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Misconceptions Concerning Private Equity and Venture Capital

VC Funding

Venture Capital is considered a part of private equity and wherever venture capital exists, but many misconceptions stem from the fact that private equity is not always considered venture capital. Both terms are used to identify a type of investment into companies that are privately held.

Venture capital is financial invested into new concepts whereas private equity is invested toward ideas that have already been developed and established. In venture capital, the outlook of the company’s growth is usually an optimistic one, and the expectancy for development is rapid. Private equity is different because it is based on investing in an idea that has already been around and proven successful. The rapid growth expectancy that comes with venture capital is a few years.

Venture Capital Explaine...

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4 Beginner Tips for Trading Options

Trading options can be incredibly tricky for even the most savvy investor. However, there are some rules of the road that can help tilt the odds in the favor of the beginner options trader (by How To Trade Options 101). There are several mistakes that the typical beginner tends to make that can be easily avoided with some knowledge and care.

Have An Exit Strategy

Having a defined exit plan helps the options trader take emotion out of the equation. Human beings tend to be governed by their emotions, but the successful options trader avoids emotional pitfalls with an exit strategy. The trader should determine in advance how much profit or loss he or she is willing to accept before getting out of a given position...

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