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5 Benefits of Getting Email Hosting from Exabytes

For many businesses and organizations, communication is vital to ensuring that everyone is on board with the latest decisions, updates and changes. While hosting email on your own server is always an option, it may be better to opt for third party email hosting services. But why should you pay for a third party service from Exabytes at when you can set up email accounts on your own server?

1. Better Security

At Exabytes, our priority is to ensure that you can access your email through a secure connection. This ensures that unauthorized users cannot get into the system and that viruses in emails do not spread throughout your own dedicated server.

2. More Storage

Trying to provide adequate storage space for all your users may not be viable with the server you’re current...

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting buyer guide

If you are serious about your web presence, then choosing the right hosting provider is one of the biggest decisions that you are going to have to make. Of course, getting your website looking right with the right web developer and designer on the job is important, but none of that will matter if your hosting is not up to par. Choosing the right web host always boils down to your personal needs.

Here are four tips to consider that will help you pick the perfect hosting service for your needs.

How is their support?

Support is a huge part of the hosting process, because you want to have a service that is at your disposal whenever you have an issue. Finding a hosting service that offers technical support 24/7 is a must. Make sure that there are many options available as well...

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Using Virtual Private Servers As An Alternative To Shared Hosting Servers

A virtual private server (VPS) is a fully partitioned virtual machine running inside a larger server (Also see Virtual Private Server: What It Is and Who Is It For?). It functions exactly like a physical server does, but at substantially lower cost. A single large physical server can be partitioned into several hundreds of smaller virtual servers each one of which is capable of functioning as a fully independent machine. Companies can save a substantial amount in hardware and software costs by having their applications hosted on virtual private servers and managed by an Internet service provider.

Many businesses these days have begun choosing VPS hosting as an alternative to shared hosting services...

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4 Steps to Create an Instant Facebook Store With Instapps

If you plan on selling goods on Facebook, you need to create a Facebook store in which users can check out your inventory. This is a process that many sellers are daunted by because it can be quite difficult, and a lot depends on your layout. makes it quite simple, so let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of creating your own Facebook store using this website.

Step 1: Sign Up 
Like with most online services, you need to start out by signing up. This account will be used to manage your store, so make sure that you write down the username and password. It will also be used to make payments, which go from nine dollars a month to twenty-nine dollars, depending on your store.

Step 2: Choose a Layout 
There are dozens of layout designs that you can use with your s...

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Dedicated Server Hosting: Between Windows and Linux

There are basically two major operating systems in the world of dedicated web servers, Windows and Linux. The more popular of the two is Linux while Windows is more of specific need software. Both platforms can serve a very valuable purpose; therefore, choosing one will depend solely upon ones needs. Here are a few points that can assist in differentiating between dedicated servers.

Linux is more of an open source operating system and the majority of the applications which run Linux are exactly that (open source). Linux is cost efficient, therefore it becomes quite beneficial for clients and hosting providers. Compared to Windows it is a much faster platform with a higher scalability rate...

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