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What Else Can You Use Packing Foams For? 5 Crafty Ideas You Probably Didn’t Think Of


It never fails, you open a package that was sent by your aunt Brenda, and it is stuffed with packing peanuts. Then someone else ships you an item from Amazon you ordered. Again, the box is brimming with even more packing peanuts. Before long, your closet is filled with boxes of packing peanuts and you are clueless what to do with all this filler. Packing peanuts come in a variety of types. These include, PP foams, EVA foams, PU foam, EPE foam and even some edible varieties formed from substances like rice and corn starch. But, as these foam peanuts continue to accumulate, you are left wondering what to do with them all. Here are some useful things you can do with packing peanuts.


Paint your packing peanut to make it look more outstanding.

Painting Your Toenails

As strange as it may se...

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4 Ideas for DIY Corrugated Box Crafts


Corrugated boxes are one of the most versatile materials in the crafting world. Nearly anything you can think of can be created using them. With a little imagination, and perhaps some tape and paints, you will turn an ordinary box into something wonderful. Here are four great DIY craft ideas using just boxes to help you get started on your creative journey:

1. DIY Rapunzel Tower

This project is very simple and requires little more than a few boxes, scissors, paint, tape and a whimsical imagination. This project can be completed on a rainy day or within an afternoon. First, you will need to cut off the top flaps to each box. This will allow you, or a child, to stand up inside of the tower once it is built. Then, stack the boxes on top of each other and tape them together...

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Why a Corrugated Box Tops the List

A lot of things can be created out of Polypropylene. It can be used to create a corrugated box, a shooting board, and even partitions for your home or office. You may also be glad to learn that these products are durable, flexible, and quite attractive. In fact, most electronic firms, automobile manufacturers, and signage industries produce use these products for their own day-to-day operations.

It’s also worth mentioning that materials and objects made from sheets of corrugated Polypropylene are also environmentally safe. You can even recycle them for other purposes. Moreover, they are also water and chemical proof, so you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged easily. Also, if you want to move them around, you’ll be happy to know that they are light weight and fibre free...

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