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How Cathodic Protection Systems Work and Why They’re Necessary

Much of our steel’s infrastructure today is in danger from a highly destructive and rather persistent agent called – corrosion. You already know the effects that corrosion can cause if you’re the owner of a marine facility. In fact, if your facility isn’t properly protected it’s decaying right now. The actual rate of corrosion regarding clean, bare steel is at least 5 mils per year. This significant loss in overall thickness can also potentially be enhanced by a variety of elements including water composition, water velocity, and oxygenated cells generally associated with marine growth and development.

Many marine owners have a common misconception that steel-coated mechanisms that are submerged in water don’t require cathodic protection...

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Installing Ballast Water Management in Sea Vessels

Ballast water management is designed to minimize the risks associated with discharging aquatic invasive species that are harmful to the coastal areas and are the result of ballast water transfers. The ballast water management system has to be effective across a broad range of vessel operating conditions and not have any negative impact on the safety of the vessel, shipboard personnel, or the environment.

These systems have to meet the standards of international protocols. They must be scrutinized under various flow rates, aquatic organisms, environmental conditions, retention times, and volume.

Because of such a broad range of factors being associated with the process of ballast water treatment there have been various treatment methods developed, and are continually being developed, fo...

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