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How to Better Remember What You Read

Reading is essential for education, entertainment and broadening the mind and the imagination at any age. But simply reading well or reading quickly isn’t enough. Retention, the ability to remember and understand what you have read, is often poor in people who may be good readers. Without good retention of the information you’ve read, reading is little more than an exercise for your eyes. Children should be taught how to help themselves retain what they’ve read, and adults can use these tips as well at any time to increase their understanding and enjoyment of books they read. Here are some simple things you can do while reading to increase your retention.


Create Mental Images as You Read

After seeing a movie, you can usually recall certain scenes clearly. That’s because you have a memory of the visual and audio parts of the scene. With books, all you have is a memory of black words printed on white paper. If you create your own mental images while reading, for example, imagining what the characters or settings look like, this gives you something more vivid to recall later. You can go a step further and imagine voices and sounds in the story as well. The more images and sounds you create in your mind, the better your memory of the story will be later.


Ask Questions While Reading

After reading a few chapters of a book, ask questions of a teacher, other people who are reading the same book, or even ponder questions in your own mind. If you feel that you understood everything you just read and don’t have any questions, run the story through your mind as if you’re telling it to someone else. Asking questions or mentally reflecting on your reading helps you experience the story more than once, allowing you to remember it better later on.


Take Notes

Good old-fashioned note taking is a great way to help yourself understand and remember what you’ve read. The actual act of writing down the parts of the reading you want to remember intensifies your memory of them, and notes can help you understand complex parts of the reading better.


Increase Your Vocabulary

Whenever you come across a word in your reading that you don’t know the meaning of, stop and look it up in the dictionary. While this may seem tedious, it helps tremendously to understand every word you read. If you happen to be reading an e-book, you can probably look up any word in the book by just tapping it with your finger or hitting a button. If you don’t read e-books, keep a dictionary near you when you read.


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The more you read, the better you become at reading and retaining what you’ve read. Visit your local library, or expand your personal library by heading to a bookstore, or you can buy books online @ NOQSTORE. The more you read, whether for education or entertainment, the more you know about the world around you.


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How To Protect and Preserve Your Books For Longer Shelf Life

Despite the growing interest in ebooks, many readers want to hold a book in their hands and feel the paper between their fingers as they turn the pages. Libraries still enjoy a lot of traffic, but consumers also continue to add books to their shelves at home.
The source of those books has changed recently, however, especially with the downfall of Borders Group, Inc. Between the fourth quarter of 2010 and 2011, books sales at chains fell from 36% to 30% while online retailers rose from 31% to 39% during the same period. Everyone who cruises the web to order books online is part of the growing trend in online book purchasing (refer to No-Q-Store).
Consumers who buy new books and especially those who have old favorites at home that they want to keep for a long time need to know how to best protect and preserve these volumes. Here are some guidelines on how to keep a personal library safe and in the best condition possible.


Books in Use

Anyone who has books around the house or office for everyday or occasional use should keep them out of direct sunlight and away from blowing heat from a furnace, radiator or heating vent. Bookmarkers should be used to mark pages and books should be left to lie flat or stand upright on a shelf when not in use. Dust jackets should be kept on books at all times.





Storing Books

Before each book is packed, it should be cleaned and checked for the presence of paper clips, pressed flowers, bookmarkers and other items that may cause the pages of the books to tear, stain or wrinkle. Magnetic dry cloths are available to help remove dust and dirt from books before they are packed.

Books can be placed in sturdy small or medium-size boxes that have not been used to store food or in plastic storage containers (polyethylene or polypropylene is preferable). To prevent warping, books should be packed standing upright or lying flat with the paper edges all facing the same direction. A piece of butcher paper or a paper towel should be placed between the books to prevent the accumulation of dirt or other debris. Use of plastic wrap or plastic bags is discouraged because they can attract moisture and lead to mold or mildew buildup.


Book Groups Boxes

Book Groups Boxes



If the books are lying flat, the heaviest volumes should be placed on the bottom. Books of a similar size should be put together. Any extra space in the box can be filled with packing material or acid-free paper.

Stored books are best placed in an environment that is well ventilated and not subject to dramatic temperature changes or humidity. To avoid possible water damage, boxed books should be arranged on shelves or raised platforms. Boxes or containers should be stacked only two to three high so the accumulated weight does not damage the volumes.

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4 Important Safety Tips for Open Field Target Practice

Open field target practice is an excellent way to have a lot of fun while spending time outdoors. However, unlike with an indoor range and the controlled environment within it, open field shooting requires the observance of specific safety procedures. These safety measures ensure that the outing is a successful one, and that no one is unduly injured in the process.


Always Use Proper Targets

For open field target shooting, certain Recommended Types of Shooting Targets. For example, printable shooting targets are a perfectly acceptable form of target for outdoor use. However, many people associate outdoor shooting with unorthodox targets, such as bowling pins, glass bottle and certain types of exploding targets. These are all a violation of good safety practice, and are not allowed at most open field shooting locations. Glass and other solid targets can create ricochet problems, and exploding targets can create a shrapnel hazard. Therefore, it is suggested to always use cardboard, clay or printable shooting targets.


Observe Your Surroundings

While certain types of targets are not allowed due to the ricochet hazards they present, the environment can also cause problems with a possible ricochet. Shooting towards rocks is an obvious, yet often overlooked, error that many shooters make. Obviously, errant shots that strike the rocky areas of the range will deflect. Another issue with surroundings is dry vegetation. Gunfire can create a fire hazard when it encounters dry brush and plants, particularly if tracer ammunition is used. While tracers are not typically allowed in open field shooting environments, it is a good idea to avoid dry vegetation as well. Areas where shooters are firing into a hill or other high dirt backstop are best.


Use a Tarp

Since open field shooting areas are usually public property, it is important to respect the condition of that property by removing all trash from the area. However, this is also important for safety reasons. Spent casings and other refuse can cause a physical hazard to people using the land. Therefore, it is a good idea to shoot over a tarp. That way, the tarp can be easily picked up and removed from the shooting area, along with all of the trash and spent casings created during the session.


Don’t Shoot Near Roads and Structures

Obviously, buildings create a ricochet hazard for shooters, as well as being a place where bystanders might be present. It is a good idea to never shoot in the direction of a building. Also, while many shooting areas are remote, it is impossible to anticipate when a motorist or hiker might come along the road. The possibility of a shot striking someone is increased dramatically by roads. Always shoot away from roads and buildings.

By following these simple tips, trips to public land for outdoor shooting can be safe and fun. A few thoughts prior to setting up the range can eliminate the possibility of significant and tragic accidents from entering into this otherwise safe pastime.


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Malaysia’s Sipadan Island Still One of World’s Best Dive Sites

Diving is becoming an increasingly popular hobby that thousands of people love to do every single year. If you are interested in diving, you might want to visit Malaysia to make use of some of their top diving spots for tourists. If you are planning a trip to Sipadan, there are multiple things you need to do before going on your vacation. Choosing the right diving spots and instruction courses can help tremendously when it comes to helping you know how to safely and responsibly dive in the waters there.


Choosing the Right Diving Spot or Resort

There are many dive trips to Sipadan that you can take if you are interested in diving in the waters there. Taking a diving course can be beneficial whether you are a beginner or someone who is more advanced and skilled when it comes to diving. Many diving spots and resorts in Malaysia give lessons to beginners so that you can feel completely confident while in the water. These courses will teach you the basics of diving so that you can explore what undersea life has to offer.

Because there are many diving resorts available in Malaysia, it might be a good idea to do some research before actually going on your trip. You might be able to find the perfect resort that has rental equipment available to you and instructors who will be able to work with you if you are a beginner. Learning about the different diving resorts can help you to make a decision on the one that is perfect for your needs. Be sure to check if the instructors at a specific resort are certified to train diving to the public.


Have Fun Diving and Exploring

The reason Malaysia is one of the best dive spots in the world is because it offers rich and beautiful underwater life that is fun to explore. As a beginner to diving, you will be able to work with instructors who can teach you everything you need to know. It is also interesting for more advanced divers to be able to explore different areas that they may have never seen before. You should Check Out This Resort on Sipadan to make use of their diving amenities for both beginners and more skilled divers.

Sipadan Island is one of the greatest spots in the world for divers, so it simply makes sense to look for different resorts available on the island for you and your family to stay. The helpful and knowledgeable instructors working for the resort are trained to help people with their diving. You also do not have to worry about buying all of your own equipment because most resorts on the island have rental equipment available to you. Whether you’re traveling to Sipadan by yourself or with the family, you will notice that this island has a lot to offer in terms of superior diving spots that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world.


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How Shooting Target Boards Are Made

The manufacturing purpose products, and consist of an initial process for shooting boards is similar to most general design phase followed by the actual construction of the boards themselves. Once the actual design is completed they take the supplies they need in order to form the boards and load them into the machines that create them. Each shooting target board may be comprised of anything from paper, to common plastic used in everyday situations.

Depending on the exact process of the particular model being created, it first becomes injection molded by high-end machines, and then goes on to be marked and calibrated. This process can take some time from the onset of the design, but once this step is completed the manufacturing of additional items is relatively fast and straightforward. Every item made, whether it is paper, cardboard, or plastic, is thoroughly tested to ensure reliability and proper use.

Many uses exist for target boards, such as range shooting and law enforcement practice rounds, with websites such as providing more information on these practices. Situations such as these are taken into consideration during the design and manufacturing of target boards. A group of trained technicians remain a critical part of this process and the continuation of it. When something changes in the industry the update the manufacturing equipment to handle this aspect.

CLPG Shooting Targets Board

CLPG Shooting Targets Board


Any increase in demand for these products means the equipment used needs to be able to handle the stress of the additional demand and ways for cooping with this is fairly standard. After the boards are made and marked they undergo inspection for any flaws and go off to packing, and if the demand for them is high they machines used to make them get a boost as well. A high volume of these items can be produced in a relatively short period of time and at a cost most people can easily afford.

Plastic Containers Packing Tips: How to Waterproof Your Packages

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Travel Using Local Transportation in Singapore

Are you traveling to Singapore? If so, most likely you are arriving by air, or sea. The amazing city state of Singapore is blessed with an efficient transportation system (useful guide here). Arrival airport transfer in Singapore is very easy to arrange.

Singapore Maxi Cab Booking Service
For any group of travelers with more than three people, the Singapore maxi cab is the way to go. As many as seven travelers, and their accompanying baggage, can fit comfortably into any Singapore maxi cab. In addition to being the most comfortable way for a group to travel, the cost per person is significantly less than a normal taxi fare.

Once you arrive at your destination hotel, you should ask your driver for details on the various ways to use a maxi cab booking during your stay in Singapore. This type of transportation is great for families wanting to visit the many wonderful sites in Singapore. With little effort you can visit several sites in one day. The two hour booking rate is the same as your departure transit rate and can be used to visit a wide range of interesting sites. If some of your party is making a later arrival, you can arrange for a meet and greet maxi cab booking to make their arrival easy and friendly.

This large sized taxi is also available for meet and greet pickup at incoming ocean terminals in the harbor area of Singapore.

Other Singapore Airport Transit Options
There are also standard size taxis available in Singapore. You can catch one at any airport terminal taxi cue. Sharing of taxis is not encouraged and often not allowed. Only three passengers will be allowed to use a standard size taxi.

Singapore has a good public bus system and most hotels have an airport transfer bus. For both of these options you will usually have a moderate to long wait to catch your transport into the city.

Singapore does have an excellent MRT, Mass Rapid Transit, system. For single travelers, or small groups with limited baggage, the MRT can be used for travel into the Singapore city center. The connection to the MRT at the Singapore Changi Airport is only possible at terminal two.

Metro/subway in Singapore, Singapore (MRT)

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