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How To Get Top Dollar For Your Used Car in Singapore

Selling a car directly can be an exhausting process, much more if you’re selling a used one. Clients will want to inspect the vehicle more thoroughly and ask questions. More paperwork is necessary to finalize any sale. Still, there’s no reason to walk away with a good handful of cash for your used car.

Study the Market

Is your vehicle going to be an easy sell? Do people prize it for its make or model? Or will you have to venture out further and be flexible with your asking prices?

In general, family sedans and hatchbacks have a steady market despite their unexciting form. People need the space, practicality, and cheap private transport. On the other hand, sports cars have a seasonal market, with Winter and Fall seasons being considerably slower than Summer and Spring.

Commercial trucks and...

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A Guide to Buying the Best Second Hand Car for Your Needs and Budget


You can often get incredible deals when buying a second-hand car. The right used vehicle could last for a decade or more with proper car and maintenance. You need to choose your car carefully in order to avoid costly problems and inconveniences. You should know exactly how to buy a second-hand car that fits your needs and budget.

Know the History of the Make and Model

The first step is to research the history of the makes and models of the used cars that you want the most. You want to look to see whether there were recalls on the model or other known problems such as faulty brake systems. Read some reviews to get an overall idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the model. Use this information to narrow down the makes and models of the cars that you want.

vehicle history

Find out the vehicle history ...

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Top Tips You Need To Know To Get A Good Deal When Buying a Used Toyota


Toyotas have a reputation as being reliable and tough vehicles. Toyota trucks are used as workhorse vehicles all around Singapore. Toyota cars are fast, stylish and fuel-efficient in most cases. Used Toyotas are often just as good as new vehicles. You need to know a few of the top tips that will help you to get a good deal on a used Toyota in Singapore.

Know the Years and Models You Want

Do not start shopping for a used Toyota without knowing exactly what you do and do not want. You need to pick out just a few models of Toyotas based on how the vehicle will be used. You might want a durable truck to haul heavy loads. Alternately, you might want a sleek coup. Go through the different years looking for problems. Check whether any of the cars were recalled in the past...

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