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Do Holiday Seasons Affect Car Rental Rates in Singapore?

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When traveling to Singapore from another country, it is typically recommended that one obtain a rental car for the duration of the trip. After all, while some areas of Singapore do have decent public transportation systems, this is not true of most of the country. Therefore, in order to get around quickly and reliably, having a rental car is often one’s best option. This is especially true of those who will be staying outside of the country’s larger cities and in more rural areas. Of course, concern over the price of rental cars in Singapore can sometimes make it difficult to go through with such a purchase.

Car Rental Rates in Singapore Throughout the Year

However, it is also important to note that the rates for car rentals in Singapore can vary quite drastically throughout the year...

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Singapore Public Transportation Guide

Singapore Transport map

Singapore, a sprawling metropolis in Southeast Asia, is one of the most accessible cities in the world. Commuters and visitors can travel from one end of the city to the next within minutes on the LRT or MRT lines, or book a taxi ride to the airport for an affordable cost.

The following information will help guide you through the often confusing public transportation network in Singapore:

The LRT and MRT

The LRT and MRT are the two main commuter train systems that run through Singapore. The MRT, also known as the Mass Rapid Transit system, maintains 102 different stations in the city, most of which are located at major business centers, shopping centers or residential districts. This system is separated into four different sections and runs 24 hours a day.

The LRT, also known as th...

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