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Vinod Sekhar – When Six Days Away Taught Me to Value My Family

When a very hectic project I was working on for the past eight months ended recently, I decided to go off on a backpacking trip to Indonesia. And it was all the wife’s idea.

Marsha and I had been married 12 years, and I must say she is probably the most supportive wife anyone could possibly ask for. I had been shirking my family responsibilities during the course of this project, and she made up for it time and again.

But the strain of missing my eight-year-old’s first school concert and 10-year-old’s birthday as I had to work late, and other important events, such as forgetting my wedding anniversary was a little too much, even for Marsha.

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Hence, here I was, out of my comfort zone as I prepared for this trip, which by no means was a reward of ...

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Things to Think About When Planning a Party


For most people, the thought of planning a party may seem a little out of their league. The fact remains that some people would rather avoid such a challenge, passing on the responsibility to a friend or family member to handle all the plans for them. This could make things a little easier as far as avoiding headaches are concerned, but there are consequences to such an action. Keep in mind that unless you have a direct say in the planning stages, the guest list, location, food and drink are all up for grabs.

 The event 

There are many households that don’t need a specific reason to put together an event. It is feasible to have a get together with each other every Friday night, just to welcome the weekend...

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A Cursory Look at A Song of Ice and Fire

Fantasy book

Fantasy books have been very popular for a very long time and continue to be to this day. The genre has different things for different people. Some people seek spell and sorcery from fantasy books. Others love the mythical creatures and the bizarre tales that they tell. There’s something in one of fantay’s subgenres for almost everyone.

One fantasy series that’s popular today and written in recent history are the A Song of Ice and Fire books written by George R. R. Martin.


A Song of Ice and Fire Series At a Glance

In all of the books there is a 3rd person limited perspective from the point of view of a character. The character varies every chapter...

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How to Move On: 5 Tips for Struggling Divorcees

happy divorce

Coming to grips with the finality of any divorce is never an easy process, especially when you have been struggling with the relationship with your spouse for years. Moving forward with your life after divorce is possible with a few divorce tips that can be helpful whether you are relieved of the divorce or if you are still recovering. Knowing how to regain control over your life and emotions is a way to live a happy and healthy life on your own again.

Consider Counseling

Consider the option of enrolling in counseling or therapy, even if you are no longer going as a couple but instead, as an individual. Seeking counseling throughout and after your divorce is a way to vent and gives you an additional outlet to find relief from your feelings and emotions surrounding the separation.


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Get The Best Out Of Your Car Insurance

Car Insurance Tb

There are multiple insurance places you can go to purchase car insurance. One of the places you can go to buy insurance is called Etiqa car insurance. When it comes to buying car insurance, it can be confusing. You will find a persistence insurance agent trying to sell their product if your vehicle is under five years old. Your policy should be chosen carefully after the fine print is read. The fine print is basically the definition of the insurance policy. You should always compare quotes from multiple providers to see who has the best deal. There are many ways that you can get the best out of your car insurance.

Types Of Vehicle Insurance

Most insurance providers usually have plans that are classified in two categories. Those categories are:

>>>>> Third party liability insurance – ...

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