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A Cursory Look at A Song of Ice and Fire

Fantasy book

Fantasy books have been very popular for a very long time and continue to be to this day. The genre has different things for different people. Some people seek spell and sorcery from fantasy books. Others love the mythical creatures and the bizarre tales that they tell. There’s something in one of fantay’s subgenres for almost everyone.

One fantasy series that’s popular today and written in recent history are the A Song of Ice and Fire books written by George R. R. Martin.


A Song of Ice and Fire Series At a Glance

In all of the books there is a 3rd person limited perspective from the point of view of a character. The character varies every chapter...

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Travel Ideas: Fill Your Waiting Times With Inspiring Books to Read

Traveling is one of the great joys in life. Unfortunately, it’s not all fun. While the trip itself might be a wonderful experience, travelers might not be fond of some of the things they must do to get there. Traveling from home to their destination can be quite monotonous, but travelers can always read some inspiring books during their flight to pass the time.

Reading travel guides about their destination is a great idea for travelers. They can get psyched up for their trip and learn some things that might come in handy at the same time. Reading about a different destination is another option. Because people tend to read a lot about their destination before they travel, adventurers might already know most things about the area they’re traveling to...

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