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Shakura Malaysia – Finding the Right Foundation for Your Skin

Finding the right foundation for your skin is like opening a box of chocolates – you aren’t really sure what it is going to be until you try it! If you covet a natural and polished foundation look, you are not alone. The fact is that with a few careful considerations, you will be on your way to flawless foundation.





Skin Type 101

Start with your skin type. Are you dry or oily or a little of both (dry on the cheeks and oily in the T-zone)? If you have dry skin, you are probably better off sticking with a liquid foundation. Some brands offer a hydrating powder foundation, but you can’t go wrong with liquid. Oily skin in the other hand, required oil-free or water based foundation or a powder foundation – otherwise you will look like you dipped your face in oil and need to blot for the rest of the day.




It’s all about the Finish!

Do you want your finished product (your face) to have a semi-matte, matte or light reflecting appearance? If you are very oily, a matte finish is the most oil absorbing. A semi-matte finish will give you a natural look and if you are slightly oily your foundation will look dewy. Light-reflecting or illumining is perfect if your skin is mature, pale or dull and the reason is because the foundation has tiny crushed micro-pearls to reflect light.



Choosing the Right Shade or Color

The best way to choose the right shade or color foundation for you is to go to a professional and let them color fit you; however, if that is not an option, there are some tricks to finding the right match for you.

Do you have cool or warm undertones? Look at the inside of your wrist. Do the veins appear to be blue? When you are in the sun do you burn? It is likely that you have cool undertones and should look for a foundation that has a rosy or blue base. If the veins inside your wrist appear to have a greenish tint and you tan fairly easy, then you most likely have warm undertones and should look for a foundation that has a yellow base.

If your veins look blue and green then you may be a neutral, which means that you can wear either cool or warm foundation (depending on the shade).

To test the shade, take a Q-tip and draw a line along the center of the jaw line. If the foundation blends with your natural complexion, then you know you have found the right foundation for your skin! Follow Beauty Shakura For More Great Tips!



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How to Transition to Summer Makeup


As the sun shines down for more hours each day and the temperatures provide a lovely outdoor retreat, women everywhere are looking to lighten up their makeup from the dark days of the winter.

Lighter Appeal

While deep red lipsticks and heavier blushes can serve a purpose in the winter, they don’t often find themselves garnering the same acclaim during the summer months. You certainly do not need to replace all of your makeup, but you should look for some lighter alternatives.


Nothing is wrong with cheeks that look as though they were lightly kissed pink by the sun or a lavender eyeshadow where you might have chosen a deep plum just two months ago.


The Almighty Tan

When the weather is warm, you likely want to look as though you have spent a great deal of time outdoors whether you actually did not not. Using bronzer is the safe way to get a glow as skin cancer is a very real danger.


Do not choose a bronzer that is too dark though, or you could just end up looking dirty. Fake tanners are possibilities, but you should always choose ones that are specifically made for your face and that provide a natural appeal.

Waterproof All The Way

You might choose to use certain waterproof products all year long, but doing so is particularly important in the summer when sweat often gets in the way of beauty.


Choosing waterproof mascara and eyeliner, as well as investing in a good makeup remover, is a smart decision for the warmer months. If you are sweating, you don’t want your makeup to run off. Not only is it a beauty faux pas, but all of the makeup seeping into your eyes can make them start to burn. (see Shakura Malaysia online)

Beaches and The Pool

Some will say that you really don’t need to wear any makeup to either of these places, but you might feel uncomfortable without a touch. Always opt for waterproof, and go extremely light with the products.

You should bring some staples with you, as long as they won’t melt, since you will need to touch up your face after getting out of the pool or the ocean.You don’t want to throw your entire makeup routine away completely during the summer, but these tips can help you to look more appropriate for the season. Find Shakura beauty centres in KL in order to learn about the latest beauty treatments and regimens.

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Beauty Guide to The Right Eyeshadow Application

Many women find that eyeshadow enhances the look of their eyes for a big night out or even everyday wear. But not very many women know how to correctly apply eyeshadow so that it looks great and stays on all day. This article will provide a general guide for eye shadow application and how to choose the best shade and style for your particular skin tone and face shape. Read on to learn more.

The first thing to consider is where you are going to be wearing your eyeshadow. Are you going on a big date? Or is this eyeshadow makeup for every daywear at work or at home? Generally speaking, sparkly or shimmery eyeshadow is for evening wear, and matte eyeshadow or lightly shimmered shadow can be worn during the day.


Eyeshadow meme



Now consider what colors look best on you. All different shades and hues of brown shadow tend to look good on all skin types and skin tones. If you want to add some color, however, consider the following guidance. People with yellow undertones and olive skin tones should go toward pinks, purples, and violets, focusing on warmer shades to contrast their cooler toned skin. On the other hand, people who have pink undertones should try to play around with eyeshadows in cooler tones to counter their warm toned skin.


Eye shadow Color



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To do a classic eye with eyeshadow, start with an eye base or eye primer. You can find eye base at any pharmacy or beauty counter at a department store. Once your primer has dried, put on an even layer of neutral eyeshadow as a second base. Now are you are ready to start contouring. You may want to add your eyeliner at this point and smudge it with a dark shade of your chosen color of eyeshadow. Smudge the eyeshadow and then bring it up into your lid crease around the outer corners of your eyes. Now you must blend, blend, blond. Fill in any sparse areas of eyeshadow with your brush, dust with a setting powder, and apply some mascara as a final touch.



Bonus of the Week: Wearable Coloured Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial


Remember, always keep your makeup tools clean and sanitary. You should be washing all of your eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes at least once per week in a makeup cleansing fluid that includes a bacteria-killing agent. Store your eyeshadow brushes and makeup products in a safe area away from children and pets, and always purchase new products when the expiration date arrives to reduce the buildup of bacteria in your makeup. Follow all of these directions, and you will have beautiful eyes every day.

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