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Register a .SG Domain Name: Guide for Foreigners

The .SG domain name is a powerful way of marketing a business in Singapore. By registering a domain name in .SG, a company can market its products and services locally in the Singapore market.

The .SG domain is regulated by the Singapore Network Information Center Pte Ltd (SGNIC). SGNIC is committed to ensuring the security and stability of Internet Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure in Singapore. It is also responsible for the integrity and growth of .SG domain names. There are currently more than 65000 registered .SG domain names.

According to SGNIC, tbe .SG domain is available to anyone with a valid Singaporean postal address. Foreigners are also allowed to apply for .SG domain. However, they are required to appoint a local agent with a valid Singapore-based postal address as the Administrative Contact for the respective domain name.


Singapore Network Information Center SGNIC

Singapore Network Information Center SGNIC



How to Register.SG Domain Name?

Anyone looking to buy a .sg domain name isn’t required to directly contact SGNIC. While SGNIC is available to settle any disputes that may eventually arise for any domain name, it doesn’t directly entertain domain name registration requests. All applications for .sg domain name must be forwarded to a list of resellers that are appointed by SGNIC.

To get information about the appointed registrars for the .SG domain name, you should consider visiting SGNIC website. You should purchase the domain name from a registrar that is recommended by SGNIC to safeguard your rights and interests.

The fee and services of every registrar varies. As such, SGNIC recommends .SG domain applicants to compare different registrars and select a service provider that best meets the needs of the applicant.

After selecting a registrar, it is also important to check whether the domain name you’re considering is available or not. To do this, visit the website of the registrar. Look for “Check Domain Availability” or anything similar. In the search field, enter the domain name you’re looking to purchase. If the domain name is available, you can proceed with the payment after providing necessary information required to complete the registration.

Many domain registrars will also provide you with the local presence needed to be appointed as the Administrative Contact for the domain. Payment options vary, but generally include payment through credit card as well as PayPal.



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How Much Should You Pay For Web Hosting?

Your website is the face of your business, so it’s extremely important that you make a good impression with your website. Not only can having a great website make you look more professional, but it can bring in new clients and convey important information to site visitors. Web hosting is an important part of your website, but how much should you pay for it, and is free web hosting ever a good idea?




Free Web Hosting – You Get What You Pay For

Free web hosting companies might seem like a great idea at first. After all, what could be more cost effective than not paying anything? However, free web hosting is rarely a good idea. For one thing, the customer service is usually quite poor at companies that offer free hosting. If there is an issue with your website, you need to know that your web hosting company is doing everything possible to get your website back on its feet so your customers aren’t kept waiting. With free web hosting, you can often be left waiting for up to 48 hours or longer for a response. Not only that, but since nothing is truly free, your website will likely be paid for by advertisements over which you have no control. As a website owner, you need to be able to have control over the content on your site, and not being able to have control over ads on your page is a very concerning situation.


How Much is Too Much?

As anyone who has searched for web hosting likely knows, the range of prices is very large. Web hosting can be purchased at prices from 3 dollars a month to several hundred per month, so how can you know the range that is right for you and will afford you the best quality at the same time? If you own a small business, you can usually get away with web hosting in the $7 to $15 per month range. This range should offer you a beautiful website with many features that will make it easy for your customers to use, as well. Additionally, this price range will usually provide you with outstanding customer service, as well. Of course, if you’re looking for extremely customized features or on-call customer support, you can look at higher price ranges, but if you’re just starting out this range should provide you with very adequate features and service.


Compare web hosting price at

Compare web hosting price at



Which Features Are Essential?

There are two things you should not, under any circumstances, skimp on: bandwidth and storage space. Bandwidth relates to how much traffic your website can take and how well it will hold up when a lot of people are using it. Also, it relates to how well your videos and other media will play. Storage relates to how much information you can store on your site, like media, text, documents, links, and more. Make sure you have more than enough of each of these. Unlimited options are the best.

You’ll also want to make sure that you can host media, like videos and photos, and if you are going to be keeping a blog, try to find hosting that includes a blog on your site. Having an on-site blog is extremely beneficial because you can send your customers to one place for all the information they need. A shopping cart is also essential for e-commerce sites.

Good to learn different web hosting companies function differently, so you’ll want to make sure that your hosting company is able to keep up with your demands. Whether you need an in-depth e-commerce site, or simply want to run a basic blog or information site, make sure you have control over the options that matter to you.


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5 Virtual Private Server Money-Saving Tips

A virtual private server allows a business owner to host his or her website. Of course, most people do not use a VPS as they feel it is too expensive for their needs. However, there are several reasons why a person should use a VPS to host their professional website. Here are five tips, for a person looking to get the most out of their hosting package.





When choosing a host, a shopper should not choose the first company that offers the needed services. In fact, when choosing a host, one should search around as there are some bad companies and some good ones. To find the best, it is necessary to read the fine print and do research on every business. When one can find the best virtual private server (VPS) company, they will enjoy the best service.



Most companies will give a serious discount when an individual pays for a year or two in advance. While some do not like the initial cost, it can cut the cost enough to justify the outlay of cash at one time. Most major hosts will offer, at minimum, a ten percent discount for hosting services when the customer pays for a year at a time. This will allow an entrepreneur to spend his or her money wisely and still enjoy a reliable VPS hosting experience.



While all major VPS hosting companies offer a person plenty of speed, it is necessary to verify before signing any paperwork. While some offer promises, it is wise to search around and verify this information. Remember, with a slow website, one will scare off visitors and lose customers. Furthermore, slow-loading pages will hurt the business in the local SEO results.



When paying for a VPS, one should verify what the company includes. Now, most offer free email, support and tools. If this is not the case, a business owner should verify the added costs as it is difficult to host a website without these tools. Ideally, when comparing quotes, one should look at the actual full cost as it can rise quickly when a person must pay for email or other add-ons.



When using any host, one will have a control panel where they can log in and make small changes. Most companies offer an easy to use interface and a trained expert should have no problem making minor changes to the website. However, a business owner should ask the Web host if they provide a simple interface to make changes. If this is not the case, a small business owner should consider taking his or her business elsewhere as a control panel will make it easy to conduct small changes.


When keeping these five things in mind, one can get the most out of their new VPS host. In fact, if one does not follow these tips, they will spend too much money and not get the best services for their business.


Virtual Private Server Infographic


Did You Know? How a Server Colocation Can Benefit Small Business Owners

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Singapore: The Pacific’s Cloud Host

The cloud storage and computing age has only recently begun to rise to acknowledgment. It was over the last 5 years the cloud storage has become popular. Cloud storage allows you to hold an indefinite amount of files in a server that specializes in storing data. The data can then be accessed from any computer as long as you have log in credentials and an Internet connection. It only makes sense to use a local server due to the possibility of slower download speed from farther servers.

Choosing a server that is near the destination where you will be primarily is important, therefore you should choose the closest available server to you. Cloud hosting in Singapore is among the fastest in the pacific. They have a great Internet infrastructure that allows you to quickly transfer your files. In the pacific region, cloud in Asia is relatively sparsely populated compared to the rest of the world. It is hard to find good a good cloud service in the area.

By using Singapore servers, you will have a good median travel route when abroad. If you frequently visit the Pacific regions, Cloud Hosting in Singapore is a great median server. It will serve you well in the majority of areas in the pacific that you may travel to. This is the primary objective of cloud hosting. The goal is to have access to server that will be the shortest among all of your destinations. Cloud in Asia’s mainland may not be the most productive server as compared to Singapore. For example, if you visit the western coast of the United States for business, you would not have an optimal route as opposed to Singapore. Therefore, you would be waiting longer to download your files to your personal computer.

Asia’s Cloud service has come a long way over the recent years. It is now as fast as other cloud services, and will provide better service than others provided that you are a resident of the Pacific. You may find out more details about cloud services and Exabytes web design from

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