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Wearing Socks on Wood Flooring

I am a big fan of wood flooring, however one thing that makes me worried about wood flooring is how easy it is to slip on it when you are wearing socks. This may seem like a trivial thing, but I have both elderly parents living with me and also two kids. Let’s start off by discussing the problems for my elderly parents. When they are walking around or standing up, I don’t want them to slip. Because I have so many wood floors in my house, I need to make sure they aren’t walking around in socks. So now, I make sure that they are always wearing shoes or slippers- that way they don’t slip and hurt themselves. My kids on the other hand are always running around and sliding on the wood floors...

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A Big House with a Wood Floor That Creaked

There is something about a wood floor that reminds me of horror movies. When I go into a house that has a wooden floor, I can always imagine ghosts haunting the house. I can also imagine the floor creaking as if somebody is walking on it when there’s nobody around. That’s why I never lived in a house that has wooden floors.

One day, something horrifying happened – my father declared that we were moving upstate. It was horrifying because it meant having to go to a different school again and having to start making friends again. It was also unbelievably cold there. But that was not the most horrifying thing that he said. He said that we are going to move into a big house.

The big house was my dad’s dream house. It sat on top of a hill and had a wide lawn and an orchard...

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When Is Making Your Home Beautiful Too Much Work?

When purchasing a new home, one of the biggest concerns the owners have is the appearance of the house. Frequently a lot of money is spent on making the interior of the home attractive. The owners paint, wallpaper and decorate the walls. They purchase mirrors, picture frames and other items to make the home somewhere they are proud to live in. Many think about the landscaping for their home, but put that decision aside planning on waiting until they can afford it. Others develop grand plans for the landscaping and then eventually realize they can’t afford those plans or that they cannot maintain the landscaping of the yard.

One of the biggest considerations families fail to consider when choosing their landscape is functionality...

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