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Cycling for Beginners: How to Choose Your First Bike

first bike

So you like to cycle and you’ve decided to get a little more invested, right? Maybe you’re a hobbyist who just wants to take the next step. Either way, you’re going to need your very own roadbike. Now, you don’t necessarily have to have specialized bikes unless you want to be in an organized road race or competition, but it does hurt to go to the bike shop armed with a little knowledge about what you’re looking for. So we’ll break it down for you in order to do just that.

First things first: Budget. Cycling is like many hobbies, when it comes to your wallet the sky is the limit. You can go from buying low-end bike at your local market or specialized bikes at a bike shop...

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Take a Shot With The Right Shooting Board: How to Choose Your Best One


Many shooters enjoy making their own targets, and the classic practice of shooting cans off a fence never goes out of style. However, using a shooting target board from manufacturers can help you refine your shots and customise practice sessions based on your skill level and reasons for improving marksmanship. DIY hobbyists enjoy making their own boards, but some people don’t have the skills, time or tools for complex woodworking projects. Commercially made shooting boards provide targets that you can change, use for practice before competitions, augment military and tactical training and gauge your progress precisely.
Choice of Targets Strengthen Results

Choosing the right target board helps to refine your skills...

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The Best Exercises for Cyclers: Find Out What Needs Working On


It would seem counterintuitive to have to strength train in order to cycle. Isn’t cycling its own strength training? Although cycling delivers excellent cardio training and muscle toning, a good strength training program can help to improve your rides and can prepare you for your tough rides.

Exercies for Strength Training

Just like choosing the right cycling gear can improve your rides, so can choosing the right kind of strength program. A whole body workout that covers each area in general should help considerably and it will help not to focus too much on any one body part. Work each one equally and concentrate on just 2 or three exercies for each muscle group. There is a sample workout below.


Its best to work each leg individually instead of both together, so I have included exer...

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5 Important Cycling Tips

Cycling is a great form of exercise that is both enjoyable and effective. It’s for people of all ages and lifestyles. It is a great workout for your heart, circulatory system, and overall health of your body. Cycling can burn more than 500 calories per hour! The development of new types of bicycles, such as the folding bike, has made cycling easier and offers more options to suit your varying needs. But above all else, safety is key! Here are five tips to improve your performance, safety and comfort when cycling:

1. Wear A Helmet

Used properly, bike helmets are effective in preventing brain injuries. Choose a helmet that fits snugly, yet comfortably. If you ride near traffic, a bright colored helmet will help you be more noticeable.

2. Start Slowly

If you are new to cycling, or it has just...

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3 Pro Tips For Building a Custom BMX Bike


Anyone planning on performing tricks and stunts on their BMX bike should seriously consider customizing it by replacing the bike’s stock parts with high-performance aftermarket parts that are meant to withstand intense BMX abuse. Not only will customizing a BMX bike make the bike stronger, but it will also enhance a rider’s performance and their ability to execute a variety of stunts. There are many parts on a BMX bike that can be customized, but many riders prefer to begin their bike’s transformation by customizing the handlebars, rims, and seat post first. Here are some tips for accomplishing each of these customization tasks.

Customizing the Handlebars

The handle bars should be replaced with a stronger pair that has a lower cross bar...

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