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Choosing The Right Catering Company

Choosing the right catering company is one of the most important details of planning any event. Most people attending an event will be hoping for fabulous drinks and great food.

It was a long journey from New Jersey to Long Island for a wedding. I was not sure I was going to make it. My dear friend, Jeanette, made me coming to her wedding. Today, I can say that I am so happy that I did not miss the event of the year.

After the outdoor wedding, we were so engaged in watching the photographer taking pictures of the wedding party that we did not witness the spit roast catering company setting up the food stations for the cocktail hour. It was done swiftly, professionally and elegantly in record time.

On the menu was Cold Antipasto, International Cheese Board ,Tropical Fruit, Sesame Chicken, Scallops Wrapped in Bacon, Crab Cakes and Duck Roll, Smoked Salmon, Spanakopita, Portobello Mushroom Tower, Eggplant Cakes with a Hibachi Station that consisted of Shish Kebob and Chicken Satay.

Dinner was amazing and the catering service was superb. Caesar Salad, Chateaubriand, Chicken Sans Souci and Thai Crusted Chilean Sea Bass. The catering company out did themselves. This event happened almost 4 years ago and I am still taking about the food.

When planning an event where a catering company will have to be utilized, it is important to pick the best one. If a huge event is being planned, consider using a catering company with a stellar reputation to handle a demanding event.

Make an appointment for a sampling. It is so important to taste the food that you are going to be serving at the event regardless how big or small it is. Check with the catering company on if they can customize meals for food allergies and food preference (vegetarian). The meal should leave a lasting impression. The guests will speak about the event to others who did not attend. Rave reviews are the only ones wanted. If it is at all possible, see about attending the caterer’s next event. Witnessing the process can bring ideas to the table on making adjustments that are being considered.

At any event, before dinner is served, there is the usual meet and greet. The finger food should be just as gratifying as the dinner. Consult with a few spit roast catering companies for ideas on finger food that will compliment the dinner being served at the event.

Inquire about the policies and procedures of the catering service. It is important to know all overtime fees, when price increases and your responsibility before, during and after signed agreement. If the event goes into overdrive, the overtime fee could be extremely too high. Getting a bill that was not expected will put a damper on the entire event. If referred by a friend, ask if there is a discount for using their catering services for the first time. Find out how much upfront to secure your date for event.

There are many catering companies that are looking for business. Some will make promises that they are not prepared to keep. Take the time to do the research and ask a lot of questions. If the event is extremely special then it should be treated that way. Find out why the spit roast catering is great for outdoor parties.

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