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5 Kitchen Design Tips that Make Mealtimes Easier

Designing a kitchen can be a daunting task, but it can also be fun. When you have a kitchen that fits your needs, life is easier, and you spend less time cleaning up and preparing food.



Think what the floor plan you want to suit your the decoration of your home.


Consider the Floorplan

Choosing a floorplan that fits your needs is one of the most important decisions you can make in your kitchen. Do you want an open floorplan? Do you want a kitchen island or a butcher block? Do you want a breakfast bar? You should make sure that no matter what you decide, your kitchen has plenty of wide walkways so you can easily open your cabinets, your oven, your dishwasher and other doors while allowing others to pass by uninhibited. You’ll also need to take into account the original floorplan of your kitchen to determine what options are available to you.



Choose a theme for your kitchen that you like.



Decide on a Theme

While your theme might not be quite as thematic as some kitchens (tropical island kitchen, rustic Italian farmhouse or retro 1950s style), you want to create a unifying feel for your space based on your needs and your family’s personality. Are you the type of person who doesn’t like to see clutter anywhere in your house? If so, you might want to incorporate a minimalistic theme into your kitchen with plenty of stainless steel and monochromatic features. If you are someone who likes a homey feel, you can incorporate warm colors, plush chairs and farmhouse details into your space. If you’re having a difficult time choosing a theme, focus on one decorative item, like a pair of curtains you love or your favorite painting, then build your kitchen’s theme around those items.



Think about the functionality and design before choosing the counter tops.


Choose the Countertops

The two design factors to think about when considering a countertop are functionality and design. Many people consider design without thinking about functionality. First, you’ll need to decide on a material. While tiles can fit into your theme quite nicely, consider how easy (or how difficult) they might be to clean or take care of. Cleaning the grout between the tiles is difficult and can be costly. Maybe you want a stainless steel countertop to fit in with your minimalistic theme; however, you’re going to need to use a special stainless steel cleaner to keep those countertops shiny. Granite is always a good choice when it comes to countertops since it’s easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.



Make it easy for food and utensils storage.


Make Storage Easy

Think about how you like to cook, store your food and utensils and complete other tasks in the kitchen. Are the members of your family short or tall? Will you need assistance reaching high shelves? Do you have back problems that make bending down to reach short shelves difficult? Considering how you store items in your kitchen will help you decide how to arrange your shelves and drawers. While drawers are popular in a lot of kitchens, replacing cabinets, you might need to open up several drawers to find one dish or pan, where you would only need to open one cabinet. Do you use a lot of canned goods? If so, you might want to incorporate a lazy susan into your kitchen. Do you do paperwork or pay bills in your kitchen? You might want to get a built-in desk installed in one of your cabinets to store pens, pencils, markers and a white board.



Prepare a small dining table for children!


Choose How You Want to Eat

Many kitchens now have eat-in dining nooks and breakfast bars. If you have little kids, you might not want to opt for a breakfast bar that is extremely high and is hard for little kids to reach. Instead, you could opt for a breakfast nook with small wood dining tables to make breakfast, lunch and clean-up a breeze.

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6 Fun Christmas Decoration Ideas to Go Home for the Holidays For

With the holidays roaring upon us with a rush of jingle bells and tinsel, it is important to make sure that you are ready. One part of being ready involves getting those decorations up, and its the same story every year. You think that you’d rather not bother, and you groan through the whole process, but at the end, when the lights are up and when the house is still, you are always glad that you did. Learn more about what you can do to brighten up the rooms of your home.


Dining Room Fun

When you want to make sure that people are enjoying themselves as they eat, remember that decorations in the dining room are lovely. As a centrepiece for your dinner table, think about creating something lovely with a basket full of fruit. While you can use fresh to call back to a antique Victorian tradition, you can also look into using dried fruit to give the home a charmingly spicy-sweet aroma. Wreathe the dining chairs (get New Year discount here!) with a bit of holly or tinsel for an extra festive look, and think about changing out the regular tablecloth for something that feels properly festive to you.


Snowflakes on the Windows

One fantastic method of decoration involves you and the children. Show your kids how you can cut snowflakes out of pieces of paper by creasing the paper into triangles and then cutting notches out of the triangle. When the paper unfolds, there is a beautiful snowflake. Tape these snowflakes to the window to add a bit of winter enchantment to the living room or to the children’s bedrooms.


Paper Chains

What winter holiday would be complete without paper chains? Purchase some construction paper and show your children how to cut off strips and to make paper garlands by linking them together. You can make surprisingly long garlands in a surprisingly short amount of time when everyone is pitching in. Paper chains may be made out of simple construction paper, but you can opt for something metallic and sparkling as well.



When you want to create a special lovely glow for your holiday parties, why not set out luminarias? Luminarias are simple candle lights that are set out in the snow, guiding people to your door. To make a luminaria, simply fill the bottom of a small paper bag with about an inch of sand, and then plant a tealight candle in it. Light the candle and watch the plain paper bag turn into a beautifully fragile lantern. Luminarias are a great choice for Christmas eve or for a party around the holiday season.



When the holidays roll around, things are usually pretty chilly, and even if bare walls are lovely for a very clean aesthetic, they can feel quite chilly when there is snow on the ground. Look into purchasing tapestries or fabric wall hangings and nail them up to the wall. Not only does this give you a little bit of visual variety, you will also find that it helps warm your home up both in terms of temperature and texture.



One of the ways that we know the season is upon us is the bells. The delicate chime of bells is a lovely sound to hear, and you can incorporate it into your winter decorations as well. Hang bells from the door handles or put a little shopkeeper’s bell over your door. These tinkling sounds tell you when friends and family members are coming and going.

Holiday winter decorating takes some effort, but at the end of the day, it is always worth it!

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Decorating Your Home has Never Been Easier – And Quicker!

Finding a new Layout

When it comes to finding a new interior design for your home, it can sometimes be difficult. However, by following some of these tips, you can quickly come up with a new layout that can accentuate the beauty and elegance of your home. One of the first things that you can do is get to know the layout of your home, such as the space available that you can use to furnish. Once you do this, you can calculate the number of furniture alternatives along with their sizes and designs.


Decorating With Different Styles

Deciding which types of furniture collections are right for your home can also be a difficult task to accomplish. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of home decorating styles, such as traditional, contemporary or modern. Each of these styles can be mixed together, or you can have one type of decorative style that can adorn your home to perfection. If you do decide to outfit your home with a mix of styles, make sure that you complement each furniture collection accordingly.


Complements for Your Furniture

Complementing your furniture collections can be easy. You can choose from an array of furniture alternatives for each room of the house, such as the living room or dining room. When you are decorating your living room, you can browse for collections of wooden coffee tables. These types of tables can give your home a traditional or contemporary ambiance. This will also depend on the design of your furniture selections. In order to complement your coffee tables, you can invest in end tables or side tables. You can finish the set with an elegant couch.


Finding the Right Price

Although it can seem hard to find a price that can fit your budget, you can do this by doing a few things. The first thing that you can do is to shop around. Make sure that you browse through many stores until you find the right price and the right furniture alternative. You can also save some money by searching for promotional codes and coupons on the Internet. In the end, you are sure to find the perfect furniture collections at affordable prices.

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Simple Guide To Arranging Dining Room Furniture

When rearranging dining room furniture to create more space in a home or purchasing new furniture, it’s important to plan out an ideal furniture arrangement. An ideal arrangement is key to creating a dining room that’s inviting to guests and cozy and spacious enough for everyday living. Dining rooms should be open yet inviting and also comfortable. All of these features can be portrayed through the type of furniture that makes up a dining room as well as how it is arranged.





Planning a Dining Room Arrangement

The first step to arranging a dining room is to plan out the arrangement beforehand. This is a vital step. By having an idea of where everything should be placed, the actual process of moving the furniture becomes much easier. By taking the time to measure the room and the furniture that will be placed within the space, it’s also possible to figure out how much room total there is. This makes moving new dining furniture simple.

After measuring everything, place the measurements on a square of grid paper and compare this drawing with the dining room itself. Make sure to leave space for where any windows, doors and lighting fixtures are. It’s a good idea to plan around the size of a dining room table since that will be the centerpiece of the room. Also make sure to take into account any large china cabinets or other pieces of furniture that may take up a large chunk of space. Visualize the distance between the kitchen and dining room and make sure the pathway isn’t cluttered.





Placing Furniture

After thoroughly planning the layout for the dining room, it’s time to begin moving furniture and seeing how everything fits. Begin with the largest pieces of furniture first and then move in the dining room table before doing anything else. Walk around the table to get a good sense of how much room guests will have after adding in chairs. Ethnicraft’s dining tables often come with multiple leaves that can be added when guests arrive, so make sure there is room for any optional leaves. Extra chairs can be placed against the wall.


Expandable Dining Table



Make sure to place a light fixture directly above the dining room table. It’s easier to move a light fixture than a table. Proper lighting is essential to any cozy dining room setting. Use soft light bulbs or bulbs that are low wattage for above the table. Invest in a hanging light fixture if possible. A ceiling fan is optional, but can be especially welcome during the warm summer months.


Dining room lighting


Try and not overcrowd the dining room area if it all possible. An overcrowded dining room area can appear cluttered and uninviting to guests. Keep everything neat and tidy but don’t forget to add a little personality or character that suits the rest of the home’s furnishings.


dining room


A home should be unique to each individual family. By taking the time to plan out the perfect dinging room setting, guests will feel right at home in the dining room.


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