as well.
There are, of course, caveats with this kind of system, as nothing can ever truly be perfect. Databases can be subject to failures and errors, for one thing. For another, if the network goes down, or the computers do, it’s right back to using emergency sign in/out procedures with all their potential inaccuracies until the systems are fixed.

Also, the implementation of some of these systems makes work for the IT department, as does maintenance.

Nonetheless, if those minor disadvantages are far outweighed by the advantages, there are many types of attendance tracking system to choose from. In closing, let’s look at just a couple examples of the more popular ones.

The most popular one currently is HRdirect’s TrackSmart. It’s a web-based system meaning little to no installation and guaranteed compatibility with all devices used by your staff. Not only is it capable of splendidly accurate tracking of hours worked, but it manages vacation time and other artifacts with such natural finesse that you don’t even have to second guess a single statistic.

There’s also the fact that it provides a free trial whence it can truly show what it’s made of.

Another popular choice is Replicon TimeAttend, which is also web-based (guaranteeing the same cross platform stability and reliability). On top of that, it comes with training in the form of fleshed out documentation, webinars, live online lectures and in person hands-on training.

With one of these systems, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the worst logistical nightmare of your HR profession has been tamed at long last. Not only that, but you can master these systems without issue thanks to great training programs provided with most tracking suites.

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3 More Cost Effective Solutions to Video Conferencing

There are several reasons why you should consider using video conferencing for your business; a key one is because of how much money it could save your company. Video conferencing works great for businesses since it enables people to meet and view one another without the typical costs related to transportation, meeting rooms, etc. Be aware that video conferencing can also get pricey due to certain services that charge by the meeting and that utilize a phone connection rather than VolP in order to facilitate communication. In order to cut the costs on video conferencing, take a look at a few available options that are more cost effective for your business.


• Free Video Conferencing Tools

Although free tools generally don’t have several of the more advanced facilities that subscription tools have, they still work well. If you don’t require collaboration capabilities or need to brand one of the meeting rooms in Kuala Lumpur, free tools could save a great deal of money when it comes to online meetings.


• Consider Using VolP

By using VolP to communicate, there are no extra phone expenses for the meeting since all of the voice is transmitted via the Internet. This allows to you to talk to literally anyone, from anywhere worldwide for a single flat fee that’s charged by your provider, with no added bills at all.





• Choose a the Right Web Meeting Tool

If you plan to meet frequently, your best option is to use a tool that will allow you to hold as many conference meetings you desire for just one flat fee a year, or month. Paying a fee per hour or per meeting can really add up in a short amount of time, especially since conferences tend to go on longer than expected. An ideal video conferencing tool is one that will allow you to meet unlimited for a flat fee. Also, there are several free web tools for conferencing to choose from.

Explore all the major video conferencing tools that are available today and compare all their features and prices. In the end, it’s worth your time and effort to shop around if you do a great deal of video conferencing. Before you choose one, don’t be afraid to test it out first. Keep in mind that the majority of tools offer a free trial period so you can test them without any obligation prior to making a commitment.


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Putting your company in a more competitive environment

It is not all about making as much money as possible at home when it comes to business. Rather, everyone wants to make as much money as possible no matter where it is that they go. Therefore, if it is necessary to move offices to far away locations in order to attract the most business, then this is what the savvy businessman will do.

For instance, Servcorp’s virtual offices is one thing that has helped many businesses find some ability to bring their business offshore. This is true even if the business is rather small in size at the moment. Many find that they want to start expanding internationally as soon as possible, even if their reasons are only because of the cheap labor.



A Virtual Office allows you to leverage the full Servcorp network of services and solutions without having to take a physical office. It provides everything you need to run your business professionally, effectively and without the costly overheads.



Whenever one is setting up an office in another country, it is nice to have that office already be fully furnished. When this is the case, the individuals who move into this office are not going to have to worry about the added expense that comes with purchasing office furniture for the place. They can instead focus on buckling down and getting things done for your company. That should be the top thing that you are worried about when you really think about it.


A serviced office space in Malaysia is an option for those who would like to expand into this region of the world. It is something that makes a lot of sense. You do not want your Malaysian expansion to slow down the overall rate of the business that you have been doing. Considering this, you will find that having a serviced office is the best option to maintain full speed ahead.


Morale is something else to consider when it comes to the type of office that you will design. Most of the time the serviced office is one that is very well designed and has real benefits to the morale of those who are going to work there. Therefore, it is important that you realize that this could be a great investment for your international expansions.


Just taking the stress of designing the office for yourself is huge. People often do not realize just how much time and preparation has to go into this kind of thing. With this in mind, you want to consider the possibility of letting someone else take the hit for you on this one and just sit back and enjoy the benefits that come with your new international offices.

Discover More Benefits of a Virtual Office for Home Businesses


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Virtual Offices are Essential for Small Businesses

Many small business owners and sole operators do not have the money to hire an employee. Every dollar is put back into growing the business, but there comes a point when there is no more growth in the company without hiring an employee. This might come a few months or a few years down the road, but eventually the business will need to expand. At this crossroad, it is imperative that the owner realize the stalemate and take steps to rectify the situation. This can mean a creative approach to expanding the business.


The virtual office are the solution that most small businesses need but do not often realize. A new business requires sales. It might be hard to generate sales when the small business owner is the sole worker in the company. Phone inquiries, new customers and sales calls mean the business owner has to wear many hats, but he or she is still only one person. Sending calls to voice mail is never good for business. Most customers will just hang up rather than leaving a lengthy message on a machine. Nevertheless, the best serviced office solutions is just the help the business owner needs.


Having a good business virtual office and a virtual employee means no taxes, no hourly wages and no physical space needed for the employee. Serviced offices does not require any of those things. The virtual worker has his or her own space, and they work only when there is work to be done. The business owner is not paying the worker to sit and wait for business that may or may not come. The virtual worker has other clients to fill the gaps but will be completely focused when needed.


The virtual office is a solution for most small businesses, especially, those that are in a transitional place between not having enough work for an employee and needing a full-time employee for the everyday running of the small business. The serviced offices Kuala Lumpur helps bridge the gap when every dollar needs to be invested back in the company to grow and expand into the next phase.


Good news! Servcorp Malaysia is Offering a 30-Day Virtual Office Trial to Prospective Clients. Why Not Try THIS Out.

Virtual Office – Video About Phone Answering, Reception & Professional Staffing Service

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Finding Superior Office Solutions

The environment and resources your business needs to ensure and effective and productive working environment may require considerable costs and effort to secure. Options like serviced offices that come readily setup, furnished and offer your business the services and amenities needed to begin work immediately could offer you a superior solution for a business environment. Virtual offices that do not require the same expenses to find, maintain or upgrade could be a more cost effective solution for smaller businesses and companies that have little need for a physical working environment. Next generation solutions for meeting your businesses needs can ensure far greater advantage when you choose to make use of them.

The growing popularity of the serviced office industry may give you some indication of the greater usefulness and superior convenience that may be available. Furnishing and appointing a professional environment may involve time and effort you may not be able to spare, as well as considerable expense. Offices that can be leased fully furnished and with the equipment, features and businesses resources you need already available could give you an easier way to house your workforce, one that will be less of a drain on your resources to make use of.

Virtual offices can be an ideal business solution for startups, new businesses and any organisation that has limited need of physical work space. Investing too heavily in the overhead and operations costs of new businesses can rob them of resources that would be better spent on development, leaving businesses that are leasing physical office space they may have only minor need for at a tremendous financial disadvantage. Cost effective solutions that may be able to meet the needs of a smaller or more flexible workforce have a great deal more to offer.

 With Virtual Office, your workforce may enjoy the convenience of work from home.

Fining the right working environment, cost effective solutions or other resources needed to ensure that your company is able to enjoy the long term success it is in need of is a top concern. Next generation office solutions and resources that can come with superior benefits, more cost effective prices and provide you business with greater advantage are available. Newer office solutions that have a good deal more to offer than conventional leasing options could provide your business with the tools needed to achieve greater success as well as the environment and resources needed to ensure a brighter financial future.

Have more great views on modern office space solutions: The Benefits of Having A Virtual Office

Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go.

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Finding the Best Serviced Office

A serviced office is a place in which a company can utilize added space for a company. It is economical, flexible, simple and professional. A serviced office can include meeting rooms, along with all technology needed to operate a meeting for any type of business.

Having a serviced office to rent is a great way to allow different business to rent out a place for a short or long time. To charge a certain amount each month and to make sure that the serviced office to rent is up to date with the needed technology. Sometimes the room can be made small or large with dividers in order to accommodate more than one company to rent the room and to add privacy for each business.

Serviced offices for rent can help with executives, allow a virtual meeting, and allow working space for a working team. Serviced offices for rent can be used to make more space for co-workers, and also for temporary office space. By utilizing the extra space for the company and other companies it can make work go quicker and easier. Meetings do not have to wait and customers from other companies do not have to wait for deals to be made.

With serviced office space the area is available for every day and for all day. Depending on the business is developing that needs the space, the serviced office space can be accommodated to meet the company’s business needs.

Similar to virtual office, regardless of where the spaces for businesses are to rent or what the company wants to do with the available space, can bring more customers into the business, keep the business up to date with new changes and with new technology. It gives workers from the lowest to the highest a place in which to conduct any type of meeting at any time of the day or night. It is a great way in which to run a business in any type of economy.

Read this important office renting tips: Balancing the Need for a Virtual and Serviced Office

Have a look on the London serviced office video tour of The Minories, Aldgate EC3.

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Why Serviced Offices Can Be a Boost To Your Company

Serviced offices for rent are a quite common in cities and towns. They can be individual offices or entire floors that you can rent decorated and furnished, and also incorporates a secretarial service. Leased or rented offices are best for companies to get access to high-end offices without getting tied in long term contracts. These offices offer ready to use work space that can be taken on lease by the company providing them, and it also arranges the basic facilities available in a normal office. You can get serviced office space for rent throughout the US.

* Office Space

The availability of space is flexible, and if needed, extra space can be also be allocated to you at a short notice. On the other hand, if you want to down size at a later date, you can let excess office space to go because there are no long term commitments in case of a serviced office.

In serviced office to rent, the office space is fully furnished, and designed tastefully, with adequate computers, furniture, telecom equipment and whatever is required for making a office fully functional.

* Flexible options

Serviced office to rent is available with flexible leases, so you have the complete freedom on duration for which you want to rent office space. it can be from one month, to even few years.

* All office services are included

You will get complete services such as administrative support, dedicated receptionist, telecom services, internet connectivity, and IT infrastructure. As they have fully equipped kitchen and various other amenities, you will save considerable as you won’t need expensive hotel services.

The high speed of internet connectivity is supporting the smooth teleconference for those business meeting and discussion.

* Location

Serviced offices for rent offer excellent option for all those who want to shift to promising areas with good business potential. Location plays a crucial role in the success of any company. As you view various sites, you should ask questions about flexibility, cost and terms. Once you decide, you can choose the best option.

* Mail facilities

Similar to virtual offices, modern office need email, facsimile, teleconferencing for communicating efficiently and on regular basis throughout the world. All mails can be sent to your business center. A reception staff is also provided for mail and call handling.

* Flexible plans

In Malaysia serviced offices, you get flexible plans where you can use facilities on weekly, monthly, yearly, or in some cases, even on daily basis.

With flexible long-term, and short-term plans, you can expand without worrying about your office space. You get more flexible rental terms from companies providing serviced offices for rent. With flexible and standard license agreement, you get instant access to office space once you’ve cleared the agreed funds.

Therefore, serviced office spaces are best option for companies who are interested in easy to use, flexible office space solutions. You not only save on money, but also minimize lots of hassles as well. Read the next office renting tips: Serviced Offices Come With a Prestigious Address for Your Business.

Watch the Microsoft introducing the most amazing future office.


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Why You Should Consider Serviced Offices

Office space that comes with everything a renter needs to move in and start business operations immediately is called a serviced office. When a business chooses a serviced office to rent, it takes over a space that has a receptionist and telephone answering service, video conferencing facilities, furniture, meeting rooms, high speed internet access and anything else the business may need to start operations immediately.

Serviced offices are equipped with video conferencing system that uniting businessman with the power of face-to-face communication and enabling businesses to work in real-time.

Serviced offices are an attractive alternative to conventional office space because the rent includes just about every expense that a business would be expected to incur upon moving into a new office. Things like the cost of heating and air conditioning, lighting, janitorial services, security, maintenance and insurance are all part of the one rental payment that the business makes to the serviced office operator. So, a business may save money in the long run by choosing a serviced office space. According to Abacus Real Estate, located in the United Kingdom and a specialist in commercial property leasing, businesses may find the relatively short leasing periods (six to 12 months) that go with serviced office space will be an advantage because they allow the business to contract or expand as needed.

Space for serviced offices in Malaysia is available, and offers very sophisticated and modern settings for many kinds of businesses. Serviced offices in Kuala Lumpur, for example, are being rented in The Pavilion Tower which is in the Golden Triangle area of Kuala Lumpur. This district is a hub of tourism, shopping and entertainment. Kuala Lumpur serviced office space at The Pavilion Tower includes 129 workstations, one conference room and two meeting rooms. The Pavilion provides an abundance of parking spaces for cars, and is within walking distance of two monorail stations.

This is APBC Offices’ Boardroom which is located at The Pavillion Tower, and decorated with natural materials to provide comforting yet conducive working environment. 

Another serviced office space is The Gardens North Tower located just outside the city limits of Kuala Lumpur. Here, businesses can choose one of 30 serviced offices conveniently located near two hotels and an award-winning shopping complex. As a businessman, you should know how to conduct a proper research before committing to any serviced office agreement, browse around this helpful page to find out the tips.

This is another convenience serviced office based on The Gardens North Tower, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

Watch this video and know what is virtual office here:

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