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Benefits Of Offshore Investing and Savings

Offshore banks have a reputation for great wealth building opportunities. An international bank offers financial services, lending opportunities and payment accounts for individuals or companies. International banks have their own rules and policies on how they do business. They also tend to offer their services to wealthy people.




International Banking Benefits

Most companies use international banking services to help facilitate their offshore markets. Individuals and companies also use international banks for tax reasons. Some individuals and companies want to invest in a domestic corporation or possibly a real estate venture. Some wealthy individuals keep their money offshore to protect it from lawsuits. If you are interested in setting up an international account, then go to




How to Manage Offshore Investments

There are software programs that offer help with cash management issues such as offshore investing. You can also find attorneys who specialize in offshore investments for individuals and businesses. The main benefit for offshore investments include tax planning and protecting assets. Spread out your investment portfolio for best results. You should be able to have access to your investments from a wide range of markets. All investments require a certain amount of risk. Seek professional advice if you are confused or unsure where to invest.


Software programs help with cash management


Money Management Tips

A budget is a financial tool that keeps you aware of your spending and saving habits. You should establish a budget that is realistic for you and your family. If you have poor credit, you can recover by following a few guidelines. The first step is to take control of your spending habits. Manage your credit card debt until all balances are paid off each month. Credit cards offer a wide variety of benefits that can save you money. Set a goal to pay your credit card balance off each month. Pay all of your bills on time to improve your credit score.


Avoid common budgeting mistakes by not accounting for every small expense. These expenses build up and make you wonder where spent your money. It is also easy to underestimate the amount of money you need for home repairs and maintenance. Savings should be a high priority in any budget. A good budget will help you avoid wasting money on common expense categories such as household items, entertainment and food.


If you are beginner to setting up a budget, start by listing all of your expenses. These include fixed expenses such as mortgage payments, student homes and car insurance. Monitor your budget on a daily basis to ensure you meet your financial goals. It is easy to forget about your budget and spend a lot of money.

images (1)

Set aside only 30 percent of your finances for housing. Another 30 percent should be allocated for transportation and food. The rest of the money should go towards savings and discretionary spending. It takes a little time to get used to living on a budget, but the results are worth it. Do not forget to allocate some of your savings for investing purposes.

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Art is Essential to Life

Art can transform lives. It gives us the power to question, to confront, to explore, and to challenge how we think about the world. Art is something essential in life, and it can bring wonders to a person.

That is why the best way to bring art to a person is to make them start at a very young age. I have been telling my wife, Marsha that we should get our daughters to start art classes. Why?

Art makes you feel something. It helps you to let go of your feelings. It is a way to release your stress. You can imagine the white canvas to be your diary where you just let go of all your feelings, but instead of putting it in words, you draw.

Recommended Inspiring Reading: Vinod Sekhar

Art makes you observe and analyze. When you look at a piece of art, you observe, and you analyze. Why would the artist paint such a masterpiece? What was he thinking when he was doing this up? It makes you think and imagine as to what could this person be trying to say.

Which leads to our next reason, it makes you give out a message. Doing art helps you give out a message, to someone, or maybe the world. You wouldn’t need language to understand it, which basically makes every single person in the world able to understand and interpret the message in the art.

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Lastly, art says things that words just can’t say. For example, how a sunset looked 300 years ago, how people dressed so many years ago. Until now, if we haven’t had any drawing or images, we wouldn’t know the history of our world.

You can show what pain looks like, what love looks like, what did the world look like and what it could look like in the future. Art does not reproduce what is visible, it makes things visible.

So if you start young, you never know, you might have a future famous artist in your family, because every child is an artist. You never know, my daughter might be. An artist.

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3 Tips for Succeeding on the GRE Exam

Even though the GRE is advertised as a general knowledge test, it is best to be prepared for this rigorous examination. Some students attempt to take the test without any preparation, but this often harms their overall score. Students who combine their knowledge with a detailed exam preparation strategy will do very well.

Just like other standardized tests, the GRE is about more than knowing the material. Succeeding on this test requires a familiarity that can only come from a lot of practice and hard work. Students need to be familiar with the topics tested, along with the types of questions that must be answered.

GRE Exam Sections:

1. Verbal: This section includes questions that test a student’s writing and reading comprehension.

2. Quantitative: Any mathematics question regarding algebra, data analysis and geometry may come up during this section. Students are allowed to bring a calculator.

3. Writing: Two essays must be written to complete this section, with students given 30 minutes for each answer.

Top Three GRE Study Tips:

1. Create a Strategy for the Test

GRE exam preparation is all about knowing exactly what you are going to do when you sit down to take the test. When completing multiple choice questions, students should practice methods of eliminating possible answers. This helps arrow down the answer for a question that you are unsure about.

In the mathematics section, some students prefer to plug in the answer choices to the question. This helps them decipher the answers that make no sense, which narrows down their options. If there is a question that you are struggling to answer, this strategy can help a great deal.
If you are stuck on a question in the verbal section, try to think of an answer without looking at the multiple choice options. When you come up with a logical answer in your head, match it with the possible choices. If one of the choices is similar to the answer in your mind, select that option.

For verbal questions, where answers can be less concrete, consider the opposite strategy of formulating an answer in your head and then selecting the option that’s the best match. That way you can use key word characterizations such as parts of speech and verb tenses to narrow down your choices.


2. Focus on Weak Points

The bulk of GRE preparation should be dedicated to topics and sections that you are not comfortable answering. A student who can breeze through the math section, but struggles with verbal situations, should not be spending most of their preparation time doing math problems.

By taking GRE classes in Mumbai:, students can give themselves a great chance of improving their weaknesses. Instructors in these classes go over the material slowly and thoroughly, which helps with retention and understanding.

If you only have a month to prepare for the exam, spend three weeks studying to improve your weaknesses, and the other week brushing up on your strong points.


3. Take Lots of Practice Tests

Aside from studying the material and doing individual questions, students should take as many practice tests as they can. The first few tests should be taken without a timer. This allows for a relaxed environment where you can test your ability to answer questions.

When only a few weeks are left until the exam, begin taking practice tests with a timer. This helps with thinking under pressure, time management, and overcoming any pre-test nerves. If you have taken enough practice tests under timed conditions, you will feel at ease in the exam’s environment.

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3 Factors to Choosing Business Twinning Programs in Malaysia

When looking to improve one’s career and education, it’s important to take enough classes to learn more about other cultures and countries. When doing so, not only can a student learn new tradition and values, but he or she can meet new people and learn words in a new language. With this in mind, here are a few things to consider when looking at business twinning programs in Malaysia.

What language: First and foremost, when looking to attend a twinning program in Malaysia, one will want to know what language and culture they want to learn about. Think about it, some people will want to check out for more twinning programs and learn more French. On the other hand, people in the international business community may want to consider a UK program. Either way, when looking at business twinning programs in Malaysia, one must consider the culture and language they want to study.

Teacher: Now, when heading to a program, it’s crucial to choose one with well-trained and disciplined teachers. Otherwise, when attending a twinning program, a student will struggle to learn. In the end, this is extremely important, and a smart student should read reviews and try to find the twinning school with the best teachers around. Otherwise, one will fail to learn as much as they could have. In fact, in the long-term, a student will regret choosing a school offering teachers who don’t know what they are doing or who don’t take the time to really teach students what they need to learn.





Extracurricular activities: While students in twinning programs are usually busy with school and other obligations, it’s still wise to look for a school offering plenty of extracurricular activities. Otherwise, a young person will grow bored on his or her weekends. Not only that, if a person likes a big city, he or she should look for a program in a large city. On the other hand, a student who wants to hit the mountains or the beach should consider a place offering this. Simply put, when signing up for a twinning program, one must remember to find one offering other things to do on their time off.

Without a doubt, when attending a twinning program, a student must think about his or her long-term wants and needs. When doing so, one can choose the ideal setting for their needs.


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Establishing New Credit With a Credit Card

Establishing credit is essential for a healthy financial profile and can help you to buy a home, car or business. If you are a first time credit card holder, you may be wondering how you can enjoy the best use of your new card. There are a few tips that will help you to manage your credit wisely and avoid credit challenges.


Start Small

If you have never had credit or are re-establishing your credit profile, start small. Go for a card with a low or moderate limit and pay off the balance each month in order to maintain a positive score. Keep your usage of your card low, and avoid maxing the card out each month. By paying your credit card off on time and maintaining a positive profile, you will maximize your buying power down the line.


Get Rewarded

Many credit cards offer rewards points for your every day purchases. This can earn you free travel, discounts and cash back. Find out if your credit card offers rewards points. There are several UOB credit cards that will give you points back every time you make a purchase, so use these cards and enjoy rewards for the things you do every day.


Cash Back UOB Credit Cards




Once you have established a positive credit relationship with your credit card company, upgrade by asking for a credit limit increase. This will show the lender that you are responsible with your credit and can manage larger amounts. Your credit card lender will often increase your credit limit after six months to a year of on-time payments. Sometimes they will increase your limit automatically. If they don’t, simply call your card issuer and ask.


Take Advantage of Perks

Many credit cards offer perks like extended warranties on appliances, added insurance on rental cards and discounts on travel. Find out if your card offers these perks and take advantage of them for added savings. Most cards have relationships with travel partners and other retailers and will offer added perks like upgrades on hotel rooms, rental cars and airport transportation. You can also get free travel protection on some credit cards which will protect you in the case of an emergency while you are away.

Establishing credit is the best way to secure your financial future and enjoy increased spending power throughout life. By getting a credit card and using it wisely, you will be well on your way to financial success.


Your Credit Card Friend Or Foe

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Who Should Get An IELTS Certification?

If you’re not a native speaker but have aspirations to live and work in a nation where English is the primary language, then you might benefit from getting IELTS (International English Language Testing System) certification. To gain IELTS certification, individuals must take exams that test them in many diverse aspects of the English tongue. Millions of individuals take the tests each year. In 2012, more than two million people took the test.

These tests can help individuals who wish to pursue higher education or work in an Anglophone nation, whether the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Ireland, Canada or New Zealand. The goal of the test is to assess individuals’ overall grasps of the language. If you have plans to work or study in an Anglophone country, then you might indeed be a suitable candidate for IELTS certification.

IELTS tests are divided up into four distinct areas. These areas are writing, listening, reading and speaking. The test utilizes these categories to examine the strength of the language skills of individuals. The writing component of the test lasts for an hour. The listening component lasts for half an hour. The reading component lasts for one hour. Finally, the speaking part lasts for anywhere between 11 and 14 minutes. When you take the speaking portion, you interact directly with an examiner who will ask you various questions. Once you take the exam, you will be rewarded with a certificate that is acknowledged by many institutions of higher learning and professional companies around the planet. More than 3,000 schools in the United States alone recognize IELTS.




IELTS preparation classes are available all around the world. These classes help individuals strengthen their English reading and writing abilities, for one. They also often provide useful tips on developing strong studying habits. The objective of these courses is to help people do well on the tests — and therefore receive the high band scores they covet. Importantly, the tests also assist individuals in gaining a grasp of the arrangement and structure of the exams. Instructors help students learn by providing regular constructive feedback, commentary and feedback, too.




Not only is IELTS necessary for many people who want to study or seek employment in Anglophone nations, but it’s also often essential for emigration purposes. If you wish to relocate to New Zealand or Australia, for example, you might need IELTS certification.

If you reside in Malaysia and want to someday move to an English-speaking country, then it might be a good idea to start preparing for an IELTS exam as soon as possible. Sign up for an IELTS course in Malaysia immediately and get on the path to English-speaking proficiency and success.

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SAT – Common Sense and Math Problems

“Common sense is not so common” – said the French philosopher Voltaire.

Commen sense quote

The SAT test-writers sometimes fool test-takers this way. For example, they will present an intimidating looking problem that can be solved quite quickly with common sense methods. Take the following short example:

Car A completes one lap of a track in 70 seconds. Car B completes one lap in 66 seconds. If Car A and Car B begin driving at the same time, how long will it take for one to overtake the other if one lap of the track is 0.625 miles long?

A) 10 seconds
B) 19 minutes, 15 seconds
C) 2 days, 3 hours, and 55 minutes

The anxious test-taker might begin trying to solve the problem without looking at the answer choices first (a hint: the distance of the track doesnít matter). But a savvy test-taker might realize that the mathematical solution looks time-consuming at the very least and will look to the answer choices to see if any options can be eliminated. Choice A) is clearly too short: this is close to 1/7 of the time it takes either car to simply complete the first lap. Choice C) seems too long- almost absurd if we imagine F1 cars going around a track at the same speed. That leaves us with Choice B)- the common sense answer. Itís the correct one.

Common-sense problems like this donít come along too often- but when they do, the savvy test taker will always score an easy point over the anxious one.

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What is an International School?

It is important for students today to learn about the world in which they live and to become global citizens. As economies, environmental policies and humanitarian efforts become increasing interconnected, people need to understand, reach out to and work with other cultures and societies. One way to acquire this perspective is by attending an international school, which promotes a global perspective.


What is an International School?

An international school follows either a curriculum approved by an international organization, such as the International Baccalaureate, or one from a foreign country rather than the country in which it is located.


What Are Some Types of International Schools?

The International Baccalaureate program was founded in 1968 in Geneva to educate children living in a country other than their family’s homeland. There are more than 3,000 schools worldwide following the International Baccalaureate program.

The Cambridge International Examinations program grew out of the Cambridge Assessment, which began in 1858 at the University of Cambridge. This program is now followed at more than 10,000 schools.

Another type of international school is one that follows the curriculum of a country other than its host country. For example, there are schools across the globe that offer a U.S., British or Canadian curriculum and prepare students to attend universities in those countries.

There are also international schools that do not follow any of these programs, but consider themselves to be international because they focus on an international perspective and prepare students to become global citizens.


Who Attends International Schools?

There are typically two kinds of students at international schools. The first are the children of people who are not citizens of the host country. Traditionally, their parents work for foreign embassies, international businesses, international organizations, military services or missionary programs. The children receive an education that allows them to return to universities in their native countries. The second are local citizens whose families want an international education rather than a local one. Some of these students will go on to institutions of higher education abroad. Others will take their global perspective with them to local universities.


Why Choose An International School?

Families choose an international school to give their students what it takes to become a successful global citizen. This means understanding and working with different people and finding ways to encourage cooperation and interdependence in solving key issues. This means exploring and valuing their own culture and history as well as learning about and valuing the histories and cultures of other backgrounds. Students in this kind of school will find diversity is appreciated and individual growth encouraged. Families may also select a school that will prepare their children for higher education in a particular country, either their own homeland or one abroad. Here are some other reasons to choose an international school.

Attending an international school is a good way to establish a foundation as someone who can live and work in the international world. Students from this kind of school bring important skills and perspectives to whatever institution of higher education they later pursue.


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How You Can Study Business In The UK

For business students in Malaysia and throughout the world, the United Kingdom provides many of the greatest educational opportunities available. The UK is well respected as a global leader in business education, and it offers students a significant array of opportunities beyond traditional education. Students in Malaysia who want to take advantage of a UK business education have a number of options.


Attend a University or College

The most direct way for a Malaysian student to study business in the UK is to attend a UK university or college that has a robust business program. Keep in mind that most UK schools value diversity and set aside resources specifically for acquiring students from outside the country. In fact, many of these schools even have aid programs available to reduce the financial burden of relocating to the UK.


business school ranking uk



Take Advantage of a Twinning Program

Another way to attend a UK university is to sign up for UK twinning programmes. Twinning or exchange programs are a partnership between two or more universities that allow students to attend classes at the other. Many Malaysian universities have exchange programs in place with one or more UK universities, and students in standard programs have the option of studying for as little as six months abroad or for as long as three and a half years.


Brickfields Asia College UK Twinning Programmes

Brickfields Asia College UK Twinning Programmes



Take a Business Course

Attending a university or college full time is not practical for all students. Taking a business course is an option that allows a student to learn while also continuing to be employed. Students can apply for a business course with most UK universities and colleges. Perhaps the best way to facilitate this approach is to take a job with a UK company in Malaysia and then seek a transfer. It may also be possible to achieve local financial aid that with help with the relocation.



Accept a Position as an Intern

Studying business in the UK doesn’t have to be limited to the classroom, and internships are excellent alternatives to the classroom that provide real work experience. Many companies seeking interns will hire students from Malaysia and other parts of the world in order to diversify their workforce. Additionally, it’s possible to take an internship with a UK company that has a presence in Malaysia, and such opportunities can also count as credit at a Malaysian university, such as BAC Malaysia.



Benefit from Employment-Related Opportunities

Many UK companies offer their employees the opportunity to better themselves by continuing their education on their own time. Generally, the student will apply for a business course that is approved by the employer, and then the employer will subsidize the costs in whole or in part. Some employers may require a long-term contract to offset the risk, but it’s still an excellent opportunity for students who may have no other options.



Study Online

The Internet has changed the way people attend school, and perhaps rather than signing up for twinning programmes, it is easier to study business via the UK is to take an online program. The successful student can use the online program as a way to get their foot in the door, such as earning a scholarship that covers the cost of actually attending school in the UK.

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Job Search Tips: Putting Together a Portfolio

The job market today is very competitive, and many people are struggling to find jobs. When the competition is plentiful, many qualified people will usually apply for the best jobs. Therefore, people must set themselves apart from the competition to increase their chances of receiving job offers. One of the best ways that people can set themselves apart from the competition is by creating a portfolio.

A portfolio is a collection of resources developed and created by individuals, which demonstrates their capabilities related to a particular endeavor. A portfolio can illustrate their skills, education, qualifications, training, and experience. In addition, it provides a visual picture of the individuals’ talents and professionalism.

People should consider creating a portfolio because it provides the opportunity to show other individuals an overview of their professional skills and standards beyond the basic resume.

A resume on its own provides information about people regarding their experience, education and skills; however, it does not provide specific evidence of what is stated in a resume. However, a portfolio provides actual visual evidence of the capabilities stated in a resume.

There is no set way to create a portfolio because it is generally a representation of an individual, and the style used is often different from person to person. Although each portfolio is typically different, there is a basic framework to a good portfolio. First, it is a good idea for people to save all their professional work for possible inclusion in their portfolio. Often, many people will review all their professional work, and they will select the best work from their collection for use in their portfolio. It should be remembered that a portfolio should place people in their best light, so everything placed in the portfolio should be carefully evaluated and considered before entry.

How to Make a World Class Portfolio Presentation


When many people think of a portfolio, they usually think in terms of completed work examples. However, there are other parts to a portfolio, which include a table of contents, statement of creativity, work beliefs, career goals, resume, skills, education, certifications, professional memberships, and references.

Moreover, the portfolio itself is important, but the appearance of the portfolio is also important. Therefore, the cover used for a portfolio should be of high quality along with the paper, pictures, and other material components used for the portfolio.

As people move forward in their career paths, a portfolio can be a powerful tool in their arsenal for career growth. The time taken to create and maintain a quality portfolio will pay dividends for many years to come for most people because HR services and the executive search firms, along with other agencies will value the effort put forth regarding the creation of a portfolio (also see Careers: Seeking The Help of Recruitment Agency Services).


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