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Using Google Adwords can be a very effective way to market products or services for any business. While Adwords is definitely a worthwhile tool to use, many people are confused about how to set it up and get started. One of the steps that must be completed when setting up an Adwords campaign is placing bids on keywords. How does one go about placing bids and should they try it alone?

Google Adwords Keywords Bidding
Google Adwords Keywords Bidding

In the Adwords system, bidding is the means by which an advertiser tells Google how much they are willing to spend on a single click for a keyword. This does not necessarily mean that the advertiser will pay that much for every click. Other factors go into how much the advertiser pays. For example, the quality of the ad will have an impact on how much they have to pay. High-quality ads get to move up the rankings higher without having to pay as much as their competitors.

The number of competitors for each keyword will also have an impact on how much the advertiser has to pay for each click. If there aren’t that many other competitors, then the maximum bid may not be reached.

Auto Optimization vs Manual Bidding 
When an advertiser engages in Adwords management, he must decide whether he wants Google to manage his bids for him or if he wants to do it manually. Google can manage the bids based on maximizing the number of clicks that the advertiser gets. However, this doesn’t always result in the highest rankings, which may reduce the quality of the traffic that comes to a website.

A more advanced way to handle it is to manually set the maximum cost per click for each keyword in the campaign. For this part of the process, hiring SearchGuru Malaysia SEO services can make things a lot easier. Instead of trying to figure out the ideal threshold to set each keyword at, the advertiser can simply turn it over to one of the professionals in the industry. This way, the campaign will maximize the number of clicks, while at the same time putting a focus on the quality of the traffic that ultimately reaches the website that is being promoted. Google Adwords & SEO Services Google Adwords & SEO Services

Overall, Adwords can be a very valuable tool to add to a company’s advertising arsenal. It’s just important to make sure that the management of the campaign is done in an acceptable manner so that resources are not wasted.

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