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A Vehicle with Global Demand: Should You Get That BMW?

BMW produces outstanding vehicles regardless of how you look at the picture. Both new and used models from BMW represent an outstanding investment. Their vehicles are reliable, hold their value well, and make their owners happy for years to come. When searching for a used BMW to meet your driving needs, there are a few pointers to keep in mind when hoping to get the absolute most for your money. Additionally, there are some used BMW models from the past that have proven to provide exceptional service and satisfaction to the drivers getting behind the wheel. By taking these considerations seriously, you canquickly call yourself the proud owner of one of BMW’s finest offerings.


The Big Factors

From a financial point of view, you must take depreciation into consideration when buying any type of used car. Like most cars, BMWs lose the most value immediately after they leave the lot and over the next three years of driving. The most conscientious investor will do well to invest their money in a BMW that is five to six years old. You pay a lower price for the vehicle up front and will lose less money after your purchase when dealing with vehicles in this age range. Any vehicle will require repairs and maintenance over time as well. Because of the foreign components, it can be more expensive and time consuming for local shops to handle these kinds of jobs. You can save time and money by making your purchase from local dealers that are qualified to provide service in the future on top of offering you some kind of warranty.


bmw i8


Do the Legwork

While conducting your research on pricing, do not neglect foreign sources and the Internet. In addition to checking forums, local listings, and Craig’s list, explore less conventional avenues for purchases such as a BMW Singapore price list, Asian markets, and sellers in countries where exceptional value is a regular part of the automotive market. In terms of the most popular models for used BMW sales, consider the following vehicles and their outstanding characteristics.


BMW 3 Series Production


The Used Car Cream

The BMW 3-Series offers excels in everything from handling and style to comfort and elegance on the interior. This rear-wheel drive, 4-door vehicle is one of the most common used BMWs to be found on the market today. It offers an inline, automatic-6 that comes with a substantially powerful engine to boot. This model was also offered with four-wheel drive capabilities as well. The BMW 5-Series is actually the second best-selling BMW in the U.S. market. It can offer drivers a manual transmission and can be found with a V8 in rare cases. Most often, used buyers are able to get their hands on an inline six, however. The interior of this vehicle is especially luxurious when it comes to the quality of the materials and the sophistication of the design. Finally, the BMW X3 represents a wonderful investment for drivers who are more focused on utility and space. It seats five while still offering drivers exceptional gas mileage.

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5 Things to Check Before Buying a Used BMW

Buying a used BMW allows you to get a high quality car at a reasonable price. But it’s important to be sure that the car you’re getting is in excellent condition. If you’re looking for a used BMW in Singapore, you should check all the following before making the purchase.




Check the bodywork of the vehicle to find out whether it is damage and been repair before.


1. Bodywork

While any used car is going to have a bit of wear and tear, before you commit to buying a used BMW, you should carefully examine the bodywork for any indications of damage or major repairs. One clue that a car may have been in an accident is if the surface paint is not the same shade across the car. Any used BMW should have a single, consistent paint colour over the entire vehicle. Otherwise, it’s probably had damage that’s been repaired.



Gaps between the panels on a BMW should all be the same size, if it isn’t the same it could be a third-party parts.


2. Panels

The gaps between the panels on a BMW should all be the same size. If you see variations from one panel to the next, this is another indication of a significant accident and major repairs. It can also suggest that (instead of using the correct BMW replacement panels) the repair shop used inferior third-party parts.


3. Mileage

The first thing you should check when buying a used BMW is the mileage. As with any other used car, the more mileage the car has, the more likely it is to experience breakdowns. Make certain that the odometer has not been tampered with in any way. Disreputable sellers will attempt to “clock” the odometer to reduce the mileage shown. One way to catch this is to compare the available paperwork and service record against the reading you’re seeing. Also, if the BMW you’re looking at has an analogue odometer, the numbers you see may be out of alignment if there’s been any tampering.


bmw engine

Before purchasing a BMW car be sure to check out the engine to find out whether it contain problems.


4. Engine

Naturally, one of the most important things to do when purchasing a used BMW in Singapore (or anywhere else) is to check the engine. Look under the bonnet to see if there are any signs of corrosion or pitting. If there is oil on the engine, this means there is a leak somewhere that could result in a mechanical problem later. Examine the belts and hoses to be sure they are intact and free of cracks or splits. If you see dark oil stains on the BMW’s engine block, it indicates the engine needs a costly head gasket replacement.


Paperwork of bmw car

5. Paperwork

Before you pay for a used BMW, make sure that you carefully review all of the paperwork. For example, the VIN number in the paperwork should match the VIN number on the car. The VIN on a BMW can be found by looking through the windshield on the left side of the dash. Also make sure that there are no liens against the car before you buy it. Finally, make sure that you have been given the full service history for the vehicle. If there is an odd gap, this can indicate a major problem is being concealed.
While a used BMW is less expensive than a new one, it’s still a significant investment. You’ll want to be sure that you’re getting value for your money. Carefully examine any vehicle you’re considering before closing the deal.

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4 Steps to Get Great Deal on a Used Car

Buying a second hand car for sale is a great way to save money when purchasing a vehicle. Many of these vehicles are in good or even great condition, and they are priced well below the sales price of a new vehicle. However, some deals are a better overall value than others, and you may currently be focused on trying to find a quality vehicle at a great price to get the best deal possible. By following four important steps when shopping for a used car, you can purchase your used car at a bargain price.




Find vehicle’s information online that full fill your need instead of wasting time going around.


Locate Vehicles Online That Meet Your Needs

You could drive around to used car lots throughout the area to find an attractive vehicle that meets your needs, but this can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. A better idea is to locate vehicles online that meet your needs and that are within your price range. There are many factors to review when buying a quality used car, but the first criteria to focus on is cost. The bottom line is that you should not waste time looking at vehicles that are not within your price range.



Compare the price and features of vehicles before you decide to purchase.


Compare Prices and Features

After you have eliminated vehicles from your search that are not within your price range, you can then begin to compare prices and features of the different models that are available to you. Used car prices will vary significantly even amongst vehicles that are the same year, make and model due to the features in the car. This includes after-market features that the previous owner added to the vehicle. Everything from an upgraded sound system to superior quality tires will influence price. Consider which features are most important in your next vehicle, and avoid buying a car that has features you do not want. This simply will add cost to your purchase without adding value for you.


Think About Mileage

Another factor that will influence the cost of a used car is mileage. Cars that have been driven less frequently and heavily will generally have a higher sales price. Some may still be within their warranty period. The amount of use a used car has experienced is also important for your repair and maintenance tasks. Even a late model vehicle can be in decreased overall condition if it has been driven heavily, so avoid only focusing on the vehicle’s model year.



Inspect the vehicle to clearly understand the condition of the vehicle.


Inspect the Vehicle Thoroughly

After you have located one or several vehicles that you are interested in, visit the used car dealership to inspect the vehicles in person. This should include a test drive of the vehicles as well as a thorough review of the interior and exterior. Many used cars will show at least a few small blemishes or signs of wear and tear, but you should avoid purchasing a vehicle that has major defects. You may consider having the vehicle that you are most interested in professionally inspected by a mechanic or automotive specialist. This will give you more insight about repair issues that you may not be able to discover through your own inspection of the vehicle.

Buying a used car is a great option for vehicle buyers who are looking for value when buying a vehicle. However, not all used cars provide you with the same overall level of value as others. There are many used cars to consider, and this can make it more challenging for you to find the right vehicle for your needs at a great price. By following these steps, you can quickly sort through the options and locate a quality vehicle at a great price.


How to Get the Best Deals on a Used Car

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