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Finding Superior Office Solutions

The environment and resources your business needs to ensure and effective and productive working environment may require considerable costs and effort to secure. Options like serviced offices that come readily setup, furnished and offer your business the services and amenities needed to begin work immediately could offer you a superior solution for a business environment. Virtual offices that do not require the same expenses to find, maintain or upgrade could be a more cost effective solution for smaller businesses and companies that have little need for a physical working environment. Next generation solutions for meeting your businesses needs can ensure far greater advantage when you choose to make use of them.

The growing popularity of the serviced office industry may give you some indication of the greater usefulness and superior convenience that may be available. Furnishing and appointing a professional environment may involve time and effort you may not be able to spare, as well as considerable expense. Offices that can be leased fully furnished and with the equipment, features and businesses resources you need already available could give you an easier way to house your workforce, one that will be less of a drain on your resources to make use of.

Virtual offices can be an ideal business solution for startups, new businesses and any organisation that has limited need of physical work space. Investing too heavily in the overhead and operations costs of new businesses can rob them of resources that would be better spent on development, leaving businesses that are leasing physical office space they may have only minor need for at a tremendous financial disadvantage. Cost effective solutions that may be able to meet the needs of a smaller or more flexible workforce have a great deal more to offer.

 With Virtual Office, your workforce may enjoy the convenience of work from home.

Fining the right working environment, cost effective solutions or other resources needed to ensure that your company is able to enjoy the long term success it is in need of is a top concern. Next generation office solutions and resources that can come with superior benefits, more cost effective prices and provide you business with greater advantage are available. Newer office solutions that have a good deal more to offer than conventional leasing options could provide your business with the tools needed to achieve greater success as well as the environment and resources needed to ensure a brighter financial future.

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Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go.

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Venture Capital Fund Raising Helps Small Business

Venture capital fund raising can also be called risk capital. In-depth market analysis is required in this kind of business. For an example of what venture capital fund raising is you would have to consider the following.

A number of dedicated investment agencies join together forming a team of highly experienced professionals. The capital they bring together is then invested in medium and small sized companies. Each member has a vested interest in making profit. The financial assistance provided to these companies helps them to grow and become a presence in the marketplace.

With the capital provided by these investors, these companies are able to advertise more effectively, launch new products, and build brand recognition. That in turn makes them more successful. Since the venture capital firm holds a stake in the business, their investment is made good on.

The key to successful venture capital fund raising is combining similar business units with the potential for delivering desired results over a short time period. Another feature of a joint venture is that the venture capitalists bring even more to the table than their ready cash. They also bring expertise and skills with them and provide technical assistance. These are just more elements in successful joint venture strategies.

It is not easy to convince venture capitalists to join together to help individual business on the road to growth. Not every proposal will be accepted due to the fact that it is very difficult to meet the standards required. Financial assistance is most difficult for those companies involved in a risky industry. At the same time, small business owners who do not demonstrate that they understand what they are doing find it even harder to secure funding.

Not only does venture capital fund raising provide he opportunity for investors to get a quick return for the money supplied, it also provides some with the chance to plan what the future actions of the company will be. Successful business people know how to direct the course of business, and this is just what this kind of team is, experts.

With it increasingly harder each year to be able to convince investors to take a chance in struggling businesses, if you are ready to give it a try, make sure that you have all your ducks in a row before asking for assistance. They want to know that you have something to bring to the challenge as well.

People who read this article also interested to learn more financial investment strategies from Crescent Point David Hand or stay up to date with Crescent Point news, the leading emerging markets investment management and financial advisory firm primarily targeting in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.

Venture Capitalist Nick Hanauer Says Rich People Don’t Create Jobs!

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Advantages of Doing In-House SEO

When starting up a website, one of the most influential factors to take into consideration is SEO. To drive traffic businesses can use Google Adwords services, privately placed ads, blog posts, and in the long run SEO services. SEO takes a while to get going, possibly taking months to see solid results. It is crucial to do it right the first time, including buying a solid domain name and reliable hosting.

Many people running a website ask themselves if they should hire an SEO company or do the work themselves. The other option is to hire an SEO company for some projects while doing other SEO in house. The most powerful aspect about search engine optimization is to have a great site. This would be a site with relevant information; that is written with SEO in mind. One way to do it correctly is to not overuse certain keywords and phrases, this can end up hurting a rankings. Another thing is to use LSI keywords, which are keywords that Google suggests when searching for the main keyword. SEO services will be able to ensure that the pages are written well, with an appropriate keyword density and an abundance of LSI keywords. At the very least, having an SEO company look at these pages will ensure they are doing their job.

Link building can be done much more effectively by hiring a company rather than in house. This is because they have the resources and contacts to get solid links to a site. They know how to link correctly, using the right phrases and the right ratio. Many algorithm updates have hurt sites that have done link building incorrectly. In reality, unless one is an expert, this should not be done in house to ensure that the best job is done.

Online marketing can also help SEO efforts in the long run. Hiring a company will cost more and may yield the same results. Though doing in house will use up time and resources of a company needing online marketing. Many companies can help set up a Facebook and Twitter account, which can drive solid traffic to a site. In addition to driving traffic, social networking is now taken into consideration for a sites SEO.

The best way to handle SEO would be a combination, in house and hiring a company. In house can handle many aspects, and even still control the system and ensuring it works for the company. Hiring a company to assist can ensure that the difficult aspects of SEO are handled correctly. With any campaign, it is important to track traffic stats, as well as conversion stats. It is important to hire the right company to assist in online marketing. Ideally, one would interview multiple companies and get a lot of recommendations from people who have used services in the past to promote their site. In the end though, every site owner wants to retain control over the operations of their site.

Learn the next smart online marketing strategy, click and discover the Best Practices for Google Adwords Management.

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Approaching Asian Brand Consumers Via Sports Marketing

More and more businesses and brand names seeking to grow their market share in Asia are effectively utilizing the strength of Asian sport to get in touch with consumers all over the region in manners that conventional marketing and publicity channels are unable to attain.

Sport brings to brands a passion they would normally be not able to capture, offering a cost-effective, incorporated marketing platform. Sports sponsorship generates above-the-line awareness with below-the-line activation, and involves audiences through a variety of customer touch points.

A record of 192 million viewers viewed the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup – the region’s top national team football competition managed by the Asean Football Federation (AFF). This biennial football competition receives a broad and passionate audience all over Southeast Asia.

In Indonesia, around 15 million people watched the two final leg matches on RCTI, over two times the number who viewed the highest ranked FIFA World Cup 2010 game, and nearly eight times greater than the regular local prime time audience. The second leg semi-final is RCTI’s top rated program ever with a market share of 82 percent. In Malaysia, RTM reported shares of 40.3 and 48.4 percent respectively for the two final leg matches.

Aside from the record TV ratings and also sell-out crowds of virtually 800,000 people, the sporting event also had 193,172 fans on Facebook, 1.9 million guests on its official website and 1.8 millions views on YouTube.

This connection with millions of fans enabled title sponsor Suzuki along with other event partners to interact with prospects on a personal and sentimental level. The sponsorship created tremendous visibility for their brands and merchandise throughout key markets in this region and served to boost their brand values. Each partner noticed a typical revenue (ROI) of 28:1 (depending on 100% media equivalency; Source: Repucom) – a definite display of the capability and efficiency of sports marketing and sponsorship. Visit this site and have a better understanding of sports marketing.

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Finding the Best Serviced Office

A serviced office is a place in which a company can utilize added space for a company. It is economical, flexible, simple and professional. A serviced office can include meeting rooms, along with all technology needed to operate a meeting for any type of business.

Having a serviced office to rent is a great way to allow different business to rent out a place for a short or long time. To charge a certain amount each month and to make sure that the serviced office to rent is up to date with the needed technology. Sometimes the room can be made small or large with dividers in order to accommodate more than one company to rent the room and to add privacy for each business.

Serviced offices for rent can help with executives, allow a virtual meeting, and allow working space for a working team. Serviced offices for rent can be used to make more space for co-workers, and also for temporary office space. By utilizing the extra space for the company and other companies it can make work go quicker and easier. Meetings do not have to wait and customers from other companies do not have to wait for deals to be made.

With serviced office space the area is available for every day and for all day. Depending on the business is developing that needs the space, the serviced office space can be accommodated to meet the company’s business needs.

Similar to virtual office, regardless of where the spaces for businesses are to rent or what the company wants to do with the available space, can bring more customers into the business, keep the business up to date with new changes and with new technology. It gives workers from the lowest to the highest a place in which to conduct any type of meeting at any time of the day or night. It is a great way in which to run a business in any type of economy.

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Have a look on the London serviced office video tour of The Minories, Aldgate EC3.

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Arabic Content a Key Growth Segment in the Middle East

There is a consensus among experts working in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry that the strong latent demand for Arabic content in the Middle East will create new business opportunities for digital entrepreneurs in the coming years. Overall, Arabic content (e.g., text, audio, video, images) is estimated to account for less than one percent of total content on the internet; yet, Arabic speaking people currently represent more than five percent of the world’s total population.

According to figures from Oxford Business Group, in 2010 about 75 percent of all Arabic content was hosted by three major portals: Maktoob, d1g and Jeeran. Although these major players still dominate the market, a number of Arabic-content startups have been sprouting up in countries like Jordan, where the ICT sector has grown by around 25 percent per year over the past decade. In addition, the country’s capital, Amman, was recently named one of the world’s top ten cities for internet startups, as determined by the availability of skilled human resources, the strength of ICT infrastructure, the incidence of entrepreneurship and the efficiency of the regulatory environment for businesses. Indeed, Maktoob itself was born in Jordan’s hospitable ICT business climate, though the company was acquired by Yahoo! In 2009 at a cost of 164 million dollars.

Despite positive indicators, the overall outlook for Arabic content in the Middle East is mixed because, at the regional level, the ICT sector suffers from a number of weaknesses. As noted by Ari Kesisoglu, the Managing Director of Google Middle East and North Africa in an interview with regional press, “There are three main challenges we face in the region. First, in some countries the cost of getting access to the internet is high. Second, we need more content in Arabic. And the third challenge is that e-commerce in the region has not realised its potential. SMEs need to create websites and we need more businesses in the Arab world to realise the economic impact of the internet.”

As reflected in such statements, the issues affecting Arabic content also affect the region’s entire digital ecosystem. This means that development planners must take a multi-pronged approach to promoting Arabic content growth, one that not only focuses on reducing costs and increasing the use of e-commerce, but also on areas like education, where more should be done to create new workers with strong ICT skills.

What is more, both governments and private investors in the region must ensure that creators of Arabic content have the venture capital funding they need to start new enterprises. In this respect, Jordan is once again a strong performer, particularly in light of the activities of Oasis 500 – an angel investment outfit based in Amman that supports new digital companies. Over the past few years, Oasis 500 has supported countless ICT firms in the country focused specifically on high quality content in the Arabic language.

Ultimately, if the Middle East can produce more Arabic-language content creators, it will see an increase in the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In turn, this will further empower the public, and present local businesses with more opportunities to target customers in the digital space. Growth in Arabic content would also have profound implications for the region’s media and advertising sector.

Stay updated with more recognised and respected source of business intelligence in many parts of the world from the Oxford Business Group Twitter.

While Arabic content quality is improving, says Najeeb Jarrar, the MENA Product Marketing Manager at Google, the difficulty now is that several content silos are occurring in the Arab World, by country. Watch this video about the Mobile vs. Internet vs. TV: Who Wins in the Arab World?

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Why Serviced Offices Can Be a Boost To Your Company

Serviced offices for rent are a quite common in cities and towns. They can be individual offices or entire floors that you can rent decorated and furnished, and also incorporates a secretarial service. Leased or rented offices are best for companies to get access to high-end offices without getting tied in long term contracts. These offices offer ready to use work space that can be taken on lease by the company providing them, and it also arranges the basic facilities available in a normal office. You can get serviced office space for rent throughout the US.

* Office Space

The availability of space is flexible, and if needed, extra space can be also be allocated to you at a short notice. On the other hand, if you want to down size at a later date, you can let excess office space to go because there are no long term commitments in case of a serviced office.

In serviced office to rent, the office space is fully furnished, and designed tastefully, with adequate computers, furniture, telecom equipment and whatever is required for making a office fully functional.

* Flexible options

Serviced office to rent is available with flexible leases, so you have the complete freedom on duration for which you want to rent office space. it can be from one month, to even few years.

* All office services are included

You will get complete services such as administrative support, dedicated receptionist, telecom services, internet connectivity, and IT infrastructure. As they have fully equipped kitchen and various other amenities, you will save considerable as you won’t need expensive hotel services.

The high speed of internet connectivity is supporting the smooth teleconference for those business meeting and discussion.

* Location

Serviced offices for rent offer excellent option for all those who want to shift to promising areas with good business potential. Location plays a crucial role in the success of any company. As you view various sites, you should ask questions about flexibility, cost and terms. Once you decide, you can choose the best option.

* Mail facilities

Similar to virtual offices, modern office need email, facsimile, teleconferencing for communicating efficiently and on regular basis throughout the world. All mails can be sent to your business center. A reception staff is also provided for mail and call handling.

* Flexible plans

In Malaysia serviced offices, you get flexible plans where you can use facilities on weekly, monthly, yearly, or in some cases, even on daily basis.

With flexible long-term, and short-term plans, you can expand without worrying about your office space. You get more flexible rental terms from companies providing serviced offices for rent. With flexible and standard license agreement, you get instant access to office space once you’ve cleared the agreed funds.

Therefore, serviced office spaces are best option for companies who are interested in easy to use, flexible office space solutions. You not only save on money, but also minimize lots of hassles as well. Read the next office renting tips: Serviced Offices Come With a Prestigious Address for Your Business.

Watch the Microsoft introducing the most amazing future office.


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Tax Exemptions for New Company Registration Singapore

Singapore is a very central business place where they employ their efforts to enhance the growth of a new business. Company registration singapore newbie’s enjoy tax free profits up to $100.00 for the first 3 years of registration. While this is done you have then to meet the qualifications as the law demands. Such includes company incorporated in Singapore and have been a tax resident in Singapore for over 1 year. You should have less than 20 shareholders during the basic year and must have all shareholders being individuals during the first basic year. This is a business government scheme which only works for foreigners but not citizens who own companies. For the citizens they do pay much reduced and reasonable taxes which help boost the countries income. Singapore a city situated in the East Asia is truly a place to register your company and wait to see it boom in a short period.


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Asian Private Equity, Firms, Funds, News or Industry Information

The high growth of health care spending in Indonesia is attracting many private equity firms. Indonesia’s PT Lippo Karawaci has announced plans to sell off a 49 percent stake of its Siloam Hospitals. The deal could boost the value of the company to more than $1 billion in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

The rising middle class in Indonesia is fueling the increase in health care spending and driving growth in the health care sector. Currently, Indonesia has one of the lowest GDP to health care spending ratios on the planet. Analysts expect that to change rapidly in the ensuing years.

This potential is starting to attract private-equity firms to Indonesia and other Southeast Asia countries. Indonesia has a population of 240 million people. KKR & Co. L.P. and Blackstone Group L.P. are looking over the investment climate in the area’s fast-growing countries.

Lippo Group, run by the Riady family, controls the company Lippo Karawaci and announced plans to sell off at least a 20 percent share of Siloam, as reported in Reuters. That sale is expected to fetch $200 to $300 million. Sources close to the impending sale expect that Bank of America Merrill Lynch will run the auction.

If initial bidding matches Lippo’s $1 billion target valuation, the firm could up the sale to 49 percent of Siloam. Sources close to the sale say that Blackstone, Bain Capital and KKR all have an interest in the sale. Other private equity funds that are reportedly interested include TPG Capital and Carlyle Group. All have refused comment due to privacy concerns.

It’s reported that the Riadys are seeking to raise capital in order to fund expansions in other ventures. A bit of uncertainty still surrounds the sale of the Siloam Hospitals group, which operates nine hospitals. This impending sale accounts for about 30 percent of the asset value in Lippo Karawaci.

As mentioned above, the sale could fold if valuations don’t meet Lippo’s expectations. If the valuation falls short, it’s believed that Lippo would cancel the deal and hold a sale next year. It’s believed that the Riadys are waiting for a report from Merrill to get a better feeling for investors’ valuations.

Indonesia’s exploding middle class is attracting global equity funds into the Asian equity market. The impending sale of the Lippo Karawaci property is a symbol of Indonesia’s growth potential and stability.

Blackstone and KKR are setting up offices in Singapore to be close to the Southeast Asia action. Bain Capital is hiring new executives as the competition heats up for equity deals in the region.

Private equity companies see the family-run businesses in Indonesia as prime targets to acquire and gain a foothold in non-core businesses. The Lippo Group has held a number of sales previously, such the PT Matahari Department Stores and stakes in cable TV and Internet service.

Private equity buys in Asia have fallen off in all sectors this year with the exception of health care. Health care deals in Asia have doubled in the first half of the year to $669 million. KKR has already closed two deals this year and is looking at other possibilities.

Obtain further investment insights from David Hand Crescent Point Asia and Crescent Point Private Equity, the leading emerging markets investment management and financial advisory firm primarily focused on the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.

Watch this video about Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary General, gives speech to the press about Health Care in Indonesia.

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Why You Should Consider Serviced Offices

Office space that comes with everything a renter needs to move in and start business operations immediately is called a serviced office. When a business chooses a serviced office to rent, it takes over a space that has a receptionist and telephone answering service, video conferencing facilities, furniture, meeting rooms, high speed internet access and anything else the business may need to start operations immediately.

Serviced offices are equipped with video conferencing system that uniting businessman with the power of face-to-face communication and enabling businesses to work in real-time.

Serviced offices are an attractive alternative to conventional office space because the rent includes just about every expense that a business would be expected to incur upon moving into a new office. Things like the cost of heating and air conditioning, lighting, janitorial services, security, maintenance and insurance are all part of the one rental payment that the business makes to the serviced office operator. So, a business may save money in the long run by choosing a serviced office space. According to Abacus Real Estate, located in the United Kingdom and a specialist in commercial property leasing, businesses may find the relatively short leasing periods (six to 12 months) that go with serviced office space will be an advantage because they allow the business to contract or expand as needed.

Space for serviced offices in Malaysia is available, and offers very sophisticated and modern settings for many kinds of businesses. Serviced offices in Kuala Lumpur, for example, are being rented in The Pavilion Tower which is in the Golden Triangle area of Kuala Lumpur. This district is a hub of tourism, shopping and entertainment. Kuala Lumpur serviced office space at The Pavilion Tower includes 129 workstations, one conference room and two meeting rooms. The Pavilion provides an abundance of parking spaces for cars, and is within walking distance of two monorail stations.

This is APBC Offices’ Boardroom which is located at The Pavillion Tower, and decorated with natural materials to provide comforting yet conducive working environment. 

Another serviced office space is The Gardens North Tower located just outside the city limits of Kuala Lumpur. Here, businesses can choose one of 30 serviced offices conveniently located near two hotels and an award-winning shopping complex. As a businessman, you should know how to conduct a proper research before committing to any serviced office agreement, browse around this helpful page to find out the tips.

This is another convenience serviced office based on The Gardens North Tower, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

Watch this video and know what is virtual office here:

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