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Tips All Online Entrepreneurs Should Know About Building a Brand

brand buildingSomething to remember as an online entrepreneur is that your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business. It is what distinguishes you from the thousands of other companies online. It is also what will attract consumers and keep returning for more. There are a few tips all online entrepreneurs should know about building a successful brand.

Never Try To Imitate Others

Never try to imitate othersNever try to imitate other companies online. Do not try to imitate another brand or use aspects that seem popular in the newest companies. You want to be as original as possible with your brand appearance, message and personality. Make it a true reflection of the products or services that you are offering and not something artificial pieced together purely from market research...

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What Else Can You Use Packing Foams For? 5 Crafty Ideas You Probably Didn’t Think Of


It never fails, you open a package that was sent by your aunt Brenda, and it is stuffed with packing peanuts. Then someone else ships you an item from Amazon you ordered. Again, the box is brimming with even more packing peanuts. Before long, your closet is filled with boxes of packing peanuts and you are clueless what to do with all this filler. Packing peanuts come in a variety of types. These include, PP foams, EVA foams, PU foam, EPE foam and even some edible varieties formed from substances like rice and corn starch. But, as these foam peanuts continue to accumulate, you are left wondering what to do with them all. Here are some useful things you can do with packing peanuts.


Paint your packing peanut to make it look more outstanding.

Painting Your Toenails

As strange as it may se...

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4 Ideas for DIY Corrugated Box Crafts


Corrugated boxes are one of the most versatile materials in the crafting world. Nearly anything you can think of can be created using them. With a little imagination, and perhaps some tape and paints, you will turn an ordinary box into something wonderful. Here are four great DIY craft ideas using just boxes to help you get started on your creative journey:

1. DIY Rapunzel Tower

This project is very simple and requires little more than a few boxes, scissors, paint, tape and a whimsical imagination. This project can be completed on a rainy day or within an afternoon. First, you will need to cut off the top flaps to each box. This will allow you, or a child, to stand up inside of the tower once it is built. Then, stack the boxes on top of each other and tape them together...

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3 Models of Success in Online Entrepreneurship: Great Advice for Emerging Startup Leaders


Building a successful and profitable startup company in the world of online entrepreneurship is a demanding task. For some companies, however, the key to success was not the amount of financial support, but the power of innovation and foresight. Aiming for an international level of success, the following startups serve as strong models of success in the field of online entrepreneurship. Though these companies have only been established in the last few years, they are already setting a high standard for emerging startup leadership who wish to follow in their footsteps.

Personal Connections to Clients and Potential Customers

In some cases, the most profitable startups have succeeded not only because of their innovative ideas, but also because of their skills in building genuine connecti...

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5 Benefits of Getting Email Hosting from Exabytes

For many businesses and organizations, communication is vital to ensuring that everyone is on board with the latest decisions, updates and changes. While hosting email on your own server is always an option, it may be better to opt for third party email hosting services. But why should you pay for a third party service from Exabytes at when you can set up email accounts on your own server?

1. Better Security

At Exabytes, our priority is to ensure that you can access your email through a secure connection. This ensures that unauthorized users cannot get into the system and that viruses in emails do not spread throughout your own dedicated server.

2. More Storage

Trying to provide adequate storage space for all your users may not be viable with the server you’re current...

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