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Malaysia’s Robust Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing has played a big role in the economic development of Malaysia. At the time of independence, the country relied heavily on the export of primary commodities (especially rubber, tin and palm oil) produced by resource-based industries such as mining and agriculture. This started to change in the early 1980s, however, when domestic policy began to prioritize foreign direct investment and research and development across the economy, and in manufacturing in particular. This policy shift can be partly credited for Malaysia’s transition from a plantation economy to a diversified upper-middle income country in just a few decades.

Today, manufacturing in Malaysia is as strong as ever. According to figures from the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), the sector accounted for more than half of all FDI inflows in 2011 (manufacturing garnered 5.5 billion dollars in FDI; national FDI inflows in that year totaled 11 billion dollars). Overall investment in manufacturing in 2011 increased by 19 percent, from 15.6 billion dollars in 2010 to 18.5 billion dollars in 2011. Sector officials indicate that this investment was spread out over 846 manufacturing projects nationwide. “Foreign and domestic inves­tors continue to respond posi­tively to the government’s ini­tiatives to invest in new growth areas and emerging technologies, high value-added industries, high technology and capital-intensive industries, and research and de­velopment activities,” Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry, told reporters in March 2012.

Figures from The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) indicate that the leading sub-sectors in the domestic manufacturing industry include petroleum product refining, electronics and engineering, rubber manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, industrial chemical production, vegetable and animal oil manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing. As noted in The Report: Malaysia 2011 published by Oxford Business Group, an international consultancy, these sub-sectors “benefit from Malaysia’s location on regional and global trade routes, giving easy access to markets.”

That may well be so but there is also intense competition among South-east Asian nations to attract FDI in manufacturing. Indeed, over the last decade Malaysia has had some difficulty competing on cost with the likes of Bangladesh, China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia, where wages in particular are quite low by international and even regional standards.

Thus, in the new competitive landscape Malaysia would do well to highlight other advantages its manufacturing sector and business climate offers, including a relatively robust approach to intellectual property (IP) protection. Mark Shandley, the vice president for global electronics company Flextronics, which has established 11 manufacturing facilities across Malaysia, noted that some of his company’s customers “are more comfortable with Malaysia because of the perception of intellectual protection, or what they believe is the lack of, in China.” In addition, Shandley noted that, compared to China, Malaysia has a favorable tax regime that reduces operating costs substantially, even though average manufacturing wages in Malaysia are high compared to China and other nations in the region.

Read more recognised and respected source of business intelligence in many parts of the world from the Oxford Business Group.

Malaysia economic growth continues to be on the rise despite global situations and this is largely due to a high domestic demand and a decline in dependence towards imported products.

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On Company Incorporation in Singapore and the BVI

If you are in Singapore and you want to know how to register a company in this country, just type “company incorporation Singapore” on your web browser. There are many companies that offer this type of services. The reason many of these companies have sprung up like mushrooms is because Singapore is an attractive location to register a business.

Many companies have recognized Singapore as a country that gives special privileges to both foreign and local companies that are mutually beneficial to both sides. Singapore may not be a total tax haven but around these parts, Singapore offers the best incentives in terms of taxes. Singapore has also one of the least stringent requirement for business incorporation.

With over 5,000 new businesses registering per month, it isn’t a wonder why Singapore became a fertile ground for specialized companies that handle business registration. One such company is Bizcorp Management Limited. This company specializes in business incorporation and a host of many other related services in Singapore.

Another attractive service that Bizcorp Management Limited offers is incorporating a BVI company. This service is for offshore companies that wish to be registered in the British Virgin Islands. What’s attracting businesses to register in the BVI is that it is a tax haven. This simply means that companies registered in the BVI will never be taxed. The BVI has a non disclosure policy when it comes to financial statements and their incorporators.

The BVI also hosts the most lenient requirement for incorporation. Bizcorp can expedite the registration process in behalf of its clients without them (clients) being physically present. Registering the company is just the start of the process of establishing a base in the BVI. There are other support activities that a company must have in order to complete the business residency.

When your company is planning to incorporate in Singapore or in the British Virgin Islands, trust the Bizcorp Management Limited of Singapore to lend a helping hand.

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Are Serviced Offices Value for Money?

Before investing on something, any wise business executive or entrepreneur first compares cost:value ratio to determine if it is a good long-term investment or not. Balancing the two elements are important for an enterprise as higher cost and lower value entails bad investments and potential for the company to fail in the future.

When it comes to serviced offices, the same issue emerges. Are serviced offices valuable and worthwhile the expenses incurred by the company? Serviced office for rent is now becoming a mainstream service for the global commerce market. More and more companies are attracted to their advantages and compelled to features and capabilities it offers. Nonetheless, is it really a smart purchase for your organization? Well, you may visit this website to read more about serviced office space that’s right for your business needs. Here are benefits of deploying serviced office for rent.

Immediate start-up. Serviced office space is commonly sought after by start-up businesses who desire to commence operations immediately without hassles and issues that have been formerly associated with business development.

Fully furnished office. Many serviced office space providers cater to new businesses with a comprehensive suite of locations and buildings that are fully-furnished and ready for occupancy. All needed equipment, furniture and supplies are already provided by the service provider. All you will have to do is transfer your database and staffing into the location and it will sync right in for minimal downtime. Utilities including phone lines and electricity are also prepared by the service provider. Most serviced office to rent are also provided with a receptionist to assist you. Not only will the receptionist manage calls that come in and out, yet can also sort business mail.

Flexibility. With a serviced office to rent, you can effortlessly upgrade your workforce and expand operations in an instant without the need to make many arrangements. If you are looking to relocate your workplace, this service is a great option since it does not take too much time to get everything set up.

Defined expenses. By availing this service, a business is allowed to get all expenditures upfront so that they are able to keep track of how much they pay every month. With transparent costs, a business can manage its finances more effectively. In conventional office space, businesses have to make payments separately. This does not only result in more paperwork and accounts to manage, but also failure to identify exact expenses of a company per month.

Other add-ons and features offered by serviced workplaces include fully furnished boardrooms and conference rooms, 24hr voice mail access, text messaging from your computer and high-speed internet connection. The aesthetics of a serviced workplace also emulates professionalism to give your company a good presence. You can be sure that your serviced workplace plan is trimmed only to features your business needs most, making it a complete value for every penny you invest into it.

So who are perfect candidates for serviced workplaces? It is a common mistake of perceiving serviced workplaces solely for SMEs that seek short-term accommodation. While SMEs do benefit from these services, larger corporations can also find use for this service in many ways than one.

This video gives your small business effective tips and advice on how to increase your sales through efficient small business marketing strategies.

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How Does Growth Accelerate Company Incorporation Singapore?

The fact is that the Singapore growth has attracted a lot of people from the world to run to this country and put up their companies there. Company incorporation Singapore has been receiving a lot of applications for newbie’s. The ministry of trade and industries has reported a lot of increase in planting of companies from foreigners. As we have learned, the Singapore business center has wonderful reputation and the economic recovery which has coursed a lot of attraction to the investors. This has worked as a benefit to the economic growth toward the country. The Singapore company formation does testify that the growth of economy has not only benefited the Singapore as a business place but also the entire globes for the companies therein are owned by people from all parts of the world. If you are searching for a good environment business setup remember Singapore and you will never regret.

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My Small Success in My Business

One of the good things that internet can do is to make anything available to the public. Through the internet, people are made aware of the existence of certain things. When I first ventured into a business, I had this in mind and for this reason I created my own website with the help of Exabytes. It was my first experience to create my own domain but everything went well with the help of Exabytes.

The company’s webhosting service was considered one of the best and although I did not have any way of confirming this, I got this information from a friend who also had Ezzxabytes as his provider for various webhosting services. So far, I had no problem uploading updates about my business and my customers never claimed that my website ever went down. My continuous availability had made my website one of the most frequently visited websites in my industry. Hopefully I could sustain this small success that I had achieved.


Squarelet : Exabytes Personal Web Hosting

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How Do You Affect SEO Rankings with Content?

SEO or search engine optimization plays a vital component for any online-based business and organization. SEO generally pertains to the method of achieving better visibility and presence for your website or webpage across the Internet via an unpaid or natural means of acquiring traffic. Though manual optimization of one’s website or webpage is a viable option, not all are able to do so effectively, making SEO services offered by a professional extremely crucial.

As with any consultant or expert in search engine marketing would say, the process and technique of internet marketing via SEO is neither magic nor alchemy, instead an exact scientific approach to online-based advertising. A lot of people are aware that search engines reward sites and pages that are able to adhere with the appropriate and standardized ranking elements they stringently enforce. However, you may be surprised as to the amount of elements and factors that contribute and dictate the success or failure of your SEO pursuits. Basically, there are over 200 different SEO factors utilized by Google alone to formulate the appropriate and fair rankings on their SERPs. One of these elements is content.

A lot focus too much on more complex elements including effective AdWords management, website design and link building. Though such elements do contribute greatly in terms of effective SEO, the simplest element you should be targeting and the most obvious among the 200 different elements is content. What do your visitors and web surfers come for when they visit your website or webpage? Is it the fancy web design? The range of features and capabilities integrated into the website? The hundreds if not thousands of links it harbors? The use of computers and the Internet have been mainly for research thus content is king when it comes to search engine marketing.

Content is the most integral part of any site or page, a factor recognized by any web master and web owner. Although, there are many subcategories branching from this primary element. Quality of the content is the most essential among these subcategories. Content without quality and sense will be useless for readers looking for invaluable data on a particular product, service or topic at hand. Another is the research tier of the content and the keywords that are integrated into the content. Of course, this should be complemented with the appropriate keywords suitably in the content. Less usage of keywords will not have any impact on your SEO rankings while roughing out the same keywords over and over again can make the content flagged as spam by Google and other search engines. Moreover, the content should be highly informative and engaging to readers. If your website or webpage is unable to engage its readers, they will leave almost instantaneously after arriving to your site or page.

When looking for an SEO company and someone who can provide Google Adwords services for your website or webpage, make sure that you inquire about their ability to create and set up your site with informative and engaging content to maximize your SEO rankings with key traffic you need and desire. Visit this site to learn how to choose good SEO over cheap SEO.

Watch How To Increase Traffic With Google Plus

Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?

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Singapore Company Incorporation for Foreigners

Competitive tax rates, thriving economy, efficient infrastructure, competent workforce, resourceful bureaucracy, proximity to market are some of the key factors that businesses and investors look for before setting up a company or parking their surpluses. Globally there is a growing interest to look towards East, which constitutes majority of the population and thereby a huge market potential. Until recently the East has remained an elusive market with myriad cultural complexities but, international businesses from the west and venturesome entrepreneurs from the east have been constantly trying to bridge the gulf and they have achieved significant breakthrough by establishing synergies. East especially Asia which, evolved into the factory of the world has been gradually transforming into market for the global produce. In the face of global recession, Asia’s stature as a market has been growing by leaps and bound. Asia is regarded as a ticket to escape the economic gloom.

Hence, it is no wonder that more and more multi-nationals are setting up their headquarters in Singapore to serve the region. Fortunately, the country has one of the friendliest company registration procedure in the world, where the entire incorporation request, approval and confirmation process is done online. Barring any problems, a company can be incorporated as quickly as within a few hours.

Singapore also allows for 100% foreign ownership, however, there must be at least 1 director who is a Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or a holder of a locally-approved work permit. However, this can be easily overcome by appointing a nominee director, which costs approximately S$2,400 a year. In addition, a Company Secretary must be appointed within 6 months of incorporation, and whom must also be a Singapore resident.

Foreigners are also required to submit additional documents like a copy of the passport, proof of overseas home address and a reference letter from the bank.

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Long-Term Benefits of a Serviced Office

There are a lot of great benefits of a serviced office. The first long term benefit is that the business owner does not have to worry about all the things that are involved in managing an office. These things include administrative and managerial duties. Some of these duties might include making payments for the rent of the office, paying bills over the phone, cleaning up the office, and many other things about the office. The reason that the business owner does not have to worry about these things is because the person who is leasing them the office will do most of these duties.

The second long term benefit of a serviced office space is that the business owner is going to be provided with an office assistant or messenger that can run most of their errands for them. The company that is providing the business owners with the serviced office space is also going to provide these helpers for the company. These assistants are going to be able to do a variety of different jobs. Some of these jobs include making coffee for the other employees, making copies of documents, and even typing up the documents for the business.

The third long term benefit of a serviced office space to rent is that the office is going to already be equipped with all of the office furniture that the company might need. This is going to include office furniture, office furnishings, and stationery. The office furnishings can include a variety of different things like pictures for the walls of the office, carpeted or wood floors, rugs, and lamps. Therefore, this is the perfect thing to do for a business that is just starting out and might not have the money to purchase all of these things for the office.

The fourth long term benefit of a serviced office for rent is the business is going to be able to impress any of the people that they come in contact with on a daily basis. This is because the business partners will be able to see a beautiful office that is going to look like you spend a lot of money on. This is going to be especially true if the business is going to be holding their meetings in this office building. As long as the office looks good, then the business is going to be able to get a huge business deal.

The fifth long term benefit of a serviced office space for rent is that the serviced office space is going to allow the business to focus on all of the things that they need to do to make their business as successful as possible. This is because the business will not have to buy any new furniture since it is already provided for them, the office is already clean and someone will be provided to the business to make sure that it stays clean, and all of the odds and ends of the business will also be done for them. Hop over this site to learn Serviced Office Space That’s Right For Your Business Needs.

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Choosing the Right SEO Services for You

It can be a challenge to choose the best search engine optimization or SEO services that will fit your needs. It is important for you to have a good understanding of these things in order for you to maximize them. This can be especially true if you meant bringing home the bacon in terms of your business venture.

These are among the basic facts that I learned about when I started with my online business. I figured to take advantage of guaranteed SEO services that I could not seem to be able to deal without. Thanks to some online resources and tutorials, I was able to get a hold of the finest search engine optimization materials that I could learn from. It was this new-found knowledge that proved to be a delight for me to go over. Rehashing the basics of how I prepare for my business made me see the value of online marketing. Hence, when I tried to get a hold of low-cost SEO services, I somewhat knew what are the things that I should be on the lookout for.

At the end of the day, the success of one’s business would be based on the kind of consistency that he has set for himself. It is a matter of knowing the things that you like and those that you don’t, to teach you how to choose the right ones for you.

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