Fast Tips to Make Keeping Your Kitchen Clean Much Easier


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home or apartment. The kitchen is also a room that can become very dirty each day. Cleaning your kitchen is not like cleaning other rooms because you have to deal with appliances, germs and unusual materials. A few fast tips will make keeping your kitchen clean much easier.



Clean Behind and Under Your Appliances Regularly

You want to clean behind and under your appliances once every week or two. This takes less effort than you think. Pull out your appliances, sweep underneath of them and wipe down the back and sides. This will help to reduce the amount dirt and debris in your kitchen. It also keeps your appliances working efficiently for a much longer time.



Apply soda at tile and wash it away, it look like a brand new one.


Use Baking Soda on Tile

Many kitchens today have tile backsplashes, tile countertops and even tile floors. You do not have to buy an expensive cleaner just for the tile and grout. A much better option is to mix together some baking soda and some water to form a loose paste. Rub the paste on the tiles with a rag and let it sit for up to 10 minutes. Wipe the paste away to reveal clean and bright tiles that look like new.



Ammonia can remove grease, baked-in debris and even spilled food from pans.


Clean Your Burner Covers with Ammonia

It is common to find burner covers coated in grease, baked-in debris and even spilled food from pans. It could take hours to clean a single burner using just dishwashing liquid and steel wool. A much simpler option is to put your burner covers into sealable plastic bags. Pour a little ammonia from a hardware store in the bag and seal it. The ammonia fumes will break apart the debris and leave you with clean burner covers after a few hours without requiring any scrubbing.



Roomba save you lot of time from cleaning, just let it do for you.


Get a Cleaning Robot to Handle Crumbs

Crumbs and dust can accumulate fast in your kitchen. You do not want to have to sweep the floors in the kitchen every hour just to keep things clean. A simple alternative is to get a cleaning robot like a Roomba for the kitchen. The robot will automatically come out on a regular basis and sweep up anything that has fallen on the floor. A Roomba makes keeping your kitchen floors spotless much easier.





Heat Up Water to Clean Your Microwave

Splatter from food and drinks can make the inside of your microwave a mess. Having to reach inside and scrub away food that has started to harden and stain the microwave can be a real hassle. It can even lead to arm and hand cramps. You can make this task much easier by heating up a cup of water for a few minutes in the microwave before starting. Add a little lemon to the water to remove odours. The steam from the water will loosen or remove the dirt and grime inside.


Kitchen Cleaning Tips


Disinfect Your Counters on a Daily Basis

Your counters can become a major problem in your kitchen. They can become a source of harmful bacteria if they are not cared for properly. Bacteria can also cause staining and discolouration with certain countertop materials. This is why you want to disinfect your counters on a daily basis. You can do this with a bleach and water solution if you have a non-porous countertop. If you have a wooden countertop, then use white vinegar and water to kill the germs. This will keep you healthy and your countertops looking attractive.

You never want to take your kitchen and appliances for granted. If you neglect the area, then you could have many problems like food poisoning or pests chasing after crumbs. Use these fast tips to maintain a clean and sterile kitchen everyone can enjoy.