Get Assistance for Your Singapore Company Registration

Company incorporation and company formation services are available. These business services are offered for both foreign and domestic Singapore companies. There are several steps that may be required for a company registration in Singapore. These requirements may include the company name registration and the specific registration of the company in Singapore. These procedures may be completed online in a brief amount of time, you may learn more at this website.

Services available for registered companies

Services that can be provided for a newly registered company in Singapore may include the following:

1. Accounting and bookkeeping services are necessary for a new company. These services may include auditing and assurance reports for the compliance requests of the business. Consulting and advisory services may provide compliance audits or other business services necessary.

2. A compilation report may be provided that includes the required financial statements. This report is prepared with the director’s report and the statement by the company directors. This report states the condition of the company and includes the financial reports that are a critical statement of the company’s financial status.

3. A company secretary and corporate secretarial services are necessary in order to be in compliance with the business rules of Singapore. Each private limited company is required to have a company secretary. This role is essential for meeting all of the statutory filing compliance rules for a company.

4. A nominee director is a requirement for a new company in Singapore. A director can be provided for the new company upon request. This service can be provided for a fee and security deposit. The nominee director should be a resident of Singapore or an employment/dependent pass holder.

5. An employment pass or work pass is necessary to work in Singapore. Other types of passes available include the entrepreneurs pass, social visit pass, permanent residence application, and professional employment pass. There is a business pass available and a dependent’s pass.

A new business in Singapore may be developed online. The company will need a registered name, a nominee director, and a company secretary. Other services that may be needed include accounting and auditing services, financial statements, income tax services, and various work and residency passes. A virtual office registered address can be provided for a foreign or domestic business. This type of office may include telephone and mail services. There may be conference rooms needed, and these can be provided with a virtual office.

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